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Nintendo Confirms Next Console, Coming 2012

by William Schwartz on April 25, 2011

Nintendo has confirmed that the rumors of an unnamed console are true and will be revealed at E3 2011.  Nintendo which issued financial guidance for fiscal year March 2012 did not include sales forecasts for the new product.  Our source suggests that because of the non-inclusion of the forecast in those numbers we may not see the Wii’s successor out before April of 2012.

To whom it may concern:  Re Wii’s successor system

Nintendo Co., Ltd. has decided to launch in 2012 a system to succeed Wii, which the company has sold 86.01 million units on a consolidated shipment basis between its launch in 2006 and the end of March 2011.

We will show a playable model of the new system and announced more specifications at the E3 Expo, which will be held June 7-9, 2011, in Los Angeles.

Sales of this new system have not been included in the financial forecasts announced today for the fiscal term ending March 2012.

The console has had many rumors flying around about it.  Rumored to be called “Project Cafe”, the console is said to join the PS3 and Xbox 360 in the era of high definition gaming.  This next offering from Nintendo is rumored to pack more power than both the PS3 and Xbox 360 in terms of console specifications.  There have also been speculation about a controller touchscreen interface, making controllers for the console into handheld gaming systems.

None of these speculations have  been confirmed at this time.  With E3 2011 just around the corner in early June, we’ll likely get a chance to see first hand what the system is really going to made up of.  Nintendo has announced that all details will be revealed at the conference.

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  • Nick


  • Gman

    If Nintendo going to debut a new console this E3, I can see Sony and MS debut their own console at TGS or the next E3.

  • Allen

    I’d like to see a hardcore Nintendo, made to game online, stream netflix/hulu, play blu rays (doubtful but I’m hopeful) and they really need to have cheaper games a year down the road or so, just like Playstation and Xbox do.

    Why the hell is the first Mario Galaxy still $40? WTF, that game is really old and there’s a new one out.

    Same with every other good Wii game.

    In the long run even if Nintendo does go hardcore, it may be worth it to stock with the next Playstation as huge software prices mean I can’t buy games as often.

    • Thisguy

      They made the wii

  • njb, I tell it like it is

    Nintendo have never REALLY targeted CORE Gamers
    Always Casual & Family based fun.
    They have titles that appeal to Core gamers, but the majority of their games appeal to everyone

    They wont Bring out a Beast of a Console, Nintendo should do what they have been doing for the past 30+ years, Creative & Fun

    Pokemon :)

    They tried with the game cube but it flopped as a hardcore system

  • Duke


    The next gen Playstation and Xbox won’t be coming until at least 2014. Just because Nintendo are bringing out a new console doesn’t mean that Microsoft and Sony will. PS3 and 360 prices are still rather high right now, pending new price cuts but will still be expensive compared to Wii.

    Blu-Ray will be the standard for the next generation but Microsoft will have to find a different media player to use or they will have to pay Sony hefty money for each Blu-Ray player they put in. But Sony will own the best BEST Blu-Ray disc having a capacity of 1TB (Blu-Ray discs right now are 40GB). For the next gen i see the war going Sony-Nintendo-Microsoft.

    Plus Nintendo will have to wow us with massive exclusives. Pokemon, Zelda, Mario just won’t cut it in the hardcore market against PS3’s or 360’s top of the range AAA exclusives.

    PS. The “Project Cafe” controller design is terrible.

  • njb, I tell it like it is

    Microsoft will have to release the new Xbox soon, The PS3 will have a lifespan of 10 years like its predicessors. Releasing your console a year early to beat sales does not work in the long run. the 360 is getting outdated as the years go by.

    The Bluray is the dominating Disc format, It was obvious that Sony’s Bluray disc would beat Toshiba’s HD DVD, Who do you think Developed the CD and DVD, Sony with help from Panasonic & Nintendo.

    I would like to see a HD Mario, or Pokemon

  • Allen

    I think Nintendo did a good job going hardcore back in the N64 days. They actually got owned by PS1 but I did love N64.

    Ever since then they have seemed weak and just too family friendly, having almost no M rated games to speak off.

    I hated gamecube controller, worse than I hate 360’s and probably a wash with the original xbox controller.

    Playstation controls on the other hand, have always been the best, most ergonomic controls I’ve ever played on.

    I just want to see a hardcore Nintendo and PS4 compete. No need to have a Xbox that is useless, pay to play, pay for every little thing, expensive and has not one good feature.

    Xbox needs to go the Atari and Sega way. Just stick to software.

  • Anti Fanboy

    did M$ rape your mother? Did it murder your father, and sodommize his corpse? Did Sony adopt you after M$ got away with it’s crime spree? Your completely irrational support of the PS3 and utter denial of its failings leads me to believe strongly in the above scenario.

  • Allen

    @ Anti Fanboy

    Give me one example of how Xbox is not a rip off and give me one reason anyone should pay $299 for a console with no browser, no blu ray, pay to play, can’t even fucking stream netflix without paying M$ $60/year for the “right” to “purchase” a subscription.

    You won’t, this will just go away and I will still be here bashing 360.

    Since you are a freaking idiot and hate the TRUTH I slapped in your face.

    Xbox sucks and is not worth supporting. I will never stop bashing the stupid, scam of a console because out of all the bashing I do, NOT ONE OF YOU FREAKING 360 FANBOYS HAVE THE BALLS TO COME AT ME WITH ANYTHING.

    Probably because xbox sucks so much you have no leg to stand on.

    Bring it son, I’ll take you on any day.

  • Jimmer

    Okay, getting back to the subject. Nintendo better have something wicked up their sleeve. I don’t want a Wii HD. I don’t want a Nintendo with slightly better performance than the PS3 and 360 I own. What would be the point of owning a 3rd console without something truly special to make it stand out?

  • Anti Fanboy


    Where do you live where an xbox costs 299??? I feel bad for you. You talk about netflix like we don’t all download from torrent sites anyway. I use my computer to browse the internet and perform all my computing functions so, thanks but no thanks. The online on PS3 is hit and miss. And right now its all miss. The truth of the matter is, with all your big, bashing talk all you are doing is depriving yourself of quality games. Only poor, misguided people limit themselves to one console. I PC, 360, PS3, and me and the wifey Wii. I love all my consoles Do all the consoles have SUBJECTIVE pros and cons? Yes. IS anyone console better? No.
    The 360 has a better friends list component but it costs money.
    The PS3 has better graphics rarely conceptualized from third party sources.
    The PS3 controller has built in batteries but has no mic jack.
    The 360 has a more sturdy, meaty feel to it’s controller w/ actual triggers, which across the board everyone likes.
    The Kinect is cheaper overall than the playstation move, which requires someone to buy three components to truly appreciate it. Not to mention the fact that one kinect works for everyone and you have to buy to whole move controllers kits to game with anyone in your house. Talk about nickel and diming a customer. Not to mention it’s just a wiimote. Will Kinect, in fairness is just a fancy webcam. While no “hardcore” games have come out for 360.
    The Move system is implemented in key “hardcore games,” and implemented well. Plenty of time working with the system really helps first party developers.
    The 360 online components work smoother and are easier to set up games with friends.
    The 360 out of the gate is cheaper. Allowing people on a lower income bracket access to next gen gaming.
    PS3 has more exclusives this year, but how many are people dying to get? I will be getting inFamous 2 and Uncharted 3 day one. They look to better than their fore bearers in every way. Other than these two, I’m good on most of the games listed.
    360 Has fewer announced exclusives but Gears and Forza will do very strongly and I will be getting them bring the exclusives race to a dead even tie.
    At the end of the day Sony doesn’t love you and doesn’t care about you. It loves the money in your wallet and the market space you take up

  • njb, I tell it like it is

    lol, get ur facts rite.

    The PS3 slim is cheaper out of the box compared to the elite.

    You get a PS3, The best Bluray Drive, Wifi built in, Free controller & free online

    ELite comes with a DVD drive, a free controller & a headset

    Out of the box the PS3 has the best value

    a 4gb xbox does not count as being better value

    The PS3 does have better quality exclusives, and their are more 1st party exclusives on the PS3 than the 360. Sony spend money on Exclsuive games. Sony care more about core gamers than casual

    And the thing about controllers is stupid. The Playstation has been around for 20+ years, and the controller has gone through minor changes. Nothing major.

    Gears 3 will be good no doubt, but that is your only exclusive except for kinect games

    Forza 4 wont be as good with kinect gameplay. The graphics wont be as good as they could be due to the kinects limitations. It would be laggy.

    And Forza 4 wont beat GT5, Shiny graphics are not everything in a racing simulator, The physics are beter in GT5, and the sheer amount of content in GT5 is mind blowing. Forza is more of an arcade racer than a simulator.

  • njb, I tell it like it is

    this is an nintendo thread, y r u bringing up the PS3 and 360, if u read our comments u will see that we were not cussing any console, i was just saying how nintendo wont go down the hardcore route. Let nintendo do what they have been doing for the past 30+ years its gd

  • Anti Fanboy 2


    (Starting with Post #3)
    The Nintendo Wii does in fact have online gaming and does stream Netflix, though not in HD. Wii games are retailing at $49.99 brand new, last time I checked 360/PS3 games are $59.99, I do believe the Wii has cheaper games, my math may be wrong. Why is the original release version of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 $59.99 (Not to be confused with the re-release version on PSN/Live)?

    (Post #7)
    The GameCube controller was actually considered, by EGM, to be the most ergonomic controller of the systems, Ever since Xbox’s S controller I’m Xbox all the way, the placement of the joysticks for fps is why I prefer the Xbox.
    Why would you not want to have another Xbox to compete with, you do realize that competition makes for better products, right?

    (Post #9)
    The top Xbox bundle ($299.99) includes: Wireless Controller, Component HD cables, Ethernet cable, 250gb HDD, a headset, a 1 month subscription to Xbox Live, built in Wi-Fi, and 5 USB Ports. (

    The top PS3 bundle ($299.99) includes: Wireless controller, STANDARD A/V CABLES, Ethernet cable, 160GB HDD, Blu-Ray player, and 2 USB Ports (2 down from the previous 4, most likely to save money on $onys’ end, just like how they took away the backwards compatability, now that is fan appreciation alright!) (

    So for $300 you get a better deal with an Xbox, 1 bigger HDD, 2 more USB Ports, 3 a headset, 4 HD cables. For a PS3 to match you must buy either component cables from $ony or buy an HDMI cable, just to enjoy HD with a console that has a Blu-Ray player in it, that makes total sense!

    Also you do realize that Netflix costs at least $8 per month for a subscription, so you still have to pay regardless for Netflix, oh and computers and some tvs and most Blu-Ray players do that as well.

    I’m giving you all the facts and no bullshit. I would hope that your rebuttal would be one of a clever nature, but looking at your posts that is the opposite of what will happen. This is an ADULT conversation, all little kiddies need to play outside.

    @njb, i tell it like is

    (Starting with Post #4)
    Nintendo created hardcore gamers. Donkey Kong, Mario, Excitebike. Castlevania, Mega Man, etc.

    (Post #6)
    The current generation of consoles has a slated lifespan of 15 years, if you know of a magazine called EGM you may have heard of this.
    Blu-Ray isn’t dominating shit but stupid people. Blu-Rays come out at around $20 then a week later go up to at least $34.99, while the dvd counterpart is sitting there with a $20 price tag. More people own dvd players than Blu-Ray players. The only reason Blu-Ray won was because of Disney, and nothing else. HD-DVDs have the same quality.

    (Post #12)
    First off, there is no such product called Elite. The Xbox 360 Elite has not been sold for years. A few paragraphs up you will see that you are in fact the one who needs to double check their facts. In what universe is a 160gb HDD better than a 250gb HDD?

    PS3 exclusives are overrated. God of War 3 was a piece of shit, 5 hour game! I waited 5 years for a 5 hour game with no replay value. Killzone 3 has no story, the story mode should be called Random Action Sequences With Small Amounts Of Usual Military Style Dialouge. 7 maps for multiplayer? C’mon! RIP-OFF! Uncharted I have nothing against. GT5 is shit compared to Forza 3, and who the fuck wants to race a 60hp vehicle? Also Forza cars look and sound more realistic. Who is going to use the Kinect on Forza anyway? Not I.

    Also Anti Fanboy specifically called out Allen, you put in your two cents. Shut the fuck up. Stop being a fanboy piece of shit and admit that all the systems have faults! Not one system is superior. The sooner you learn that the better. I personally own both the PS3 and the 360, I also at one time owned the Wii. Each console has its ups and downs. I’m not afraid of admitting faults. I would rather not pay to play online, but if my money ensures a more solid connection and the ability to connect, will tell me a week before hand about maintenance, and will keep a better eye on things, then I will pay. Day 6 of no PSN, due to an ‘external source’ or scheduled maintenance, each of those where the reasons given by $ony when in reality it is because of hackers. Why wouldn’t $ony just tell you? Maybe because they would be admitting their incompetence. How about you use your brains and start thinking before you speak.

    Also, the Project Cafe controller looks like the perfect handheld console. A PSP fused with a classic Wii controller with PS shoulder buttons, 360 button layout and the Nintendo D-Pad, sounds like a good handheld to me. Also, the controller screen could be used for inventories, maps, leaderboards. I hope Nintendo can do what they’ve done for the family games to the more adult games.

  • Jimmer

    Well that’s a nice little comparison there. You forgot to add $60 to the 360s initial cost. I mean, you can’t use a lot of the features unless you pay for Live. And there are a lot of little things you could compare. A lot of people think the UI is better on the 360. I disagree. Too much clutter. Too much going on. And I don’t need to activate a special hub to use my motion controller to navigate my XMB on PS3. On PS3, I can output sound on multiple ports. I output sound to my tv thru HDMI and then I use the AV cables to output sound to my surround headphones. When my woman goes to bed, the tv turns down, the headphones go on, and then people die. It’s nice. I think this is much nicer than having to unplug my audio cables from the back of my tv every time I want to play L4D2 at night and plug them into my headset leads. And how often do you use those USB ports? Do you play a lot of Rock Band? The only way I see 5 ports being necessary us if you’re like me. I don’t play my 360 much. I don’t need a 250GB HDD in it. I use USB storage devices to save data. Now, you can use up to 16GB of data, so whether you use 1 stick, 2, or just an external hard drive is up to you. Options. Also, with the 360, you have to either invest in a lot of batteries, or buy a battery pack charger kit. Your choice. With the PS3, you just plug your controller into the system with the included cable. Nice. Now, I use my PS3 for a lot, so I need a large HDD. I bought a 640 GB for $65 and threw it in my sytem when I got my new 120GB. Can you do that with your 360? Don’t think about it, I’ve got the answer right here. No. You can’t. Now if you choose to pay for PS+, you are given free games, themes, avatars, early access to big demos, discounts on games and videos, and 1 hour trials of select games. I’ve been a member since day 1. It cost me $50 and they’ve given me just over $120 in free stuff. Not bad. Good thing Microsoft threw that headset in the box for you.

  • prone

    to njb, it sucks that the pokemon creator died in the earth quake that rocked Japan, but i guess that people will have to find another way to fill their time and actually have a life…. just sayin think about it

  • Gman


    Come on, do you seriously think that Sony and MS won’t care about Wii2 release after the fact Wii dominated current-gen sale? They are not going to let Nintendo win again. Sure Sony said 10 year life span for PS3, but that doesn’t mean they won’t release PS4 within 10 years, it just means Sony will still support and release games for PS3 after its 10 year anniversary.

    And Please people, stop arguing which system is better, let’s not turn this place into another Gamefaq or Gametrailers.

    • Duke

      #1 It wont be called the Wii2.
      #2 I said 2014 (360 – 9 years, PS3 – 8 years)
      #3 Price is a major factor.
      PS3: 160gb standalone – $299.99 US
      – £227.98 UK
      – $498.00 AUS
      320gb standalone – $349.99 US
      – £269.99 UK
      – $599.95 AUS

      Xbox360 350gb standalone – $299.99 US
      – £189.99 UK
      – $449.00 AUS

      #4 PS3 and 360 production will go up until around 2016-2018 but PS4 and 720 will come out around 2014-2015

      #5 Have you looked at the name of the website lately? Its called Attack of the Fanboy, what did you expect people were going to do here?

  • Allen

    @ Anti-Fanboy (which we all know is 1 & 2)

    You did a good job of being objective but you are still entirely wrong. Gosh I don’t know where to start.

    Let’s say controller. Now there is a lot of personal preferance with a controller. To me PS has always had the best controller I’ve ever seen or used. Ergonomic, easy to reach all buttons without straining and they last forever.

    Gamcecube was too funky, even if it was ergonomic to hold in the hands. Orig. Xbox was absolutely horrible, 360 made improvments but still sucks IMO. The triggers are real, but they feel soo cheap and weak. Also on 360 you cannot touch all buttons at once without strainging and/or having to take time to re-arrange.

    Plus you have to pay for battery packs or eat AA on 360 control.

    360 is $299 for 250GB. The 4gb flash drive is a joke, that’s 3 Kinect games (which all suck IMO, well except the dance game but I don’t even care about that, or 1 good game) then you have to pay $120+ for 250GB HDD. That’s a limited, proprietary, expensive HDD. Unlike PS3. I dropped a 500GB HDD in my PS3 for only $50.

    Also PS+ users have cloud storage.

    360 is a $299 console with no blu ray, no browser, pay to play and is still the most unreliable console in history of gaming.

    The FACT that 360 makes you have live ($60/year) in order to do the simplest things online is plain stupid. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth and it all sounds like a scam.

    There is no reason 360 should make you have live in order to stream netflix or go to ESPN or facebook or youtube. Basically “paying” for the “right” to “purchase” a subscription to netflix.

    Plus PS3 will be getting the free streaming service “crackle” and already has hulu plus.

    And no, I am not into finding the free crap to download on the internet because I don’t have time. I got rid of cable and now only watch hulu or Netflix. It’s awesome and it’s 1/3 of the cost of my cable + I get blu rays.

    360 has no features. Out of the box you can watch a DVD on it. That’s it.

    Before slim you had to pay extra $100 for wifi, total BS.

    360 is a scam, they suck and I would never support them.

    Plus no, I don’t limit my self. I play all games but don’t need a 360 to do it. I play PC, Wii & PS3. 360 is a freaking rip off and I would never support those raping bastards.

    PC – 360 supposed exclusives, best FPS (true gamers play FPS on PC) & games all the way back to the 80’s (I still play space quest)

    Wii – Family gaming, retro gaming (NES, SNES, Genesis, N64) & streaming netflix. Sure not HD, but it looks pretty good and a lot of shows streaming arn’t exactly HD quality.

    PS3 – True/Best exclusives, blu ray, free online play, wifi, browser, HDnetflix/hulu/crackle, best motion control that actually makes FPS cool on a console and make great casual family gaming and best controller IMO.

    360 – no browser, pay to play, unreliable, before slim no wifi, pay $299 for a console with no blu ray and no features. new slims still scratch disks with the slightest bump and they over heat (Red Dot of Death).

    Sure the RDOD is much better than RROD but it still happens. Happend to my cousin on his first slim he got **Christmas Morning, same day he got it!** RDOD will shut the console down for hours at a time to let it cool.

    Sorry but I game to relax after work and my family streams a lot of netflix. I don’t want my console shutting down for hours at a time, that would ruin my night.

    PC, Wii & PS3 – Free Online Gaming

    PC, Wii & PS3 – Internet Browser

    PC, Wii & PS3 – Netflix no additional charge

    PC, Wii & PS3 – Hardware reliability

    360 – Online $60/year, which is $300 for 5 years!

    360 – No Browser, Even Wii has a browser

    360 – Netflix must have $60/year subscription

    360 – RROD, now RDOD, no need to own, all best exclusives are on PC, free online play for PC. new slims still scratch disks and xbox live is $60/year.

    Plus going back to the controller. PS hasn’t had to change in 3 generations + the best selling consoles of all time are PS2 & PS1, you can’t tell me that everyone bought those and the controllers suck. WTFE.

    PS3>PC>Wii>PSP>DS>iphone games>pushing a hoop around with a stick>360

  • Allen 2

    @ Anti-Fanboy & @ Anti-Fanboy 2

    I agree with Allen, he has his facts right.

    Blu rays are hardly more expensive than DVD and sorry, who doesn’t have at least a 42″ HDTV.

    Screw DVD upscale, i want true HD.

    Plus blu ray is doing very well with a projected 600% increase in 2011.

    Also Redbox/netflix have blu rays for cheap. So yeah if you don’t want to pay a bunch extra to own, then rent from redbox for $1.50/night or even better for $1.00/month I get blu ray’s from netflix.

    Plus blu rays go on sale all the time. I own 20 or so and typically pay between $5.00 & $10.00 to own.

    360 has no features and isn’t worth supporting, it’s the only console that isn’t and no one should support the bastard, ass raping of a company.

    A hardcore Nintendo and PS4 is all we need. Look at PS1 & N64 days. Those were good times.

  • Anti Fanboy

    First off, congratulations on being able to figure out absolutely nothing. I am not the additional AF. I’m the one and only me. Compare the writing style and overall tones.
    You complain constantly about the live gold service and how much it costs but make no valid reason to dislike the service. The service costs money but when I play on it with my easy to access friends, on my easy to access guide, with my easy and stable mp games I get what I pay for.
    You claim that M$ is corrupt though accurate, applies just as much to Sony. Case in point this PSN-being-down matter, where Sony has given not 1, not 2, but 3 seperate excuses as to why the system is down. Now there is a company I trust.
    PS3 has an unnecessary that is only best used with peripherals costing more money.
    PS3 remote that has a battery that costs 55 dollars when it dies, which has happened to me twice now.
    You talk about how much the PS3 can do out of the box and it does those things but they come at a 100 dollar premium. For people on a budget 200 compared to 300 without any software is a pretty good reason to go with 360 and it’s lower price point. And if you want to do those things in HD even with the top of the line PS3 you better make sure you bought those pesky little HDMI cables or Sonys component cables adding 25 dollars to your checkout price. If your PS3 controller runs out of juice I hope you spent another 10 to 20 bucks for and extended usb cable so you aren’t heating you bag, sitting on top of the ps3 to continue playing.
    The 250gb HDD is 40 to 50 dollars on amazon right now, so don’t know where you get your numbers, yet again.
    The PS+ system is the exact same thing as MS and you know it, except for the fact that it didn’t add any network stability. Live offers discounts sales and demos just like PS+, with the added benefit of trials for all their arcade games. ALL OF THEM. Not just to gold members. Not to mention the Indy game market that offers cheap thrills and hidden gems. PS+ is just a cash grab as much as gold. How anyone can deny this I cannot even fathom, but I’m sure you will find a way. If MS is so bad why do Sony comy them at every corner?

  • Anti Fanboy
  • Jimmer

    I’ve been a Gold member since 2007. PS+ is leaps and bounds better than XBL Gold. To say that they are the same means that you are obviously not a Plus member. Don’t feed us crap about two PS3 controllers failing on you. My controller from my 2007 PS3 is still my favorite and most used. The $200 360 isn’t for gamers on a budget. It’s for the ignorant parents and grandparents looking to get their kids or grandkidss a system for cheap, not realising how much more money they’re going to spend on peripherals they didn’t know the kid was going to need. And Sony did not give 3 separate excuses as to why the service was down. They said it was an “external intrusion”. That’s what it was.

  • Anti Fanboy

    You clearly don’t have your facts and I’m sure I wasn’t talking to you. On PSN facebook page they gave three reasons for the service being down, and assured us that none of our information was taken, it was, and I quote, “100% safe.” I Had my controllers at launch, when I got my first 600 dollar 60 gig PS3. The two controllers I got, one with and one extra both had their batteries go out. You know nothing of me or how much I played so go eat yourself. I had plus got some free games and access to super cool demos….oh wait I already have those games thanks but no. Maybe living in your grandma’s basement means you have nothing but money but young working people would buy a cheaper xbox. You talk about nothing but hyperbole, with nothing substantial to back it up.

  • Jimmer

    Easy kid. Are you seriously taking ridiculous shots at me personally because you’re wrong? It’s pretty easy for you to claim you’ve had this and that and then shoot it down in the worst way. You say you’ve played so much that you have killed 2 very reliable batteries, and I’m the one who lives in my grandparents basement and doesn’t work? Nice call. And yes I do have my facts. I get my info from the PlayStation Blog.

  • Anti Fanboy

    @ Jimmer
    You started your inane post calling me a liar, so pardon me if I don’t like, nor appreciate your accusation. My controllers battery died replaced it and still play my PS3 routinely. You say value conscious shoppers wouldn’t buy the arcade, when I bought one because I can add an extra 250gb hdd for 40 bucks still crushing my, and yours PS3 for 50 dollars less. Bluray doesn’t matter for me. It exists and I use it but the bluray player I got at abc warehouse works just fine without any of my personal info making into a hackers hands. I played a lot in college and I have slowed down now with a job and responsibilities , but I still manage. Way to go with unpublished sources on your fact checking, way to drink the Kool-aid cause they didn’t just get there ass handed to them in front of the world.

  • Jimmer

    Unpublished sources? Have you ever heard of IGN? And I did not say that they would not buy the arcade. I said it wasn’t intended for them. Way to rely on Facebook for your “facts”, by the way. When did I mention Blu-Ray? And just because you don’t prefer it, doesn’t mean it’s garbage. So you spent less money on a system that’s worth less? Good for you, buddy. Where exactly are you not seeing that you are basically fragmenting your expenditures by going with the Arcade? You end up at basically the same cost. 360 arcade: $200, 250GB HDD: $42, XBL Gold: $60, charging kit: $25 HDMI Cable: $40 Total: $367 — PS3 320GB: $350 HDMI Cable: $40. Total $390 Just sayin.

    • Anti Fanboy

      What qualifies as worth less. The 360 does everything but browse the internet and play blurays. I didn’t have to add the hdd, but i chose to. I can only buy the 120 gb ps3. You clearly stated psblog not ign but, why would you remember your own post. How do you know who would buy a 360 arcade? i bought one for my bedroom to play when the wifey wants to watch teen mom or some shit.I have personally spent 10000 this gen and didn’t feel like spending more. your conjecture on what i spent falls flat as what i spend as a person who already has several consoles, as opposed to entry level consumers. Its still cheaper to buy top end 360 compared to top end ps3.

  • Anti Fanboy 2


    First, though we share the same opinion, me and Anti Fanboy are NOT one in the same, but I’m sure you don’t believe me since your are obviously intimidated by facts.

    Controller is nothing more than a personal preference, I like Xbox, but hate it’s D-Pad thumbstick, I am and have been very familiar with the PS3 controller, I like the D-Pad but despise the ‘triggers’. (Also to make them triggers costs an extra $10 and still is nowhere near the quality trigger of a 360 controller). Original Xbox controllers were too bulky for me until the S controller. Why would you press all the buttons at once on a PS3 controller let alone any controller? Cheat code is all I got and the last one to incorporate the entire controller was WWF Attitude master cheat at main menu. CONTROLLER=PERSONAL PREFERENCE

    I would rather buy batteries and have an external battery pack than have an internal battery that once it goes out you don’t replace just the battery but the entire controller at the tune of $55. Rechargeable batteries are cheap as fuck and play and charge kits last for at least 6 months, if the battery pack goes out it is $11 to get an official M$ rechargeable battery pack. Hmmm, $55 better than $11? I’ll go ahead and answer that for you, since it hurts your brain, NO!

    Have you ever visited a retail store or website? Obviously not considering you are forgetting that there is a 250gb Xbox for $299, go ahead visit,, unless you want to continue your ignorant bliss.


    So, Hulu, isn’t that a pay to view service? Yep, it sure is, it’s actually just another Netflix. Nice Try! ( ONE WEEK TRIAL! THEN $7.99/MONTH. Crackle sounds good if it is free, but it just seems like a Netflix plus, but still nice. Netflix is awesome, that was never in question. Oh, and I can get Blu-Rays too with my Netflix subscription, just like everyone else in the world who has the internet and the corresponding Netflix subscription, which is at least $13 for 1 Blu-Ray at a time.

    360 has this service thing that can be accessed directly from the system via Wi-Fi to an internet connection to access this thing called Live which has these things you can download called games of multiple genres and content, there is even a radio thing, useless to me, then there’s all the themes and gamerpics and game demos and videos that can be downloaded all for no extra charge. I think I just listed features that are out of the box, I guess you can’t list ALL THE FACTS, only one so it makes you look more right, when in reality you just make yourself out to be another useless ignorant fanboy. Wi-Fi is optional so yeah I go with a 6ft Ethernet cable, gives me a nice solid connection.

    I like how you also completely fail to divulge the most important negative to PC gaming, HARDWARE UPGRADES, you know those $1000 video cards and the like that give a better but yet very comparable, graphics wise, to the 360/PS3, so what I am saying is for a FULL PC GAMING EXPERIENCE, to fully get the graphics that is easily a $900 rig. So yeah PC GAMING IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE!

    True gamers play…….wait for it……..GAMES! Mind blowing I know, but the criteria for being a ‘true’ gamer is to simply play video games on a semi regular basis and play competitively. (Hardcore of course for playing all the time)

    Fully agree with you on the Wii, but also it should be obvious that the Wii does not support HD, I mean if you are a ‘true core gamer’ I would think that you would at least recognize on the package that it doesn’t support HD.

    Best exclusives? I admit this is a preference area but, I waited 5 years for God of War 3, I get it finally after a shitload of delays only to find that the story blew and made no sense, it was a 6 hour game, and they took out a feature from the first two, NEW GAME+, oh and the unlockable outfits are downright useless, 4x health but enemies deal 4x damage? Why even mention that? Uncharted and inFamous are the only exclusives that haven’t fallen short of all the overblown hype. Killzone 3 has 7 multiplayer maps that are separated between 3 game types which then limit even more what maps out of 7 you get to play. Resistance just sucks, Call of Duty and Halo both before that garbage. GT5 has nothing on Forza, the cars look better in Forza, the sound is better in Forza, and there aren’t any 60hp cars that simply take up space like half of GT5s car list. Not to mention the customization in Forza is lightyears away from GT5. Forza has a better multiplayer interface as well.

    You can have fun with your WiiMote with a glowly ball on top. On top of that, I can just go play Area 51, or TimeCop, or Terminator Salvation at the arcade and have an even better experience. To me the Wii, Move, and Kinect, are all novelties that need to go away, until I get holograms, that would be badass.

    Why would you bump your console or move it while it’s on? Maybe because you are mentally challenged? Whether it is from not properly setting up your console or just being stupid, you have no valid point there, try again. Overheating? Maybe you shouldn’t put in a unventilated area so it can breathe. Again stupidity, deserved what happens, moot point, nice try, game over, whammy! Maybe your cousin is stupid, I mean you are, so he doesn’t have very good odds. Oh an the YLOD happens when the system file corrupts, how does that happen?

    Do you also not remember the original price of the PS3? $600, so yea. What about the backwards compatibility that was taken away for ‘budget costs’? Backwards compatibility is a $300 feature? Really? Oh what about how the motion controls couldn’t handle or allow for the rumble feature, when it was because they screwed the company that patented the name DUAL SHOCK. Also the rumble controller magically costs $5 more, but 360 controllers have stayed at $50 for wireless, huh odd? Again, IDENTITY THEFT can stem from the hack of the PSN. That’s weird, it seems as though I’ve shown exactly how $ony has been ass raping the consumers, just like M$ right?

    The PS1 and 2 didn’t survive solely on the controller, it was the games were of better quality, which they have obviously left by the wayside and have instead incorporated a pure money agenda. The fact that a disc is cheaper to make than a cartridge allowed for PS games to be cheaper therefore by obvious selection for the smart shopper, you would choose the PS for the same game only cheaper. Ever since PS2 the hardware has gone downhill in quality. Also, I remember going through 4 PS2s, the PS2s sucked dick and that is why they made a slim version years later. Don’t get me wrong I loved my PS1 and 2, SmackDown!s were the shit and I enjoyed those consoles.

    You realize that the PS3 suffers from a similar fate know as the Yellow Light Of Death (YLOD)? Of course you wouldn’t, your a fanboy and won’t accept that every console has its own problems let alone agree to even one flaw in the PS3 (of which has many), I agree 100% that the Xbox hardware is the BIGGEST PIECE OF SHT, I’ve personally had 8 360s, 3 of which were upgrades, the rest was RROD, luckily I worked at a game store and was able to simply swap them out. I have had 2 PS3′s, an original fatboy (lasted 4 years) that suffered a YLOD and my current 500gb ($75 extra) slim (Had for 3 months and YLOD because the stock HDD system file was corrupted, the 500gb replacement drive has been working fine).

    How does $ony not nickel and dime you? Let’s see, out of the box you need to instantly upgrade your A/V cables to be able to show HD, which is necessary for Blu-Rays, so that is an extra $24.99 for a PS3 Component AV Cable by Sony or $39.99 ( for a PS3 HDMI Cable and USB Pack by Sony Computer Entertainment (, now due note that ***I am strictly including 1st party peripherals (i.e. $ony brand controllers and not MadCatz) at their full MSRP price, no sale prices, because I’m am using what the manufacturer supplies and their MSRP.**** Now if you want to talk to your buddies while you play online, that is gonna cost you either $39.99 for PS3 Bluetooth Headset by Sony Computer Entertainment ( or a PS3 Bluetooth Headset 2.0 by Sony Computer Entertainment for $49.99 ( So that is $65-90 more to match the Xbox out of the box, unless I can’t add properly.

  • Anti Fanboy 2


    To say Live and PS+ are the same is just idiocy. PS+ gives you discounts on the sht that wont sell, I’ve been keeping track of the free things offered and for what I am willing to pay for those offered is only $30. What else does PS+ do? Early demos? Gold has that. Offer demos for arcade games? Silver does that, wait, Silver? The free version of Xbox Live allows for the downloading of arcade games at no charge, and all of the Xbox Live arcade games have a free demo available on release day as well as independent Community games, which the PSN simply doesn’t have. You have fun with all the different versions of Geometry Wars that PSN keeps pumping out.

    A cheaper version of a console would have a target demographic (big word I know, Google it) of the gamer on a budget or rather the consumer on a budget. Tight budget means $300 is too much. Sorry PS3 you just don’t fit in the budget.

    So this article over at IGN that says ‘Sony said the move was for maintenance and that the outage would only last a day or two. Nearly a week later, the company announced that the closure was due to a hacker infiltrating the system and stealing PlayStation 3 and PSP players’ personal information. As of now, it’s unknown if the information seized includes credit card numbers.(’ is not proving $ony has given you the run around? Not to mention it started with an error code, 80710a06 (, that $ony never gave details about, then it was a security update ( and finally the truth, PSN WAS HACKED. $ony never gave a timeframe as to when the service will be up so obviously they were caught with their thumbs up their asses. Again, blindly serving $ony, such a good wittle sheep. $ony love you(r money) yes we do, $ony wuves you.

    Oh and Anonymous even hacked the system on April 4th 2011 (, seems like after that was the time to beef up security, but no whatever $ony chooses to do is and will always be the right thing to do no matter what, right?

    You should also realize that you are not talking to children, this is an ADULT conversation, all little kiddies need to go play outside and let the grown ups talk.

    So tell me, what accredited educational facility will allow a Blog to be a fact giving resource? Published sources, you know those things called magazines, books, and scholarly journals, yeah that is where facts are held, not Blogs. Also, I see you don’t provide links to any of your facts so yeah I call bullshit.

    So first off, your figures are all wrong. If you consider a 250gb HDD to be $45 then why not have that Xbox be set at a craiglist price which varies so much it’s not worth listing. Also how is it that a 200gb HDD is $50 (The 320gb PS3 is $350, which is $50 more that the 120gb, I felt I should help you by pointing that out.), I spent $75 on a 500gb HDD, odd?

    Also, you still forget that the 360 includes a headset, $ony only sells a Bluetooth headset which costs $40 for version 1 and $50 for version 2. Why mention that? It’s not like it adds perspective to the compare and contrast of these systems. (I know a lot of odd terms were used in that last sentence, but Google and are your friend.)

    Why can you not answer this one simple question- How can you be so blind as to not even attempt to see that $ony is not god-like? $ony isn’t your parent or guardian, $ony does not take care of you. $ony only cares about the money you spend on their products. Why can’t you admit the PS3 has faults? It’s not like if you say it has a crappy network $ony is going to come to your house and take your sht away. They are simply going to sit back in their leather chairs, smoke a cigar, and count your money and laugh, and then when they get done with God Of War 3 and Socom and Killzone they might rebuild that free network. Until then I will be on Xbox Live shooting some guy from Nebraska in the face.

  • John

    Sadly the same can be said about xbox wanting your money, first off why didn’t they have built in wifi, hmmm i don’t know maybe to get some more of your money

    RROD, didn’t have any impact on money so no argument, maybe when the warranty ran out

    Thats all i got lol , but seriously all the companies want money its business , we would do the same. Besides xbox live is better maintained because microsoft has an entire group of experts on it all the time, the downside is they don’t have alot on gamertags and personal info.

  • Jimmer

    Wow. Lol. You guys must really be mad at me. I love getting you all fired up. Have I taken any blows at you? Nope. I’m an adult. This is a debate. You are acting like a child. Just because you use words with more than 2 syllables does not mean you are smart. I yet remain unimpressed with your logic. How would you not consider the official PlayStation Blog an actual source? And I merely meant that IGN has posted updates from the PS Blog. does have a 250 GB HDD listed for $42. And no, I’m not going to post a link because you’re lazy. I only used that sale price because Anti Fanboy was so proud of it. And the 360 4GB does not come with HD cables or a headset. You can use any bluetooth headset you can find at Wal-Mart or anywhere with the PS3. And you totally missed the point of what I was saying. I don’t care if the 360 250GB is $299. It doesn’t matter. The point I was making was that buying a 4GB is not a better deal in the long run. And do you really think that Microsoft cares about you more just because your service is still running. If Microsoft had taken a stand against these scum hackers, they would be in the same boat. And I never said the PS3 doesn’t have faults. I know they’re not God-like. I know they just want my money. But, Microsoft is the same exact way. They are a big corporation. They only want your money. That’s how it works. No matter how you look at. Yep, I’m mad at Sony for not being able to tell me exactly what was wrong immediately. But I’m more angry with the hackers that have caused this problem.

  • Anti Fanboy

    Calling me liar the moment you start talking to me is not a debate. If you have a great run with your controller, God bless you. I have had two go tits up on me. My point all along was and is that Sony is just as greedy, shady, underhanded and as cutthroat as MS and Nintendo. You don’t get to the top of the heap without being that way. My conjecture was that Allen always goes out of his way to suckle the Sony teet, and I, for one was tired of his bullshit. Lies and double talk, are spewed forth from his keyboard everyday. You were never the issue. The fanboys are. Allen being a tie for worst offender. When greenrings says something fifteen people jump up his ass, as they should but Allen, because most commentators on here are PS3 fanboys, runs around here roughshod.

  • Jimmer

    Okay then. I apologize for calling you a liar. It’s that, in a debate, it’s terribly hard to believe someone based on their personal experience. We all do it. I’ve done. You know that. (Don’t tell Allen, but I’m kinda tired of his babbling myself. Just keep that between us.)

  • Allen

    @ Anti fanboy

    All you did is say a bunch of crap. You can’t admit that the 360 is a total freaking rip off. I have easily listed it out for you but you are blind to the FACTS I have slapped in your face.

    You haven’t impressed me not one little bit. 360 is a total rip off and is the only gaming console not worth supporting.

    $299 for absolutely no freaking features, I hate everything about xbox, it sucks so damn bad.

    And excuse me but I took a 7 year old PC, dropped $250 in it and can play all the up to date games.

    By the way, stop looking at Gamestop for all your buys. They are way over priced. Amazon is my favorite now.

    4GB ram = $62.00

    1GB Evga GeForce GT 430 graphics card

    So yes, PC gaming is more expensive but it’s also the best since it’s the only way to play FPS (other than Move) and of course can stream, browse, game, whatever you want.

    You 360 fanboys are idiots for supporting 360 pay to play and we are already feeling the affects from 360’s partial success.

    With all the pay to play coming from online passes and other BS I say it’s all 360’s fault and the idiots that supported them.

    PS3 is not without faults, but they are 1000x better choice, offering way more for the money, better service and without the SCAMS M$ pulls.

    Basically don’t support Xbox because of the high price tag, no features and pay for every little thing.

    yes $250GB 360 for $299, $160 PS3 FOR $299 but you get so much more out of PS3 and can upgrade easily and cheap for just $50.

    In fact for 1 year of xbox live you can have 500GB HDD in PS3, or buy 2 more years of warranty for $50.

    Plus PS3 got free online, blu ray, browser and can stream way more services.

    Hulu is free, Hulu + is not. BTW.

  • Allen

    Also don’t you remember when xbox live was down for 2 weeks.

    Sorry that hackers attacked Sony and our 2 weeks wasn’t planned. But this is also a FREE service that has never failed on me before.

    I am sick of this crap too, there’s enough junk on this page for people to make their own decisions and I will respect those decisions.

    But it will not change the fact that 360 has been pwned by PS3 globally and PS3 has already passed 360 in active units and PSN members.

    PS3 will easily pass 360 in overall hardware sold within the next month or two.

    360 is already losing and is in 3rd place IMO.

    All this with an entire year head start, so really you should look at where 360 was 1 year ago for hardware sales. If you look at it like that then PS3 has outsold 360 by about 10 Million Units.

    LOL @ 360 fanboys expenses.

  • Allen

    Sorry, I really was done, but wanted to spout a couple more things.

    On top of all the great features PS3 gives and the no features 360 has.

    And on top of all the great groundbreaking exclusives PS3 has

    PS3 also has great FREE exclusive content. Like those found in Red Dead REdemption, Assasins Creed Brotherhood, Batman AA, Mafia 2, Mortal Kombat & LA Noire.

    Sorry but 360 keeps getting the short end of the stick.

    you know the, stick that’s pushing the hoop, which is more exciting that playing 360…

  • Allen

    Damn Anti Fanboy said too much crap.

    GT5 is way better than Forza. Forza is total crap IMO and is only a GT wannabe.

    Gran Turismo is the most accurate, you say the sounds are better? you must be stupid because GT took the time to get the “real” sounds, not some stupid emulator.

    Also Gran Turismo has been used by real race car drivers for a “racing simulation” a lot like a fighter pilot simulation.

    Plus don’t forget the Gran Turismo GT Champion ship where racers got to compete with eachtoher to become part of a real race team.

    That’s only on PS3.

  • Roadshow

    Whoa Anti-Fanboy

    Xbox is the biggest piece of crap.

    Did you seriously compare YLOD to RROD?

    Sorry but YLOD is something butthurt 360 fanboys made up because of RROD. It is TRUE, I’m not denying YLOD, but you do realize you are comparing a 3% hardware failure to a 33% RROD failure right?

    All electronics have hardware failure, the point is that Xbox 360’s was extremely out of “industry standard”.

    God you rag on Allen like he’s just coming out of the blue with stupid crap but it’s all freaking true. Fine XBox is a good gaming machine.

    You better be prepared though to pay $299 for a console with no features, and I say that as in, EVEN THE WII HAS MORE FEATURES THAN 360 (type to draw attention only)

    360 is the only one that is pay to play
    360 is the only one that can’t browse the internet
    360 made the consumer pay so that they could be out first (RROD)
    360 is the only platform ever to make you pay M$ for a sub. before being able to purchase a sub to netflix.

    No one else screws over the consumer like that. Fine if you have a personal preference for some damn reason but everyone I know, especially in this economy want more for their money.

    And screw you and browsing the internet on your PC. Yeah I got that too. But my wife or my kid will be on the internet and it’s nice to have another option instead of having to wait.

    Also you can’ tell me that browsing the internet from your couch, wirelessly, on a big screen TV isn’t cool.

  • 360 XXX

    ya thats cool

  • ragglefraggle1

    anti fanboy is attempting to be the new greenrings

  • njb, I tell it like it is

    1. Anti Fanboy u do talk some BS, i Got my Slim PS3 for £280, came with God of war 3 & Kane & Lynch 2. Not preowned, NEW. The 360 is cheaper for a reason.

    2. Dont even compare Forza to Gran Turismo, GT5 is the best Driving Simulator(Keyword “Simulator”) Forza is more of an arcade racer

    3. How can u say Sony are Greedy, MS penny pinches, Even my friends who love off 360 say that.

    4.PSN could not be better for a FREE service, Dont even attempt to compare LIVE and PSN. PS+ is clearly worth the money u get at least £250 of Content Free, Exclusive Downloads, Full Game Trials, Cheaper Prices On Selected Content, Cloud Server Online Space for Game Saves.& ur store credit is actually Currency not MS points.

    5. Can we please get back on topic, This is about NINTENDO’s new Console

  • Jimmer

    Lol. Goes to show hom much people care about Nintendos next console. Hahaha. I’m kidding…but seriously. They need something special. If they put out something gimmicky with a console slightly more powerful than the 2 separate powerhouses I already own, I will not be impressed. Screens on the controller? Don’t care. Nice feature, but it won’t convince me to snag it. If they are trying to appeal to our market (the core gamers) then it might be too little, too late. Now if they are trying to appeal to their current 80 or so million current system owners with a Wii HD then, I wish them the best of luck. Should be interesting.

  • njb, I tell it like it is

    Super Smash Bros in full 1080p
    Yes Pease

  • Allen

    I don’t think the screen on a controller is a good idea. Especially touch screen.

    Who else thinks we pay enough for extra controllers?

    I don’t want to pay $100 for each controller.

  • 360 XXX

    360 rules! Playstation sux harry ones

    • soul

      fu*ktard thats all im sayin

  • Allen

    PS3 rules!

    360 is a pus infected dangling butt hair

  • Roadshow

    PS3 rules!

    360 is a Twad pocket

  • The Man

    Something tells me that none of you really have a life. Do you really have anything better to do than sit around and bitch at each other what play system is better. Get a life, Get a job, and if you have one, utilize it and make some money and take care of your families. It is very very sad.

  • Anti Fanboy

    Touched a nerve, did I? I have GT5 and I like GT5 but it’s not even done as a game. Anyone who has played knows that. I have spent my life working on cars, going to Kruse auctions (I live in the area) and grew up on the race track, and Never, ever did a pushrod V8 make the sounds coming out the ass end of those GT5 cars. Though I will concede that the premium cars do look more realistic. With aids turned off though, both games over as close to a sim experience as one can get on the home console. iRacing being far superior and all but they charge you a MONTHLY FEE!!!! Ah! Scary!

    If you were to run the lap races a couple hundred times and compare both GT5 to Forza’s you’d probably be left to conclude that the difference between the two and that of the real world examples are not statistically significant (with data error overlapping between Forza and GT5 – in other words, both games are doing a sterling job at simulating).

    This sidesteps the overall point, however in that Sony and Microsoft. Does no one remember the high failure rate of the first shipments of PS2? No? Shocking! Convenient in the debate over which company is more money hungry to not acknowledge the facts. These two uncaring juggernauts don’t fracking care about any of us. They are in the business of making huge profits for their shareholders. GT5, to use an example was put out before it was done to sell more consoles. Kaz wanted more time and was “prompted” to put out an unfinished product to sell more consoles. If you don’t want a 360, fine I am genuinely happy that you are happy with whatever gaming medium you choose for yourself and your loved ones. Stop bashing like Sony is gonna call you up to the big leagues and say “thanks fanboys, without you we would never have made anymore consoles without you.” While you sit here on the computer bashing MS, Sony, and Nintendo are counting our money, laughing at how you will buy anything out of brand loyalty.
    At the end of the day Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo doesn’t love you and doesn’t care about you. It loves the money in your wallet and the market space you take up.

  • Roadshow

    I am at work you freaking bastard!

    What else am I supposed to do here?

  • The Man

    Your job???

  • Roadshow

    In between e-mails and calls I browse the internet. Google News, Wikipedia, Amazon top 100 in Video Games and Attack of the Fanboy.

    I love pissing idiots off that don’t know any better than to support the only console that has no features, super expensive and pay to play.


    Go find out what a real game is like.

    I’ve played for a long time on PC online. Counter Strike, Half Life 2, Quake, Soldier of Fortune etc.

    Never have I had to pay for play online.

    on top of that xbox makes you pay for the right to purchase a sub to netflix.

    Also on xbox you have to pay for the right to have demos

    Excuse me….aren’t demos supposed to be free so that you can sell your product.

    Xbox makes you pay for their marketing apparently.

    It’s stupid, it’s not necessary on any other paltform and you are stupid if you pay them.

  • Umm, No?

    You can download any demo with a Silver account, but not necessarily right away. A lot of demos have a period (usually a week or two) where they are Gold-exclusive, then they become available to Silver members. Also, any multiplayer demos are either unavailable or pointless as you have to have Gold to do multiplayer.

  • Allen

    @ Antifanboy

    LOL, are you seriously trying to compare the minor hardware failures of the PS2 early in it’s life to the 360?


    Damn dude. 360 RROD was between 33% to 50%


    360 is the most unreliable console in the history of gaming and still is.

    I will agree that the slims are way better than orig. but they still overheat at a much higher rate, last I saw was 16% hardware failure.

    MILLIONS of bunk RDOD consoles (Red Dot of Death)

    And excuse me but I have a kid and a dog, sh%t happens and consoles get bumped.

    With the slightest bump 360 games get scratched all to hell.

    PS3 doesn’t scratch disks and even if it did have the crappy hardware that the 360 has the blu ray disks have the hardest coating of all disk formats out there.

    Not even my oldest blu rays, used blu rays they don’t have not 1 scratch on them.

    There are some great youtube vidoes showing both 360 and PS3. this one guy took a slim and just picked it up while it was playing, huge rings, ruined the $60 game.

    PS3 this guy drops his PS3 while it’s playing, he dropped it like 3-4 times, not one scratch.

    That’s just the icing on the cake. No one in their right mind or has ever played games online would pay for a 360. No need to own, their games are on PC, better on PC and free online paly the PC way.

    Oh and I forgot, I didn’t spend $250 upgrading my PC, it ended up only being like $125, for 4GB ram and a 1GB graphics card.

    LOL, screw 360.

    If xbox live was down, you could play single player games and watch a dvd, that’s it.

    PS3 even with PSN down I can browse the internet, play blu rays/dvd’s, stream netflix/hulu/crackle, MLB, NHL & play the best games of this generation…just not online for what, 2 weeks?

    That’s nothing, does anyone remember when XBL was down for 2 weeks? So what if that one was expected….Sony was attacked and will come back better and stronger than ever.

    Anyways Antifanboy let me leave you with this.

    I am happy for you if you are happy with your 360.

    I feel sorry that you are so ignorant and support an ass raping company that does nothing but scam you into paying for things that everyone else offers for free.

    But I’m happy for you if you are happy.

    • Anti Fanboy 2

      Yeah that would be the case considering the PS2 was a SONY product, which was used to illustrate that even SONYs products can fail, but of course why would you ever think of that?!?! I realize the Xbox 360 is a complete piece of shit hardware wise, which if you would actually read my posts in their entirety you would not even bring that up as I have already mentioned that, but again you don’t read posts. Also you must take into consideration the amount of stupid people out there (you being one of those stupid people) that decided to put their 360 in an unventilated area, and would leave the 360 on for days at a time. Some people would even move the system while its on, and since the regular Nintendo it should have been clearly obvious that is a no-no! Those actions will cause any system to fail. Again, I’m sure this never factored in to your tiny brain. 16% is more than none at all, it may only be half of the 360 failure rate, but that’s enough to make it the second worst piece of gaming hardware, thus proving that SONY is NOT PERFECT.

      Millions of RDOD? Where do you get these figures from? I know it isn’t from a credible site, most likely a PS3 blog, right? Or is it your ass? Well since we are pulling info out of our asses, PS3’s have yet to make any sales!

      Excuse me for having enough sense to keep my $200+ gaming console in a well ventilated entertainment center. I even have my old version 360 on the floor, and nothing has bumped it yet. I guess I just have more common sense than you. Also, you do know that the 360 scratches discs because it has a disc tray, right? If the PS3 had a disc tray it would scratch the shit out of discs as well. Yet another design flaw of the 360. () I don’t worry about scratching discs, I still have CD-Rs from 2000 that were in my car and are scratch free. If you are an adult and know how to take care of your belongings, scratched discs are of no concern.

      Oh how I love to pick up my console while I’m playing a game, don’t you pick up your PS3 while you play? No, then why would that be a legit point? Hey I’m gonna throw the 360 and PS3 20ft and make a video of it and post it to youtube so people can see how shotty the outer plastic shell is on both consoles! That is by far your most ridiculous ‘point.’ You continue to prove your idiocy all by yourself.

      Again with the PC, you clearly don’t understand that PC gaming is the worst. First off, to truly experience the fullest out of say Crysis, you will spend more than $500 on just the PC alone. Why mention that? It hurts your main cause. Oh and you know those games you buy on PC, yeah you CAN NOT TRADE THOSE IN. You will own it forever. No store takes PC games for trade. Seems like the PC has destroyed the used market. HUH, ODD. Nice switch on the price of your upgrade, could it be because your full of shit?

      PSN has been down, and you can watch movies and play single player games and that’s it! No Netflix (you kinda need to be signed in for that to work), no Qriocity or whatever the hell that is. Oh and no browser either. WOW, seems like the PS3 is the exact same when you eliminate the online feature. Crazy what logic does to an idiotic viewpoint.

      Xbox Live was not down for me for 2 weeks. See, if you would learn to read an entire post/article in full word for word, you would know that it was a security breach that led to, only those who posted their info on, people not being able to sign-in. Also, you would have seen the screenshot that states that only the matchmaking in high traffic games such as, Call of Duty, will experience trouble finding games. So yeah, it helps to read the entire article, and not just the headline.

      I’m fine with every console, including old school, arcade, and handheld, because I love games and I support good games. I support the company that gives me the most for my money. Sadly, this generation does not have a company that I FULLY support. Companies are all about what is good for business and not the consumer. They obviously don’t need to consider the consumer when there are people like you who buy everything from one company and bash the direct competition, instead of realizing that competition is what renders better products (Hmm, I have said this already, again you would know if you read) and innovation. For some reason you choose to blindly follow the PS3, which is your right, and decide to spread blatant lies, which is actually punishable by law via libel. Again, you probably don’t understand what that is. You can feel better knowing that you are such a small fish that Micro$oft wouldn’t sue you over it, but they could!

      I’ll end here since I’m sure just 3 sentences in you were done skimming what I posted. So go ahead and prove to everyone your nothing more than a spamming little troll. Roll out the red carpet for the same shit by Allen.

    • Roadshow

      @ Antifanboy

      You truely are an idiot.

      So you don’t have a dog or any kids or even a cat?

      Because mistakes happen. Even with all adults but pets or kids could bump your consoles and even could you.

      I’d rather not a simple mistake screw up a $60 game.

      Plus yeah, you had some DVD’s in good condition. That coating is okay but i’m talking long term and i’m talking about EVERY blu ray.

      Even my oldest one’s don’t have one scratch on them.

      I took the best care in the world with my PS2 games and even they have scratches on them.

      Not one scratch on any of my blu rays, best media type ever. Full HD, lots of memory, it’s unbeatable.

      And the price is finally pretty good too. Making it better for developers.


    I thought this was a Nintendo thread.

    Anyways I agree, Xbox sucks.

    Nintendo is going to have to really make this a hardcore console to get me to buy. Right now the Wii just plays old school games and collects dust.

    Nintendo did alright in the last gen hardcore, not sure why it didn’t compete this generation though. I mean, Nintendo sold more than original xbox didn’t it?

    I don’t know, I think everyone in the world bought a PS2.

    • Anti Fanboy 2


      You realize that the Nintendo pretty much won the war right? It’s the cheapest and most family friendly console. It beat out the PS3 and 360 sales and will continue to do so with its pending price drop.

      According to The Top 10 Consoles Worldwide
      1 Nintendo DS (DS) 146.94
      2 Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) 142.97
      3 Nintendo GameBoy (GB) 118.69
      4 Sony PlayStation (PS) 102.49
      5 Nintendo Wii (Wii) 86.11
      6 Nintendo GameBoy Advance (GBA) 81.49
      7 Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) 67.68
      8 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 61.91
      9 Microsoft Xbox 360 (X360) 53.38
      10 Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) 49.92
      Here’s the link:


    @ Anti Fanboy

    Boy I hate all your comments, you act like you know what you are talking about and you act like your are what, some anti fanboy type person but really you’re just some pansy that talks out of his ass.

    Wii has gotten where it is due to 3 things.

    (1) innovation (grandma/grandpa and little kids can play it)
    (2) Price, it’s always been the least expensive
    (3) It appeals to my generation, meaning we can finally get rid of our NES, SNES, Genesis and N64. Even though we have to re-purchase the games, it’s worth it to have in 1 system, playing wirelessly for the first time Super Mario Bros.

    Nintendo lost 9 million consoles year over year 2 years ago, 10 million year of year last year and even further this year.

    Nintendo however hasn’t won the war by a long shot, and since new console coming out, the Wii is probably doomed to never pass 100 Million consoles sold in it’s life.

    This is by far the best selling Nintendo to date and I do love my wii and props to them for making some great marketing decisions.

    however Sony will be the winner of this generation. PS3 has been outselling 360 globally since the slim came out and has already reached a higher installed base by about 1,000,000 consoles, well that was 1 month ago so probably way more now.

    PS3 is outselling 360, Wii is going away and this generation PS3 will be the victor.

    Also don’t get me wrong. Props to all 3 for doing so well. 360 will undoubtedly sell at least 80 Million consoles, perhaps even 100 Million. But PS3 will eventualy sell 150 Million just like PS2, and are right on track to do so.

    Again props to all since never has every console of a generation done so well. Never has so many consoles been sold in such a small amount of time. But with PS3 outselling 360 and Wii going way PS3 will easily win.

    • Anti Fanboy 2

      So those links I provide that prove I’m not making anything up is me talking out of my ass huh. So I suppose you call your information the truth? Yet you have no credible source to back up what you say. It’s cool, no need right?

      I absolutely love how your three points are the top three things to keep in mind and consider when running a business. Way to point out the obvious. Those 3 points are what has gotten everything in the world where it is today. Good job buddy, you have some general knowledge on running a business!

      Again, if you follow my links you would find out that the Wii has been the top seller since 2007, and in the past 11 months the 360 has been outselling the PS3 in the USA, UK, and Japan. Oh that word eventually, you know eventually I’ll live on the moon. But seriously the PS3 is losing the war and can only win small battles, overall the PS3 is in last place, and so what, enjoy your PS3, I know I’ll enjoy my 360, PS3, NES, SNES, Genesis, and PSP.

    • Anti Fanboy 2

      By the way, Acclaim Entertainment Inc. released The Nintendo Double Player Wireless Head-To-Head System in 1989, so you could have been playing Super Mario and Double Dragon and Ninja Gaiden wirelessly for quite some time now.

      Here’s the commercial-


    Oh and my point is:

    Nintendo got kind of lucky with the Wii. Between the price at the right time, innovation, grandma/grandpa little kids and fitness centers and retirement homes and women buying wii fit, even old ladies and appealing to my generation regarding the old retro games.

    Face it, Wii had about 10 great things going for it on the Wii.

    Nintendo is going to have a hard time beating that or even meeting it. Historically Nintendo has 3 really good consoles (according to units sold)


    Sony is the only company to reach over 100 Million units

    (not including hand helds, I don’t even handheld game and that’s not a console, it’s a hand held Nintendo pwns but I prefer PSP if I were to).

    Sony reached the over 100 Million units on it’s first console, then reached highest in history again with the PS2 which still sells to this day.

    I don’t think grandma/grandpa, fitness centers, retirement homes or the casual gamers, or the retro gamers will be eager to pay for a new console when the one they got will do.

    Not unless Nintendo has really hits a homer, which will be really difficult considering the circumstances are completely different and very unlikely the dice will roll the same way this next generation.

  • Roadshow

    LOL @ Antifanboy

    You said the Wii will continue dominating in sales with the price cut?


    I don’t think so. The wii hasn’t held first place for over a year. LOL, maybe 2 years.

  • Anti Fanboy 2

    You people just don’t know how to read.

    • Allen

      Either we don’t know how to read or you are a complete freaking idiot.

      “You realize that the Nintendo pretty much won the war right? It’s the cheapest and most family friendly console. It beat out the PS3 and 360 sales and will continue to do so with its pending price drop”

      you said it will continue to do so with ti’s pending price drop.

      it hasn’t outsold in over a year idot. And hey, price cut is here and guess what?

      Wii still isn’t beating the others in sales.

      Globally PS3 has outsold every platform since 2009. FACT.

      You have already been proven wrong, your a POS and are biased torward 360 you supposed “anti fanboy” pompus ass

  • Allen

    @ Anti Fanboy

    LOL, your numbers are off, and even if they were right, who cares about hand helds?

    I know they have their uses, I’m just not into them. I would have picked up a PSP instead of ipod if I knew it did as much as it does. Plus it would go well with my PS3.

    But anyways, looking at consoles no one has done as good as Sony.

    NES – 61.9 Million units sold
    SNES – 49.1 Million
    N64 – 32.9 Million (competing with PS1)
    Game Cube – 21.74 Million (Competing with PS2 & Xbox)
    Wii – 86 Million

    Xbox – 24 Million (competing with PS2 and Game Cube)
    360 – 52 Million

    PS1 – 102 Million (Competing with N64 at only 32.9 Million)
    PS2 – 150 Million *Best selling console of all time
    PS3 – 51 Million

    So Sony sold more in just 2 generations than all of Nintendo’s combined (251.64 Million), that’s with giving Nintendo the Wii’s numbers as well. Sony combined all 3 is currently at 303 Million units.

    Xbox got pwned on it’s first console, compared to PS1 which broke records, followed by the PS2 breaking PS1 records.

    I have to say though that All 3 in this generation are doing great. I mean, look at those numbers, never has all competitors done so well. I don’t think Wii has the power to make it to 100 Million but it’s possible that 360 and PS3 do which would be awesome. Regardless, all 3 are winners.

  • Anti Fanboy 2

    Well, I guess you can’t add properly either.

    Sony has sold 363m units according to the Top 10 from

    Nintendo has sold 495m units according to

    Sony has 295m CONSOLES sold, and Nintendo has 267m, Sony wins with consoles only by 28m, but with the price cut of the Wii I can easily see that number becoming much smaller.

    Simple addition here, Sony – 143+102+68+50=363, Nintendo – 147+119+86+81+62=495. Obviously I have rounded the numbers, with the rule of 5 or above, and the math shows that Nintendo wins with 132m more units sold. It’s cool though, fabrications are better than facts.

    Now my point was “It beat out the PS3 and 360 sales and will continue to do so with its pending price drop.” How did the Wii not sell more than the PS3 and 360? Wii sold 86m units, and PS3 sold 50m, and 360 with 53m, last time I checked 86 million units is more than 53m and 50m, but I guess I’m wrong right? See instead of reading what I have and responding appropriately you decided to use the PS1 and 2 numbers to help your point, when the discussion is of NEXT GEN consoles only.

    Nice try Allen, you have yet to prove I am spewing lies. Go ahead take more time.

    • Allen


  • Anti Fanboy 2

    Also if my numbers are off, which are in fact numbers from, where are your numbers coming from? What’s your source? Unlike you I cite sources to back up what I say.

  • Anti Fanboy 2

    Allen how can you end with ‘all 3 are winners’ when you blatantly have said Sony is the winner (‘Globally PS3 has outsold every platform since 2009′ is what you said which is you saying $ony wins) even though they aren’t.

    • Allen







  • Anti Fanboy 2


    Here’s the proof that the Wii has been the top console since 2007 –

  • Roadshow

    I’m pretty sure that since PS3 is less than 1 million units behind 360, with 360 having an entire year head start as the only next gen. console and MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of RROD re-buys

    PS3 has pwned 360 easily.

    360 had a 5 Million lead at one point. PS3 has easily outsold 360 globally and has been catching up on US sales as well.

    Wii declined 9 million units in 2009 and 10 Million units in 2010. That decline is continuing.

  • Anti Fanboy 2

    I’m still waiting to find out where you jacka$$es get your numbers from. I’m going to go ahead and say that you are just making sh!t up, which you seem to like to do considering there is no Xbox 360 for $300 that has a 4gb HDD.

    How can you do worse than your competition and ‘pwn’ them? See in the last 11 months, according to –, – , in both the UK and USA 360 outsold the PS3 and only in Japan, which happens to be the birthplace of the PS3, did the PS3 outsell the Wii and 360. Wii – 2mil, PS3 – 2.2mil, 360 – 2.4mil total in USA UK and Japan. Seems like the 360 has been dominating in the past 11 months in those top regions.

    Facts people, I present facts and I also present links as to where I get my information, something you Allen and Roadshow fail to do, and that is simply why no one should ever listen to you two.

  • John Paul

    No body cares AntiFanboy

    I looked up on Wikipedia and Allen’s numbers are right.

    I can’t get VG Charts here at work but what does it matter?

    It is well known that the PS3 has outsold 360 globally since the slim was released.

    I know that 360 had 5 million more consoles at one point, which is below 1 million lead now.

    That’s with a 1 year head start and all those RROD re-buys.

    360 sucks
    RROD was BS
    Pay to play is BS

    360 costs the most and gives the least

  • Roadshow

    VG Charts isn’t 100% accurate, I’ve heard about 3 different numbers from different sources (even Sony numbers don’t match VG Charts) but all seem to agree:

    PS3 constantly outsells 360 globally.

    In the US, PS3 is only barely behind 360

    And the PS3 has a larger “active” database and more online players. Now almost 80 Million PSN subscribers.

    All that really matters is what John said.

    Xbox costs the most and gives the least. So true.

    Why is xbox $299? DON’T GIVE ME THAT 4GB CRAP.

    you can’t do anything with the 4GB and if nothing else, that is just ANOTHER SCAM BY XBOX.

    4gb is enough for 3 crappy kinect games or 1 good game. After that you have to delete your saves if you want to play more games.

    Or you have to pay $80-$140 for a 250GB HDD.

    PS3 has SATA, you can upgrade easily and cheap. No proprietary expensive crap here. I upgraded to 750GB for under $50!

    Xbox is limited to 250GB (proprietary HDD)and is really expensive. Best place you can find it is Amazon for just under $90. Lots of poeple buy from expensive places like Play N Trade or some other game outlet, it’s $120 there.

    • Anti Fanboy 2

      Yet again no links so I can see where you get your info. Very sad that such a simple request continually falls upon deaf ears. It takes me mere seconds to copy/paste, but then again you guys bitch about L.A. Noire taking 3 discs on 360 so you are obviously lazy pieces of sh!t.

      How many of those PSN users are not extra accounts? How many of those 80mil are truly active? How many are from the PSP?

      For $300 I get a 250GB 360 and for $300 I get a 120GB PS3, I do not understand how PS3 gives you more. 250GB 360 or a 120GB PS3 each $300 and all I want is space, clearly the 360 is better without having to buy an HDD upgrade with the additional 130GB of space. If you include an HDD upgrade for the PS3 it will run you at least $360, but you still have things to buy with a PS3, like HD cables, a headset, an Ethernet cable, and (just like 360 as well) you gotta pay for Netflix and Hulu+ subscriptions to access those features. On 360 to continue using those features after 1 month you gotta get gold, which does suck, but if you play online you get secure servers, server monitoring, and maintenance, you know the stuff PSN is just now incorporating. Also, right now you can get 3mo Gold and it includes $10 to use in the marketplace for $12.49, which is $2.49 for 3 months of Gold, incentive much?

      As far as overall space the PS3 wins, it’s stupid to say otherwise, I am simply looking at a from out of the box stand point (the standpoint that was established way back in the beginning) that is clearly in 360s favor, again out of the box only. That 250GB HDD is only $56, proof – Personally I have yet to fill the 120GB HDD that I got with my Elite years ago. I don’t see how, unless you install every game and never delete them, you could need any more than 120GB. If you download movies and T.V. shows I could see it, but with Netflix and Hulu+ why? For just gaming a 120GB is more than enough.

  • Allen

    Dude, you can get a 1TB HDD for only $54 at newegg.

    LOL, That’s 4 times the HDD space for 1/2 the price of 360’s expensive, proprietary HDD!

    • Anti Fanboy 2

      Too bad a PS3 can’t read a TB. I have a 1TB external HDD and it can’t recognize it, and on countless forums everyone says to stay with a 500GB. I have a 500GB installed in my PS3, so that would make it $375 before I get the cords to make it HD, $300 for the PS3 and I paid $75 around 6 months ago for my HDD. I do not deny the PS3 has more space, but I have yet to fill my 120GB HDD from my Elite so you don’t really need that much space for gaming. Also over at a 250GB slim version is only $56, it’s no TB but again who the f@ck needs a TB just for gaming? PC users maybe but not console users.

      Why is it that you supply a link for the HDD but not for the numbers of PS3 units sold? Strange.

  • Nick




  • Anti Fanboy 2

    Ask Allen and Roadshow to stop blatantly spew lies about, in this case, the 360. I am just righting wrongs. I have both as well and like them equally overall.

    I am very excited to see what Nintendo has to offer.

  • Allen

    Um excuse me. I said I looked at Wikipedia, which has lots of sources at the bottom of the page, all you need to do is look up console wars and bam you got it.

    Xbox does not have it’s uses, xbox sucks, ass rapes, and isn’t worth supporting.

    I beleive if you support xbox then the future of gaming will be pay to play and on unreliable consoles.

    I hate xbox, xbox IN FACT does SCAM.

    It’s a freaking fact.

    You show me where Xbox has given you something for nothing, or doesn’t make you pay for a service everyone else offers for free.

    I’ve been PC gaming for years, never have I had to pay to play.

    Can’t you just tell me why xbox makes you have gold membership for the right to view facebook or youtube?

    Can you tell me why you have to have gold to download demos?

    Or why you have to have gold in order to purchase a sub. to netflix or hulu?

    Or why they shut orig. xbox servers down, forcing their paying customers to upgrade to 360 in order to play the games they already paid for and were paying to play online?

    Can you tell me why M$ made Halo 2 for PC, Vista only, forcing their customers to upgrade?

    What about why they didn’t include wifi in orig 360 and had an expensive proprietary adapter?

    or why they have to have a proprietary HDD so it’s expensive and limited to upgrade?

    And I’m the one stating something wrong?

    AntiFanboy is so full of crap he’s brown. Start calling you brown rings.

    • Anti Fanboy 2

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! WIKIPEDIA ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?!? Oh you are, well I hope you never attend College because that sh!t doesn’t fly. Credible source, not a source that I can go in and alter info, i.e. say that MLKJ was a KKK leader. Wikipedia allows that. For sh!ts and gigs I checked out your Wikipedia source ( and it says exactly what I have posted, which is the Wii wins in every region, the 360 is second except in Japan, which is the home of PS3 and is still getting beat by the Wii. It’s funny how your source proves my source extremely correct. You f@cking fail as a person now.

      Fact – corporations care about money and not consumers. Fact – every console ever can be considered a scam. Fact – every console has dlc. Fact – dlc is a scam. Fact – you don’t know anything about the 360 or even the PS3.

      Undertow, free game given for the outage. Every week there are Deals of the Week, which offers discounts on various items, as well as, Holiday deals which, frankly, have better offerings on 360. Also, it’s a little different when the something for nothing that is being offered is because of incompetence and not just downright something for nothing. Sorry but the Welcome Back package isn’t a something for nothing, it is a sorry for being incompetent and is a plea to stay with them and buy their stuff. I think it’s very gracious of them to offer what they have, but considering why they are offering it, incompetence, makes it not as nice. I would rather have security than 9 free games. Security they are just now offering. Security they are just now implementing when Live has implemented everything Sony is now doing way back when it first started, but whatever Sony is still better right?

      Well you clearly don’t play MMORPGs, because if you did you would have been paying to play for years now.

      Can you tell me why you bash a system that you clearly have never used? Youtube is NOT on the 360, jackass. Also, the right to view, more like the right to use the app, again jackass.

      You do NOT need to have Gold to download demos, jackass. Gold gives you certain, not all, demos EARLY. Within a week Silver can download them too. Clearly you have never used the Xbox Live feature. Your lack of knowledge with these systems is ridiculous.

      You do NOT need Gold to get a Netflix or Hulu+ membership. You need a credit card and the internet to get a subscription to those services, jackass.

      Are the PS2 servers still up? Oh you are on the PS3, so why need the last gen servers? By the time they shut down the servers everyone I knew had already traded in their originals for the 360.

      I can tell you that I don’t care if they made Halo 2 Vista only, I don’t do Pc gaming. I can also tell you that yes that is sh!tty.

      Personally, I don’t use WiFi unless it’s for my phone. I use an Ethernet cable for my internet connections. I can get a stronger connection through my Ethernet cable. WiFi doesn’t matter to me at all, but for those who just love it that sucked for them.

      I don’t know why they used a special HDD. Most likely to control the amount of space, which it doesn’t bother me at all. 20GB is too small after a year, 60GB is perfect if all you do is play games and get dlc, 120GB and above are just too big. If you are all about media (music, movies, tv) then 500GB is where it’s at, which is the PS3. Though, the Netflix and Hulu+ subs make it seem a little unnecessary.

      You have stated many erroneous things. You still fail to realize there is no 4GB 360 for $300. The 4GB 360 bundled with Kinect is $300. The 250GB 360 is $300. Countless more examples. You keep providing more examples of your ignorance as you post. From citing Wikipedia to saying the 360 has no features. Have you ever seen a 360? Have you ever played one? The comments you make point towards……no, no you haven’t.

      The one who posts facts and gives direct links to prove the said facts is full of crap huh. With your lack of logic that makes absolute sense. To those with fully functioning logical brains, you are simply someone who fails to see, hear, recognize, and respond properly to any counter argument or fact that is presented that harms your opinion of the facts of a console that you clearly have no common knowledge of.

  • John Paul

    The 360 offers nothing to me.

    All it’s best games are on PC, better on PC and free online play the PC way.

    Why are people so stupid that they pay that much for a console with no features and it’s games are available somewhere else and better?

    Mass Effect is now multi plat
    Bungie is free to develope for PS3
    Gears of War was talking about going multi plat
    Valve likes PS3 better now
    Kinect lags, is inaccurate and is the sole reason 360 fanboys get no good games in 2011, well except for Gears. (Forza sucks IMO)

    Halo will never be what it was and none of the 360 games are in par with the original IMO

    But even though I don’t think the 360 Halo games are as good as the original. Halo is the only game that appeals to me on 360, but then again. Pay to play and they’ve lost something from the original.

  • Anti Fanboy 2

    I guess this should sum it up – if someone was to ask me hey which of these consoles should I get, a PS3 or a 360? I would then ask what are you looking for in the console, are you looking for a solid online gaming experience, or are you looking for a media machine that also plays games? See, if you want the online experience, I would say go for the 360, now do note that it is a $60/year service, but that $60 is paying for the servers, their upkeep, monitoring, and pays people to watch what goes on in an effort to hault cheating in games, and there are a lot of gamers on Live. Now the PS3 has free online, with a lot of gamers as well it’s just a pain to get lag in every game every time you play (but there are laggy games on 360) but I say this, since it is free where is their reason to monitor the service? It’s free and does not have to work or work properly. I mean if you were a business would you put money into something that doesn’t provide a profit? Now the PS3s big selling points to me are the upgradeable HDD which can get you at least 500GB of space, and of course the BluRay player. Now you do need to be aware of some snags when you get your PS3, most notably the lack of HD cables, see you get the Standard A/V. Also, you need to get a Bluetooth headset or a USB headset so you can chat while playing. You also need to get an Ethernet cable to connect to the internet or use the WiFi if you have it. The 360 has, out of the box, a headset, an Ethernet cable, Composite HD cables, and 1 month of Live free.
    So, if you want a solid online experience go 360, if you are into multimedia and plan on storing movies and tv shows on the HDD then get a PS3. If you can afford it, obviously get both. That is how I have always looked at the consoles, I of course went with both and have enjoyed all the ‘exclusives.’

  • Anti Fanboy

    360 does not have a solid online experience.

    PC gaming online has a solid experience.

    PSN was down for 3 weeks, 5 years after it was released.

    360 was down for 2 weeks 2 years after it was released

    360 didn’t do crap for their customers

    Sony is taking a 1.5 Billion dollar hit on the free games it’s giving out alone.

    360 sucks, it’s online is no better than PSN or PC online.

    360 only sucks because it’s such a rip off. If it weren’t for that, it would be an “okay” gaming machine.

    But even then, you better not want to do anything other than game, as it has NO FEATURES

    • Anti Fanboy 2

      You are also ignorant. You have proven that within your first sentence, and have strengthened your ignorance by sentence 5. It just gets worse the further you read! Sony is taking a hit because they were stupid. Has no features – you have graduated to full on retard! And you should never go full retard.

  • Anti Fanboy

    Think what you think, you are a freaking idiot, Xbox doesn’t care about you.

    Sony doesn’t ass rape, Nintendo doesn’t ass rape, Xbox ass rapes.

    • Anti Fanboy

      I love my Xbox and my PS3. What I don’t like in unintelligent cum guzzlers using my name when they have nothing original or worthwhile to say, or companies blatantly lying to my face about hackers and when they knew something and when they told me about it.

  • Carnagethedark1

    @anti-fanboy 2 i dont kno if ur making sh!t up to sound smart but i have a 2 tb external hardrive and it works fine with my PS3 its where i store all my movies so i dont have to repay to download them and so i can keep my 80 gig hardrive free for music and game data wich i still have to remove game data sometimes to install a new game but i play big games like gt5 fallout 3 goty fallout new vegas and oblivion wich all take between 4 to 8 gigs apiece and dot get me started on the install for gta

  • Allen

    I love that the 360 has so many surprises in store at E3! It’s going to be a great year for MS and the amazing selection of games they offer to home console users. Great time to be a gamer!

  • Anti Fanboy

    Xbox 360 is a decent gaming machine, when it’s not overheating or scratching disks. And that’s after you paid M$ $60/year for the right to game online.

    If only there was someone that could give me a comparison of all the features that Xbox has compared to Wii and PS3.

    Can someone please help me? I need answers to the following questions.

    Free online play?

    PC –
    Wii –
    PS3 –
    360 –

    Can Stream netflix or hulu or both without paying for the right to do so?

    PC –
    Wii –
    PS3 –
    360 –

    Can Browse the Internet?

    PC –
    Wii –
    PS3 –
    360 –

    Has had wifi from the get go?

    PC –
    Wii –
    PS3 –
    360 –

    Cheap to upgrade hard drive?

    PC –
    Wii –
    PS3 –
    360 –

    Does the controler come with built in batteries?

    PC –
    Wii –
    PS3 –
    360 –

    I would really appreciate if someone could answer these questions. I will base my next purchase off these answers and would just like to know if there is one out of all the other platforms that just plan sucks compared to the others.

    Thank you.

  • Roadshow

    Hey I can help you out. I love to give detailed information about the features and services all the gaming platforms have.

    Free online play?

    PC – Yes
    Wii – Yes
    PS3 – Yes
    360 – No

    Can Stream netflix or hulu or both without paying for the right to do so?

    PC – Yes
    Wii – Yes
    PS3 – Yes
    360 – No

    Can Browse the Internet?

    PC – Yes
    Wii – Yes
    PS3 – Yes
    360 – No

    Has had wifi from the get go?

    PC – Laptops yes, PC’s no, different ball game here
    Wii – Yes
    PS3 – Yes
    360 – No add $100 for this features

    Cheap to upgrade hard drive?

    PC – yes
    Wii – No HDD upgrade
    PS3 – yes, any SATA HDD, you can get a 500 or 750 for about $54
    360 – No, limited and expensive. 250GB max and will cost you $120

    Does the controler come with built in batteries?

    PC – no controller, but mouse and keyboard better anyways
    Wii – No
    PS3 – yes
    360 – No, must pay for a battery pack or eat AA batteries

    I hope this helps you make you decision.

    All gaming platforms are great except xbox, which does nothing but scam and make you pay for things that everyone else offers for free. It is also a $299 console with no blu ray, no browser, the only one that is pay to play and it’s games are either on PC or jumping ship. I would say don’t support them of the future of gaming will be pay to play and on unreliable consoles.

  • Allen

    You can play pretty much every game that was ever made with PC, Wii and PS3.

    PC – FPS better than any console (except now move with PS3) and 360 supposed exclusives. Like GOW, Left 4 Dead, Battlestations, ME1 etc.

    Wii – Retro gaming (NES, SNES, Genesis & N64) and family gaming. Streaming netflix.

    PS3 – Blu ray, internet browser, free hardcore online gaming, true/best exclusives, best controller IMO and best motion control 1:1 accurate that can do family and hardcore games. You can also stream netflix/hulu/crackle which is a huge bonus. PS3 also does 3D games and 3D movies.

    360 – $299 for a console with no blu ray, no browser, pay to play, pay for right to view online content (limited to facebook/youtube), pay for right to purchase a sub to netflix or hulu, most inaccurate motion gaming which misreads your commands and lags.

  • vygubhok;’

    3ds….. it was the 3ds not the wii u O.o has no one been here for the last 4 years? the successor the toeh 3ds is already out

  • Eugene

    I wish i could go back in time and tell you people that it is called the wii u and it is underrated and creative.

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