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Is Rocksteady readying a new Batman Arkham game?

by Bill Hess on January 14, 2013


Warner Brothers recently went on a domain registering spree for the Batman: Arkham franchise, registering numerous domains that could possibly be linked to a new game coming from the publisher. Reported by Fusible, these domain listings are all associated with the Batman Arkham series, and were registered by a company called Mark Monitor, an internet brand management company who Warner Bros. just happens to be a client of.

The company registered these domain names earlier this month, and we could have further clues about what’s next for the successful Batman video game franchise. Back in July, Variety had begun the speculation about what’s next for the franchise when they revealed that Warner Bros was gearing up for their Justice League initiative. In the report, the magazine suggested that Rocksteady would be heading up a prequel to the Arkham franchise, derived from the Silver Age of DC Comics. These rumors also indicated that the new Batman game would be based around Batman’s first encounter with the Joker and set prior to the previous two games.

Now whether or not this shapes up to be true is yet to be seen. Neither Warner Bros. or Rocksteady has confirmed that a new Batman game is in development, but it will come as no surprise when they finally do get around to revealing their next game, being that the previous two have been remarkable successes.

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  • djmagnumb

    I’m ready.

  • William

    Me too. I just recently replayed Arkham City… so good.

    • Drone Hunter

      Arkham City is one of my favorite games of all time.

      • djmagnumb


  • mrhertz

    nothing less than a gta4 size map, and please make a REAL use the batmobile. not a mere excuse.

  • FaizanAliNaqvi

    Rocksteady Studios changed the way how people looked at batman, I love the whole Arkham series.

  • Savitar

    what would be the dream game for me would be a huge free roaming map were you can play a multitude of characters including the justice league, and maybe even some villains. Maybe some coop, me and my friend are dying to do the buddy cop thing with Hal(green lantern) and Barry(flash)

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