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Battlefield: Hardline Is So Similar To BF4 It Even Has The Same Bugs

by Kyle Hanson on June 24, 2014

Battlefield: Hardline

The launch of Battlefield 4 is notorious for the amount of bugs and glitches that accompanied it. One of those bugs that I encountered was that the game cannot run in full screen while a remote desktop program called TeamViewer is running in the background. It took me a while to figure out that this was the cause, I ran the game in windowed or borderless mode for a week while I did research. Finally I found out it was a known issue that required you to shut the program down, EA and DICE had not issued a fix.

When I started messing around with the Battlefield: Hardline beta I figured I’d see if this known issue was resolved in the supposed three years of development that this game had undergone. Unfortunately, it had not. This bug, which was present the moment Battlefield 4 launched, had not only went unfixed in that game, but actually carried over into this new entry in the series.

To make sure I wasn’t missing anything I performed the same test for both games, some of which were redone for the video below. I wanted to verify that Battlefield 4 still presented the issue, and that Battlefield: Hardline acted the same way. I had instinctively turned TeamViewer off before starting Battlefield 4, and it ran perfectly in full screen. So, I shut the game down and turned TeamViewer back on. As soon as I loaded Battlefield 4 again it showed the same symptoms as always, the game wouldn’t go full screen, it simply showed a glitchy windowed box instead.

With that verified I moved on to Battlefield: Hardline. I loaded up the game in windowed mode, with TeamViewer on. As soon as I switched the settings to full screen I saw the same familiar glitchy, black box as always. Once I turned TeamViewer off the game was able to full screen as normal. To be fair, the game is in beta, so bugs are expected, but I thought the bugs would be with the new additions that Visceral had made, not the same ones that the last game had ignored for so long.

Just to be 100% clear, this is not an issue with the TeamViewer program. No other game that I play on this same PC has a problem with the program. I keep it running 24/7 unless I am going to play Battlefield 4. I guess I’ll have to add one more game to that list now.

Admittedly, this is a smaller bug in the grand scheme of things. It probably affects a minority of the player population, and can be pretty easily remedied by shutting down the program. However, considering larger issues like killcam glitches, starting the game with no audio or weapon, and network lag are still ever-present within Battlefield 4 the fact that this bug persists is extremely troubling.

It is possible that many of these issues are inherent to the base Frostbite 3 engine, rather than something wrong with Battlefield 4 itself. Finding out that the issue that had plagued me for so long will continue into Battlefield: Hardline has caused almost all hope of a more stable experience to be lost. Of course, we’ll have to wait till Battlefield: Hardline officially launches in October for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC to see what has been fixed, and what has been carried over. If this bug is anything to go by though, it is not looking too promising.

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  • eoot

    You sure they are not doing this to prevent multiple people from playing on a single computer? I mean, if you can move cursor and hear sounds, surely you could as well play on one?

    • Kyle Hanson

      The lag for a service like this prevents that. You couldn’t even watch a video due to the audio not syncing right. Also, no other game does the same thing Battlefield does with it.

  • hoppsy80

    Turn team.viewer off. . .

    Its hardly a bug

    • Kyle Hanson

      I covered that, the bug itself isn’t really the issue.

      “It probably affects a minority of the player population, and can be pretty easily remedied by shutting down the program. However, considering larger issues like killcam glitches, starting the game with no audio or weapon, and network lag are still ever-present within Battlefield 4 the fact that this bug persists is extremely troubling.”

  • Guester

    Too bad this game isnt similar at all in terms of movement and gunplay. Just horrendus

  • Yo Mama

    I’ll never be duped into buying another Battlefield game. Got burned with BF3 and 4. Hardline is virtually the same exact game, aside from some skin changes.

    • Allen

      Go ahead and deny yourself.

      Me. I just wait a few months to where the bugs aren’t so bad. Battlefield 3 has been perfect for a long time. BF4 I never had much problem with because I waited.

      Only downfall is that I didn’t get the China DLC.

  • ellathar

    When trollism applies to “journalism”, we know how internet has become bad. The game runs the same FrostByte 3 Engine, if you expect it not to have the bugs around the Frostbyte 3 engine, you seriously need to learn more about video gaming before writing about video gaming. Now I bet most of people writing about “BF4″ bugs have not seen any with their own eyes. Sheeps …

    • Taco Bob

      It’s “Frostbite” not “Frostbyte”
      Also, plural for sheep….. is sheep.
      Stupid people like you are how I know the internet has became “bad”.

      • ellathar

        Would you speak my native language as well as I speak English, you would probably be entitled to comment on that. Especially doesn’t add anything to the fact. Does it somehow mean the game is the same because the engine is the same? Well, video gaming has been about using similar game engines because it’s the most expensive to build.
        Now to be fair, I wouldn’t disagree with poster that BFH is similar, too similar to BF4, but a single bug with a single app, easily worked around, cannot exactly be considered representative of what BF4 or BFH is about.
        I was more surprised, and upset, the network improvements was not brought into this demo.

        • lucasdigital

          Don’t forget its a beta to. People writing articles about minor bugs in betas are scraping the barrel.

    • Kyle Hanson

      I tried to cover that aspect as well:

      “It is possible that many of these issues are inherent to the base Frostbite 3 engine, rather than something wrong with Battlefield 4 itself. Finding out that the issue that had plagued me for so long will continue into Battlefield: Hardline has caused almost all hope of a more stable experience to be lost.”

      The issue isn’t necessarily this single bug, it’s the idea around it. When I get a sequel to a game I expect it to be upgraded and improved in many ways. The fact that the single reproducible bug has continued from one game to the next despite the sequel being in development for “three years” is troubling and I felt it was newsworthy.

  • Ste Dalby

    Go into extra then options then advanced, now configure quick connect, now disable it, I found that broke a couple of apps. Enjoy

  • SaltDoggTV

    Go ahead…. buy it. They’ll just keep on making the same game over and over again like COD. It’ll just keep happening until everyone gets together and creates a big enough financial dent in their machine to trigger the change. All that has to happen for future Battlefield titles to show us groundbreaking next-gen FPS creativity/innovation (the way it should be with every new release); is for everyone to boycott Hardline (or however many releases it takes for them to grow a brain again). Their investors will force them to earn our trust back and start working for their money again. Just be patient and hang onto your dough. Let big business do all the hard work to reboot the gaming industry. All we need to do, is close our wallets, sit back… and smile. :D

  • noneofyourbusiness

    its sad that dice announced they wont do a bf bad company for a long time..
    bad company 2 was brilliant and easily the best.

  • mars

    There are so many games which don’t work well with teamviewer..GRID 2 is the first in my mind. This is not a bug with the game

  • Se7en

    Get over it, guy. I’m exhausted just thinking about the time that you spent on something so lame..

  • D_Playstation_Nation

    Is bf4 worth it?

  • matt

    It’s a setting in TeamViewer that you disable..the bug is with TeamViewer not bf4..also the bug existed in bf3 as well.

  • Tom S

    As much as I appreciate how badly BF4 shipped originally I can’t say I have personally encountered the issue. I have TV9 running constantly to maintain access to my machines in work, I also have the majority of my clan mates running it to remote assist as and when. None of them have mentioned the ‘bug’ with BF4/3 (other Frostbite based games are available).

    Accuracy of the article and whatever the issue is aside and to digress a little, I feel until EA and co migrate back to a more open hosting model and server configuration, allowing its community to run at their own cost, better configured servers to cope with the extra complexity of calculating bullet drop/velocity and all the other real time calculated objects, we will continue to see compromises in multiplayer regardless of how ‘efficient’ and ‘optimised’ the user client is according to EA and co.

    End rant.

  • Holdinweight

    Ok what’s the big deal.. if you are playing in full screen why do you even need team viewer ( or any other software for that matter) to be running? That’s not a bug… a bug is something that causes the gaming experience to be nonfluid INGAME. that’s like saying “I’m upset because I can’t microwave a hot pocket and defrost tonight’s chicken for the same time and heat setting.” You truthfully are sounding like a spoiled brat.

  • Santi

    Some days ago I joined, got into a motorbike with a guy, and motorbike just went like BOOOOM but I didnt die and flew like 250 meters out the map

  • MajorBS

    Of course it has the same bug, the engine is the same… Many games that share the same engine also have common bugs, however, I don’t see anyone making a news story out of it.

  • Jon

    Misleading title. You say Hardline has the same bugs as BF4, yet you only point out one, and a very irrelevant one at that. I’m not saying that more bugs won’t continue into Hardline, but at least wait to write this article until we actually see those bugs.

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