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Elder Scrolls voted game series of the decade

by Matthew Jaques on September 12, 2013

skyrim-legendary-edition have announced that the Elder Scrolls as the greatest game off the decade, as voted for by their community.

After a heated series of matches against other big hitters, seeing of the Fallout franchise, Metal Gear Solid, Half-Life, Super Mario & StarCraft, it went toe-to-toe in a showdown with Grand Theft Auto.

Bethesda’s long-running franchise won by the skin of its teeth, with 52.5% of the vote, narrowly snipping Rockstar’s GTA series which had 47.5%. This news comes not long after Skyrim grabbed game of the generation in an Amazon poll.

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  • Brevs

    Skyrim is honestly such an overrated game. Morrowind will never be trumped.

  • Mark Danger Hopps

    To many bugs in the elder scrolls series to be considered game series of the decade, it’s not just about making awesome games, it’s about making them technically sound as well, something that Bethesda has failed to do again and again.

    Not hating on the game itself, i’m 2 trophies away from a platinum and have sunk countless hours into, i just think some series are more deserving due to the technical issues in elder scrolls games.

    The vampire bug that wouldn’t let you cure yourself in oblivion which was never patched was my personal pet hate.

    • Keez

      Games like TES, which depend so heavily on code logic, along with the millions of combinations which a player can progress, makes bugs inevitable. So many variables that a programmer could overlook or simply be oblivious to. Of course you did mention trophies so I am assuming PS3 version which was more buggy than the other platforms.

      And patch 1.1.5 fixed my vampire cure for 2 different characters back in the day, did you download it?

      • Mark Danger Hopps

        GTA, far cry, RDR all massive open world games with only a fraction of the issues the elder scrolls series ahs, sorry but when i pay £50 for a game i don’t expect the issues i got with TES and Fallout for that matter.

        The ps3 version was terrible but even if you take way the issues that just plagued the ps3 you still had a very messy game in technical terms.

        The vampire bug was never fixed on ps3 but that was one example out of hundreds of bugs and sadly some of them game breakers.

        I love the games, hate the tech issues

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