Xbox One Console And Games Region Locked In China

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For the rest of the world, the Xbox One is not region locked. However this is not the case for gamers living in China.

Initially, Microsoft planned for Xbox One to be region locked. This was before the amount of fan backlash the console received from just about everyone last year. Since that time, the Xbox One has been region free and they got rid of all of the other stupid restrictions too. It was the right move to make or else things would have turned uglier.

Microsoft plans to release the Xbox One in China later this year. This is a big move since China just recently lifted its long ban on video game consoles. With Xbox One going to be available in China, Microsoft enters a market Sony has yet to penetrate.

However, Sina Games reports Xbox One consoles and games will be totally region locked in China. This even includes apps that have been downloaded too.

Basically this mean Chinese gamers are only allowed to play games and content released in China officially. They cannot import games from overseas to play on their Xbox One consoles.

If you live in China, you better hope most of the big Xbox One games get localized. If not, you might be missing out.

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