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New Battlefield 3 DLC to be revealed next week

by Bill Hess on February 2, 2012

Battlefield 3 may be seeing its first DLC announcement as early as next week, that is according to EA’s VP of Investor Relations. In a conference call the executive was asked about DLC for the shooter, and pointed to next week as a possible timing for the announcement.

“You’re going to hear some announcements from us on Battlefield actually as early as next week in an event we’ve got in New York,”said the spokesperson in the conference call. DICE hasn’t made any hints about what to expect from the upcoming DLC, though some fans believe that an “All American DLC Pack” is set to be released. The “All American DLC” is rumored to include maps from New York, Miami, New Jersey and San Francisco.

An All American expansion would fit the bill of what DICE has generally done in the past with their games. Usually, the developer tends to put together expansions where all new maps are related to one another, as was with the Back to Karkand and Vietnam Expansions in recent games.

We’ll have to wait until next week to hear what DICE has cooking for Battlefield 3 fans in the near future.

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  • PlayStayShit


  • blazeup

    hear that?? that’s the sound of my wallet crying…..oh well ….bring it on!!!

  • huh? wat was that noise?

    huh? im canadian, cant dice at least put toronto in there? or maybe vancouver?

    • GameVeteran

      Vancouver would be awesome.



    • wtf


  • Yahoooooooo!

    We need real destruction dice like in BCC2 ,even if u need to scale down the map little bit :)


    an NYC map SOUNDS cool, but think about it. It wouldn’t PLAY any different than the other urban maps in the game. Being in NYC would just be a novelty. An american DLC would be cool but not all the maps should be urban.

    • piggybacktrout

      If it was conquest and a portion of central park with it going into urban areas would be awesome.

    • Tenzing

      Destructible statue of liberty

  • Allen

    I still want the best Chinese maps from BF2, maybe a battlefield Korea? I was thinking about it the other day and they are actually missing one of my favorite Iraqi maps “Zatar Wetlands”.


      You actually liked Zatar Wetlands?
      but yea Korean War sounds cool. There arent any good games on the korean war.It WAS a major war.

    • Allen

      Hell yeah I loved Zatar Wetlands, neither side starts with a chopper; you gotta capture the center field for that; that also opened up many opportunities to shut either team down. There isn’t enough of that in BF3; you should be able to capture all points with none left for your enemy to spawn. I’ve shut down entire teams by captureing the objectives so fast they didn’t know what hit them.

      Zatar is way up there for my favorite BF2 maps. The stratagy involved is bad ass.

  • josh

    I am crossing my fingers that this news is true as far as the ‘All-American’ dealio is concerned, and here’s why;

    1. “but not all the maps should be urban”. Definitely not. I do think that all the maps could have some awesome diversity with the All American theme though.

    Central Park would make for some awesome Battlefield Moments, and that’s where I’d hope they’d go with the NYC setting. Basically because Central Park would not only make for a great looking map, it would be awesome to play. Having the North, South, West and East part of Central Park being different is what helps, really. You’ve got a lots of maze like walkways lined with huge, open fields. You’ve got lots of fountains and landmarks, bridges over a lake. I mean, it would be a phenomenal map on the scale battlefield does things. You’ve even got a structures such as restrooms and refreshments for Recon’s to play their beacons in :D. Not to mention playgrounds, I mean, there’s so much there I could go on. Just a great idea for a Battlefield map.

    Not to mention a more under developed part of miami would be awesome for a map. Think about another battlefield sized map (generally larger ; D thankfully ), basically just streets and residential houses. A few apartments, cell phone towers, abandoned lots and whatnot. At a sundown setting, this map would put an emphasis on visual distractions and checking your lines of sight before you run out in the middle of a street.

    One more – San Francisco. We’re talking about possibly having a larger sense of verticality and a true urban environment. Smaller backstreets, larger main streets. Imagine bombing a huge hill in the growler ITV just to run smack dab (lol) into some AT mines laid out waiting for you. :P Or just narrowly escaping a tank by quickly maneuvering down a narrow alley as shells impend doom on you.

    I’m done ranting but yeah cool ideas.

  • Josh

    Bridges over ponds lol not lakes. : D no edit button.

  • WhoEver

    Please do not add any jets or planes in New York Map “I’m not kidding”

    • GameVeteran

      But I wanna crash a plane into my own base and blame it on terrorists! You’re not fun!

  • ThisGuy

    I personally think that Central park would be a cool portion of new york but not all of it. I was think fighting in times square having buildings debris fall everywhere. jets and helis crashing into the buildings. snipers 7 storys high! That woud really be cool. imho

    • That Guy

      helis yes, jets no.


    brings back memories to armored fury


    How about they port Oasis again.

  • Josh

    Yeah some of the older maps I could dig seeing again.

  • SKIN503

    I was hoping they would have pulled a 1 or 2 maps over from Bad company 2, Really miss Atacama Desert, Heavy Metal and Arica Harbor :)

  • yur mom

    why would you want to put canada in battlefield 3?

    • sucks a fat one

      because bf3 already sucks, why not make it suck harder?

      Until the devs add some of the blatantly missed features from previous bf games this game gets a 6-10 for me…

  • Nate

    they said as early as the event in NY. they in no way said it was going to be announced this week

  • Doug

    NYC maps would be amazing. Central Park if done close to the street would be an upgrade to Op Metro for my SQDM. Time Square would be a crazy place to bang it out. How about something near The Garden? Conquest Around The Brooklyn Bridge where it falls or is destroyed when you reach final 10 tickets (similar to Caspian Border Tower on Conquest). Bring It Dice. Just don’t harm Yankee Stadium!

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