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Bungie’s Next Big Thing

by William Schwartz on March 11, 2010

Ever since Bungie announced that Halo: Reach would be their final development title in the Halo Universe, many have speculated as to what the company might be up to.  Some have said that they may focus their efforts on multiplatform titles, others have guessed a little closer to their roots in a Marathon redux.  We recently came across a trademark registration via Super Annuation that Bungie filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  It looks like Bungie is going inter-galactic.

The Bungie Aerospace trademark is likely to be used  in conjunction with developing proprietary softwares.  So, the next big thing from Bungie might not be a game at all.  Bungie just might be the backbone of the future’s great first person shooters, and dive head first into developing game engines after Halo: Reach.  This doesn’t seem like such a bad thing,  especially for Halo fans.  With 343 Industries taking over the developmental regins and Bungie supplying the guts, it seems like a win for Halo players.  If this is in fact what’s going on here.  This is speculation, but the trademark and logo were filed so let the guessing games begin.

So what do you think the next big thing that Bungie is working on after Halo Reach?  And what is this Aerospace?

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  • Googler

    Good find, but what’s up with the name Aerospace… kinda weird if you ask me.

  • Your Brother :)

    You never know what you’re going to get with Bungie. I speculate its a tiny sign of what may be a whole new IP from Bungie. Im totally content with Bungie developing either a new IP or some great new engines. Epic is superb at doing both, maybe Bungie is trying to join in. It would be cool, in my book, if Bungie made a killer engine called “Aerospace.”
    inb4 all the “YAA I DOES KNO ALL I GETZ FRUM BUNGY IS HEYLO!!” (If you dont visit,”inb4″ translates into “Shut the f*** up and dont say it.”)

  • roninkai

    Bungie Aerospace:
    prototype giant slingshot is on schedule

  • Harflin

    Exactly what I was thinking roninkai. One step closer

  • Apollo Cree

    This is relevant to The Flood's interests.

  • ADZ

    Their obviously going with their plan to take over the world

  • KylesdBest

    Their masterplan is coming together.

  • R3dnaxel4

    So the aerospace logo definitely contains the “vector” symbol in the shape of the swoosh, or the triangle. The same vector style con be found in all most every nation’s space exploration program. NASA’s mission patches all seem to have the vector incorporated in them in some sense(all the way from the Apollo missions to the space shuttle. I don’t know what they’re cooking up.. but a more far-fetched idea would be that our mighty Bungie, is bring their video games to life…. a private space program. Civilian or otherwise. At least that’s what i hope is going on here. We all might see Geo-Stationary orbital defense platforms and Halcyon Class Frigates floatin around up there before we know it. But in all seriousness… Bungie are you listening? Make it happen!

  • chrsluffy

    why make story all spartan book ghost of onyx

  • jefe

    If you go on the site, it says Per Audacia Ad Astra (latin for Daring unto the stars)

    So more than likely a space game.


    I Reckon they have the mother of all projects in the pipeline. The next couple of years will see some upgrades of XBox hardware (with some backward compat.) Bungie, Iam sure are going to provide one hell of a monster for the engine. No doubt this will make the new PS look like a ZX Spectrum!!! LOL

  • John

    Bungie Aerospace and details will be anounced anytime between now and Bungie day 2011 (7/7/2011)

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