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Despite Recent Xbox One Exclusive Cancellations Phil Spencer Confident for E3 Showing

| January 28, 2017

Despite Recent Xbox One Exclusive Cancellations Phil Spencer Confident for E3 Showing News Xbox  Xbox Scorpio Xbox One Scalebound Phil Spencer Halo 6 Gears of War E3 2017 E3 2016

Recent cancellations of previously announced exclusives have started to cause some angst for Xbox One owners, wondering what’s on the horizon for the console.  It looks like Microsoft will have plenty to announce at E3 2017, and Xbox boss Phil Spencer is already liking what he’s seeing.

I like the E3 2017 lineup, says Spencer

Fielding fan questions about the Xbox One’s E3 2017 games lineup via Twitter, Spencer says his most recent review of the E3 games, “I like the lineup.”

Phil hasn’t dropped many hints on what to expect, but it’s a given that we’ll be getting plenty of Scorpio news.   Other than that, Microsoft could announce just about anything, though recent years have seen a committment to the core franchises like Halo, Gears of War, and Forza.  They’ve also taken some risks since the 2013 release of the console with titles like Recore and Sunset Overdrive.

Will Microsoft introduce a new franchise at E3?  Or will they take the timed exclusivity route like they did with Rise of the Tomb Raider?  It’s hard to tell, but Spencer must be confident in what they’ll show.

Many were excited for Platinum Games’ Scalebound, but it was cancelled recently.  The rest of 2017 currently holds only a handful of exclusive titles to look forward to with Halo Wars 2 arriving in February, Sea of Thieves, and Cuphead.  Many assume that Forza 7 will also arrive this year.  There’s been some speculation that a new Halo title will be ready to show this year, but those have just been rumors up to this point.

Spencer called Scalebound’s cancellation better for gamers in comments following the announcement.  Scalebound isn’t the only Xbox One exclusive that’s been canned recently by Microsoft, revealing a disturbing trend.

Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference should take place on June 12th.  I guess we’ll see then what Spencer is liking about the E3 2017 games lineup for Xbox One and Xbox Scorpio.

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  • Miguel Perez

    Give us a lot of different, new games!!!!

  • Guest

    Again, what else is he going to say?
    He is there promoting and trying to sell a product…

    We’ll see at E3 what’s the lineup he is talking about. There will probably be a lot of scorpio, another forza but overall I don’t expect much when it comes to exclusives considering the announcements made in the last few years…

  • paul raymond

    hey here is a pic of the 2017 xbox the official magazine issue 147 February 2017 it says on front with a section for Scalebound with no mention of it it being discontinued or canceled its also riping on dark souls in it to.

    • Guest

      That’s false advertisement right there.
      I can’t imagine how pissed off are the people who bought a XB1 for scalebound.
      Even worse those who bought it last fall for scaelebound as MS convienently waited for after the busy holiday period to announce they cancelled Scalebound.

      Well, this is not the first time MS are doing it. In 2015, Fable Legend was suppose to part and was advertised as the best lineup ever. They cancelled it after fall. Same thing with how Recore and Quantum break suddenly had a PC version announced soon after fall….

      That’s why I say never trust these companies… And imo, MS more than others.

      • Lord Jamar

        that is stupid why would you buy a xbox for a game thats unreleased you never played and did not show any new info for like 4 years not even a demo those ppl are idiots. as for recore and quantum break who the hell cares if there on pc only fanboys care about that crap more games for more gamers

        • dave69uk .

          I was thinking the same – would I buy a PS4 on the basis I like the look of a game but it’s not been released, reviewed or even seen by the public………..

          • Guest

            Same reply as the one to Jamar.
            But I’ll just add, it’s not uncommon to see people buy consoles in anticipation of upcoming games.
            Many people who bought a PS4 or XB1 early didn’t do it for the launch lineup but with the anticipation of upcoming games. I bought my PS4 for infamous second son, but also because I knew there would be games like uncharted coming.

        • Guest

          Looks like you are damage controlling anti-consumer policies by a multinational corporation.
          And you’re doing this by attacking and insulting the consumers and gamers.

          Tell me, where does your priority lie? Is your priority us gamers and consumers? Or does your interest lie in a multinational corporation like MS?

          Anyway, I’ll explain to you why it’s not “stupid”. Why do you think companies announce and talk about upcoming games? Do you know why MS talk about best lineup ever?
          They are trying to create hype and excitement to make you buy the console.
          Do you know that fall is the time when consoles sells the most? And do you know the reason for that? One reason would be that it’s the time where there are some great deals with events like black friday.
          Another reason would be because it’s Christmas. In case you didn’t know it’s a period where people buy products.

          Now imagine someone seeing a very cheap XB1. He will think to himself: “Why should I buy this?”. Then he’ll remember what MS told and showed him at E3 (not 4 years ago lol).

          As for recore and quantum break who the hell cares?
          I think you’re not getting the point. It’s not about it going to PC. It’s the timing of the announcement. Both were announced after fall. QB was announced like 2 months before launch? That, for me is unacceptable.
          Once again, imagine someone with a capable PC buying a XB1 in fall for these 2 games? I know I could have been one of them. Good thing history has taught me not to trust MS.

    • Mr Xrat

      Must have been a very sudden cancellation. That “killer holiday lineup” flopping hard was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

      • paul raymond

        the magazine came out last week after the cancellation i think and i got it yesterday.

    • paul raymond

      this magazine came out last week after the cancellation i think and i got it yesterday.

  • Tga215

    Guess we will just wait and see

  • Mr Xrat

    Already talking about E3 in January. Another first half of the year that’s a write-off for Xbox.