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Big Budget PS4 Exclusives like Uncharted 4 are being made, just unannounced

by Al McCarthy on September 12, 2013


A lot of the hype surrounding the PlayStation 4 lately has been in regards to its huge lineup of indie games set to arrive on the console.  Sony caught some flak from gamers for having such a strong indie presence at Gamescom, but wants to reassure fans that there are indeed AAA PlayStation Exclusives in the pipeline.

Those games are being made, said Ryan

Sony Executive Jim Ryan explains why not all press conferences have to reveal a big AAA game like Uncharted or God of War.

“You are on a never-ending treadmill of these events and you have to get the balance between doing too much at one and not having enough at the next. We felt having that slightly different approach at Gamescom worked. But then you will have different days, when someone – hopefully me – will get on a stage and announce a triple-A exclusive, because those games are being made.”

Sony’s big launch titles for the PlayStation 4 are Killzone: Shadowfall, inFamous: Second Son, and Drive Club.   So when will we hear about what’s next for the other big franchises from Sony like Uncharted 4 or God of War 4?  Spike’s VGA Awards have been a spot for Sony in recent years, and could line-up as perfect timing with the PlayStation 4 launch as a hype driver behind the console.

As for Uncharted 4 in particular, we’ve heard rumblings about the game in recent months. Back in January of 2012, job listings for a next-gen project were posted on Naughty Dog’s website. While earlier this year the voice actor for Charlie Cutter spoke about a secretive project he’s been working on.

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  • Blarg

    Microsoft are ahead of the game, as usual.

    • Dave


      • XBOXsucks

        I assume you are laughing at him like the rest of us. So I gave you a thumbs up.

    • James

      Oh here is Blarg the first retarted troll. Waiting for his idiotic fellow fanboys IHATEHIPSTERSSS and First Facts to spread their usual crap here.

      • Blarg

        I wouldn’t call it ‘crap’.
        I’d call it facts.

        • CtrlAltDelGmr

          You didn’t give any evidence for it to be considered a ‘fact’. Both systems are great anyways. Why can’t people just say “I like Xbone better.” instead of “PS4 is crap”

      • Lacerz

        Just be glad that you don’t have to play games with them.

        • skapoo

          suggesting we fence the idiots? lol MS is the prison guard?

          • RoadShow

            Lure them with the Xbox one….here xbot troll…..come on…..come get your xbox one….. and BAM. Lock the gate & throw away the key. Then they realize that the Xbox one we lured them in with is just an empty box! The cloud the cloud. The cloud will save them!

      • dave mcnair

        Its the same wee w**k with 3 different profiles mate.

      • Sideways_1M


    • Shannon Novosel

      Ahead until they do another 180 then they are behind again like usual

  • XBOX

    OMG Uncharted? The Last of Us? Infamous? God of War? Gran Turismo? Killzone?

    Hell even multi platforms – Battlefield, Call of Duty, Batman, Assassins Creed, Skyrim, Watchdogs, Destiny, The Witcher…everything

    It’s all inferior to Xbox exclusives. You might as well be playing a Nintendo NES those games all crap. Halo, Gears of War, Titanfall, Left4Dead now those are games. Games true gamers play. You have to be a stupid retard to think anything other than xbox games are worth while. I would say waste of money but I got so much money I don’t care if i pay for things that are free everywhere else. I’ll buy all those multi platform games just to piss on them. That’s how xbox players roll, we got the money to blow on crap everyone else gets for free. Xbox live may not give free games but it’s infinitely better than PC which to a bunch of noob losers is their god.

    • Relikk356

      These are all opinions so don’t get your “panties in a bunch”!.

      Titanfall, Left4Dead = Better on PC

      Uncharted, The Last of Us, Infamous, God of War = Some of the Best non FPS, exclusives.

      Gears of War, not all that great. Good, but as good as Resistance.

      However I will say;
      Forza is slightly better than GT. Better because it has a way better interface. Actual racing seems the same.

      Halo is the best FPS, console exclusive, for now; Killzone Shadow Fall is looking pretty good though.

      • RoadShow

        That was me! LMAO just seeing how many idiotic xbots thumb up the stupidest comment I could think of. Let’s see if we can get some more.

        • Relikk356

          I was pretty sure it was a sarcastic post, especially towards the end with the , “That’s how xbox players roll, we got the money to blow on crap everyone else gets for free.” However I figured i would let you reply before I decided.

          • RoadShow

            It’s so true though. LMAO.

            There almost no reason to support xbox, no xbox gamer even brings a true defense to their case, they rely on hateful attacks instead and then just disregard any facts brought to the table.

            There is no true discussion or debate with them.

          • GK15

            Except this guy.

            I’m know why I prefer Xbox and don’t have revert to throwing monkey sh*t to prove my points.

            It’s just my preference, but I don’t care if other people prefer PS4.

          • CtrlAltDelGmr

            THANK GOD FOR A SANE PERSON! Seriously, it’s just a freaking preference! I prefer PS3/PS4 but I’m good with Xbox too.

        • GK15

          Lol! You actually had me.

          • RoadShow

            LOL, I certainly don’t mean you when I say anything about Xbot fanboys. You are a respectable opponent and I respect your opinions. You at least know what you are getting into and I can have a respectable debate with you.

          • GK15

            Thanks man!

          • Mattress

            I’m yet to see you hold a “respectable” debate.

          • RoadShow

            I am very respectable but not to disrespectful people. I do go off the deep end sometimes but I can respect others opinions as long as the facts have been laid on the table. I’ve fought with many, there are only a handful i’ve found anywhere on the net that will even give me their reasons for supporting 360 and bashing PS3.

            Compared to the competition Xbox sucks in every single measurable way. The only reason anyone got a 360 is either because that’s what their friends got (8 million 1 year lead is one big snowball) or because they couldn’t look beyond Halo.

            I firmly respect GK15, Jaskdavis & djmagnumb which are all xbox gamers.

      • jaskdavis

        I thought L4D was on PS3 too?

        • RoadShow

          I think you are thinking of Dead Rising. L4D is on PC though.

        • Relikk356

          its not, it was a PC and Xbox360 exclusive. And so is Dead Rising 3.

          • RoadShow

            It’s not exclusive if it’s on another platform. Dead Rising 3 may come to Playstation just like 2 did. If I remember right there are some differences between the two on 360/PS3.

          • Relikk356

            No its not. Published by Microsoft, developed by konomi or who ever. Its like demon souls. They can have a like version but not the same. Some type of mega mix? Maybe but nothing with the same in game context.

    • njb

      shame on you.

      you cant just hate on the NES, without it you wouldnt have “Xbox” or any video game industry.

      Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Contra & countless other Classics. Id play them instead of Gears & Halo any day.

    • GK15

      Lol, is this the latest tactic by PS fanboys? Pretend to be a retarded Xbox troll to make legitimate fans look bad?

      Nice try

      • RoadShow

        LOL, sorry. I did this years ago with a name called XBOXpwns. This guy was all pissed when he found out and was acting like I actually support xbox instead of was just playing a little game.

        I’ll try to refrain from doing it again. Blarg just trolled this PS4 with his name and 3 others he made up before anyone could even get here so that’s why I did it.

        • jaskdavis

          HA! Good job Allen ;)

        • GK15

          No worries dude, I actually thought it was hilarious, lol

      • jaskdavis

        I was thinking the same… lol

    • dave mcnair

      Hale & gears are both s**t don’t kid yourself

    • CtrlAltDelGmr

      I laugh at your idiocy.

  • Facts First


    • RoadShow

      Actually it’s OH YEAH!!! STATION

      • Blarg

        More like OH NO! STATION

        • skapoo

          …*cricket* *cricket*

    • JP

      You mad bra

  • Mark Danger Hopps

    lol i love seeing the xbox trolls throw out lame insults when they have nothing to say of any value in the face of overwhelming odds.

    game set and match for the ps4 in every single aspect of the next gen.

    • JP

      God bless you

  • JP

    Hell yeah

  • logik893

    that’s great! Uncharted 3 is one of the few exclusives I enjoyed for ps3.I will not be getting a ps4 this time, but its good to know thatpart 4 is on the works. love the series!

    • dontbanoob

      I enjoyed all the Uncharted games. Uncharted 3 was just too small and too quick to beat. I do hope Uncharted 4 will be a bit more epic and will last longer then a few days. I am a true gamer my entire life, but I can only spare an hour or 2 every couple days. Still beat Uncharted 3 in a few days time. I will definitely get it on release but I am hoping for more.

      • CtrlAltDelGmr

        Yeah, I beat U3 in about 7 hours (hard mode) compared to ~11-12 for U1 and U2 (still hard mode)

  • dontbanoob

    Xbox one is a glorified smart TV… If you have a smart TV already, those extra Xbox one features are basically useless. PS4 has superior hardware. There is no debate there. Xbox one will have some great exclusives, that is why I am getting both on release. But I am more excited to play games on the PS4.

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