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How to Become a Werewolf in Skyrim

by Bill Hess on November 13, 2011

How to Become a Werewolf in Skyrim

So you may or may not have heard that you can become a werewolf in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  To do it, you’re going to need to contract the disease of Lycanthropy, and there’s only one place to do that, in a very specific quest line.  In Whiterun, one of the questlines is to join The Companions.  Following The Companion questline until you reach The Silver Hand Quest, will allow you to take part in a secret ritual where you’ll drink a Werewolf’s blood.

You’ll gain several benefits from becoming a werewolf in Skyrim.  You’re able to transform between the human and werewolf forms.  You’ll get increases to your health stats as a human.  But as a werewolf, you’ll be able to move quicker, gain the benefit of claws in battle, and scare your enemies away at times.

Here’s a short video below of werewolf gameplay in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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  • AKA Zzz

    Fuck that, Vampire all day!

    • That Guy

      a werewolf would tear up a vampire in this game.(if anyone mentions twilight ill gut you.)and if you dont feed for 3 days as a vamp[ire everybody will try to kill you.

  • Br@D

    Oh man! I need to go become a werewolf!

  • Ed

    Team Jacob

  • Heard it here first

    I’m glad I get to play as a Werewolf on this one “D I tried to do so in the DLC for Marrowind, but the game was so old by the time I played it, I couldn’t stand doing all the quests to get to it.

  • Dre

    It’s pretty bad ass being a werewolf. You have to stay in 3rd person though

  • Hoppsy

    Benifits far out weigh the cons

    100% resistent to disease, beast form, higher health.

    the only con i’ve discoverd so far is you dont get a sleep bonus on xp

  • A113n

    Anyone else disapointed they didn’t get to see the slaughter celebration?

    Can’t wait to get my $ so I can buy this game.

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