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Wishlist for Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

by William Schwartz on February 1, 2011

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is probably one of the most anticipated RPGs, nay, games, of 2011. Its predecessor Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has been out for 6 years now and is still one of my favourite games. No matter how much I love Oblivion, I am aware it has problems. Skyrim news and features are trickling in but there are some main points I really hope they hit. I also hope I am not looked at as that-guy-who-writes-list-articles so please don’t hold me to it.

1. Dragons/Enemies must be Spectacular

The announcement that dragons would be in Skyrim added to the already overflowing amount of excitement I had for its release. I have no doubts in the power of Bethesda but hope that they do everything in their power to make dragons, and all enemies, epic to fight and slay. The enemies were great in Oblivion, but who doesn’t like a good upgrade?

2. Enemy Scaling needs to be changed

One of my problems with Oblivion was the level scaling. For those who don’t know, the level scaling used in Oblivion meant no matter what level you were your enemies’ level would also adjust accordingly. One problem this caused is the fact that your allies’ level didn’t change. If you were partaking in a mission where you had an ally and you were a higher level then this character, then so were your enemies and therefore your ally would be massacred. Games like Borderlands show that level scaling is not needed to make a balanced game and that having places where high level players dominate is not a bad idea. The level scaling is said to be similar to Fallout which is okay with me, but luckily the word similar was wedged in there.

3. Handcrafted Environments cannot be overlooked

Many games with numerous dungeons to traverse use randomly generated environments to provide a new challenge for players each time. Although this is a fine way to go about, handcrafted dungeons feel much more organic. They allow the developers to make the experience more fluid and adventurous than confusing or sloppy. It also allows them to add special items throughout making your spelunking worth while (being my point).

4. Adventuring Should Uncover Riches

This leads me to my next point of rare loot. Skyrim should also have rare items scattered throughout dungeons, forests, caves, and even cities for players to collect. The accomplishment of finding a powerful item from just taking a stroll can be quite exciting and urge you to continue to do so.

5. Quests and Dialog should have more Choice

Like many RPGs, Oblivion gave the player choice in dialog. It was a solid system and had few to no problems. After playing some more recent RPGs however, the actual changes that occur because of your choices seem more meager than epic. Skyrim should really take a cue from BioWare (in this one aspect!) and make choice really matter. If I say something rude to someone it should make them really tighten up with info, both now, and until I apologize. If they just come trotting back during the storyline to forget what I said that’s a bit odd. I offended his mother and now he is giving me blade training?

6. Bring the Masses!

One great thing about Oblivion when it was released was the feeling that you were in a living world with living people and creatures. Looking back on it, the world does not seem quite as populated. Adding more characters to form bustling cities would provide a good contrast to what can become a depressing solitary experience. When I come back from a long quest and walk through large city gates I’d like to see hundreds of people walking around. Maybe the number is exaggerated considering the interaction that is needed, but not every character needs to have something special to say as RPGs like Mass Effect have shown. I still fully support and understand not all areas need to be populated but some just don’t feel right without that rushing feeling in them.

7. Plagiarizing will get you Expelled

Coming off of such a long break in the RPG world (disregarding Fallout 3) you have to wonder if Bethesda will maybe take some ideas from their competitors who are gaining momentum. The last thing I want to see is some Krogan coming after me with a glass dagger. I don’t think “borrowing” other’s ideas is wrong but I really hope that Bethesda treads lightly in the “borrowing” field. I wouldn’t mind a more epic storyline but I don’t want a ship, space treading or water treading, named the Normandy.

8. Don’t Forget your Fans

I think that most gamers have a special place in their heart for Oblivion. I have many chats with my pals about our experiences in the game and we all reminisce about the great adventures. All fans want change and upgrades but we also want all of those elements that came together to create what is Oblivion. Sometimes after a long hiatus franchises can forget who they are (in many formats and mediums) and this is one thing RPG fans in particular dislike. I want a game that feels like Elder Scrolls but is also improved in every way. That’s not that much to ask for is it?

9. Personal Request

This last point ends on a personal note. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wishes for this but then again I can’t read minds. I’d really be excited to hear that Skyrim will have mod support for the consoles, either directly on disc tools or PC to console support. That would blow the doors, windows, curtains, and drapes right open for amazing and steady content for console gamers who are often shunned for proper mod support. I would also be very grateful if people stopped making nude skins for every character. But alas, that seems unlikely.

I cannot wait for Skyrim and hope that all of our hopes and dreams come true for this greatly anticipated game.

What are your wishes for Skyrim? Any gripes with Oblivion? Will Skyrim beat out Mass Effect 3 for RPG of the year? Can Skyrim provide the epic experience we all want it to be?

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  • Anthony

    Ok i know the game is graphically breath taking with amazingly rendered character models, enviroments, and they have also improved the third person view. and the gameplay is evolving from oblivion into something hopefully more fast paced, brutal, and fun. Also menu’s are being overhauled to be more accessible witch i really like. Now My wishes for Skyrim, are a highly intellegiant AI i want to the NPC’s to feel alive when i interact with them will different personality’s, looks ect so that way it would make me think twice about killing someone as it could cause a shift somehow in the game. I also agree and want mass effect impacted choices in the game. It would be hard to do in a game this size but even if they could do a not as complex version of it that would be fine. Also Morrowind and oblivion had beautiful music and i want Skyrim to match or surpass them in that aspect. Also i want an epic main story at least far more impactful than oblivion and also would love it if the guilds quest lines were better than they were in oblivion, and then i want plenty of diversity in these radiant quest’s. Also would love completly hand crafted, and organic dungeons, caves, and ruins and not the copy and paste method oblivion used. Also want more culturally divided cities like in morrowind. Also want more going on out in the wilderness, in oblivion you just ran around a fought a wolf every 5 mins. I want the wilderness filled with activity. Put NPC’s there getting attacked and we can choose to help or walk away. Have bandits ambush us randomly and packs of wolves coming out of nowhere and dragons swooping in from the sky. I want the wilderness to feel dangourous yet full of wonder yearning you to explore on. The final thing is me agreeing to the mod on console thing. It would be great to get new quest on a weekly if not daily basis even if they are player made. Between that and expansions bethesda makes i could potentially play this game for years over several characters.

  • Carl

    Can’t wait for this game..So long from now. UGH!

  • Trevor

    my life is going away november

  • stefffs

    Cat fckn w8 really we nEed an earlier release date and pronto!

  • stefffs

    One very important question though: is the vampire system going to be overhauled awsell? Are there even going to be any vampires in skyrim? Please answer!!:)

  • MechaPakMei

    I want a game that i can be playing in a year or so’s time (like a single player MMO more like Daggerfall) and still be finding new quests, items, ENEMIES (you can never get enough new enemies!) even though I’ve beaten the game and am playing with the same characters for potentially years. I also want more of an “endgame” for when you have beaten the main quest. Random dungeons are fine if done well, but how about more “elite level” aspects like new enemies and weapons, that only diehard players will get to see? Also how about some tavern mini games like poker,pool,chess etc. Multiplayer is just begging to be done too!

  • brandon

    My biggest wish is that i hope enemies in most of the dungeons scattered across skyrim respawn after a week (in-game). This adds replayability and the world wont become empty. Im sure bethesda have done the right thing and have kept oblivions respawning system but made it longer for monsters to respawn. Many people dont like enemy respawns in dungeons because they want to leave the place empty, my answer to this is ‘ DONT RETURN TO THE DUNGEONS YOU HAVE CLEARED’ If a member of bethesda is reading this can you please let us know if enemies in dungeons respawn or not.

  • Drew

    I would’ve enjoyed reading this article more if the author had taken the past elder scrolls games into account while creating the wishlist. IMO, Oblivion was too simplified and streamlined to be as deep and interesting as its predecessor, Morrowind.

    Wishes 2, 4, 6, and 8 were all granted in Morrowind, so the correct stance to take in wishing for Skyrim is for Bethesda to get back to its roots more, and make this game less accessible and deeper. This won’t happen because commercial success is more important than pleasing the smaller number of gamers who spent weeks of their lives in Vvardenfell.

    I still consider Morrowind the most fun I have ever had playing a game, and Oblivion was so different to me that I didn’t bother to finish it. Here’s hoping that Skyrim brings back some of that complexity, depth,

  • flobadob

    i really hope u can play after u completed skyrim like u cud in oblivion bethesda clearly learnt nothing from fallout 3 with fallout new vegas’s endings, oh and god please bethesda DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT MAKE IT INTO AN MMO PLEEEASE!

    • unknown

      Bethesda didn´t make New Vegas, Obsidian did.

  • jay

    Romances and friendships. Not necessarily à la Bioware but no matter how vast and rich the world was, I always felt Morrowind and Oblivion were very LONELY games. We got all kinds of (unwanted) sex mods early on, but the simple opportunity to become friends with an NPC or flirt with another one has always been absent to me. Running into random NPCs who’ve got a name, a horse, their own house, a time schedule, a change of clothes, a set of keys, different foods for the week, a couple of books, hammers, jewels, toilet paper, you name it, and yet seem absolutely dead inside has always been kind of off to me. I wouldn’t mind a romance system and a friend system. I don’t think that’s asking for the Sims, I believe in an RPG that claims to be all about immersion, characters shouldn’t feel like critters.

  • Heather T

    I say it should also have a pet system too. Say, a command creature spell, but only it permanently makes the creature your pet, and levels up along with you! and the creature you tame should be below your level to allow companionship and strength to contribute. And also make it to where reasonable creatures can be tamed, like the wolves, rats, and lions in Oblivion. Mostly in the sense of WoW but on elder scrolls style.

  • epengland

    I want them to bring back being a werewolf from Morrowind

  • Landon

    I’ve messaged Bethesda to ask about mods for consoles and they messaged me back saying something to the effect of “no” (it was a little nicer though). I then replied to clarify that what I wanted was to be able to get most mods onto a console (I don’t really care about making mods, and I’d think that they’d have to have a second disk with the console games so that mods could be made on the computer. Then they’d practically be giving us the computer game for free. It just wouldn’t work out for us to be able to make mods. I got a little off topic.) They then replied to my second email saying that “it’s not possible”, or something to the effect. I then deleted the emails, otherwise I’d paste them in here.

    I asked about transferring mods from the computer to a console using flash drives (I don’t know if that matters because from what I got out of the emails was that it’s just not possible).
    (I own an xbox 360, I don’t know how the PS3 works)

    This link states why console mods weren’t allowed in oblivion.

  • poo

    What? Oblivion didn’t give dialogue choices. Fallout did but they were a bit shallow. If you want to know about quality dialogue choices you have to look to Mass Effect, Dragon Age, or my old stand by favorite Baldur’s Gate(Still my favorite game of all time). I’d like to see the characters have more meaningful interaction and make it less obvious everyone exists soley for your benefit.

  • Tenor

    I think it would be awesome if, after clearing out a dungeon or cave, you get the option of turning it into your home/hideout/base. It would be a good place to put your extra loot, and you could set up traps to kill other explorers that would steal your stuff.

  • Bigjfinal

    I really really really hope they don’t have mods for console. Mods are fucking queer. Leave that shit for the fucking pc fags.

  • sheepisawolf

    “Will Skyrim beat out Mass Effect 3 for RPG of the year?”, are you kidding me? Comparing the two and trying to say which is better was your first mistake (like an apple to a pumpkin…Skyrim being the pumpkin ;-D), and although the ME series is great, it really doesn’t compare to The Elder Scrolls, which is obviously the better here.

  • Connor

    I want a more of NPCs talking to each other, having chats. It gives it more of a feel. There was few in Fallout and Oblivion.

  • jdogg1407

    oblivion was one of the greatest games i’ve ever played and bethesda should forsure add new stuff like a simple thing such as RUNNING and skyrim looks like it will win GAME OF THE YEAR FOR SURE AND ITS THE GAME I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS

  • Cecil Harvey

    I hope Bethesda knows that dumbing down a game just to reach a wider fan base is a slap in the face to loyal Elder Scrolls fans. “Casual Gamers” already have many video game companies working to meet the needs of their short attention spans. What about the big boys and girls who enjoy a game with deep exploration and don’t see reading as a downer? Instant gratification isn’t always gratifying.

  • mog

    Can’t agree more with Drew!

    Morrowind is the ultimate RPG and my favourite game ever. I have never been so enthralled by a game and have never invested so much time and emotion. It truly is a unique experience. I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours just exploring and doing side quests, finding amazing loot and random enemies and getting lost in the massive world.

    I only played it on the xbox so didnt have any mods and I didnt need any such was the depth, authenticity and sheer magic of the world created.

    I’d be happy if after skyrim they just remake morrowind thats how good it is!!

  • Jonathan

    Skyrim needs a dynamic depth of field incorporated into the graphics… not left up for someone to mod in.

  • Josh

    1. Need a higher level cap for weapons. I don’t want to be able to get my character to level 50 and still be using weapons that I got back at level 25.

    2. A new leveling system similar to that of Fallout 3 would be much easier and more fun than that of Oblivion.

    3. One of the most annoying things about using magic in Oblivion was that eventually your list of spells just becomes a bunch of unused low level spells that you no longer use. A simple delete spell option would be amazing.

    4. A wider variety of spells. I understand if they don’t want to add new element spell types but if they could add new options for the current ones it would just make spell creating and casting a lot more fun.

    I’m really looking forward to Skyrim and still play Oblivion more than any other game I own. I’m sure Bethesda will take care of us as usual. Counting down the days and constantly looking for new information every day.

    -Bethesda’s biggest fan.

  • C.R

    Whilst i have played Morrowind and found it to be an interesting experience though i never finished it, i found myself after playing Oblivion thinking that there must be a middle ground between these two games, in that Morrowind is considered for the core gamers who easily wrap their minds around that sort of thing (less hand holding more throwing you out there etc) and Oblivion which although enjoyed thoroughly by most elder scrolls fans was considered by a fair amount to guide the player too much or make everything too easy for him, giving no sense of satisfaction.

    My thought is that maybe it would be better if Bethesda (even after the release of Skyrim) had a good thorough look for that middle ground so that casuals could still enjoy the game and gamers could feel they’re accomplishing things while playing the game

  • Bastyril

    hmmm how about this:

    when you complete the game those npc’s that disliked you or those others in your “groups” that are your folowers should become active against you.

    an example is: in oblivion i became arch magus of the mage guild… i think those mages who were… unhappy with me or those that were ambitious should have become my new “arch enemies” just think what you would have done if some assassin turned up to slay you under orders from one of the other mages. you’d have quite happily hunted him/her down i’m guessing.

    also in regards to becoming arch mage…. i think if you are arch mage you should have been able to draw on the guild coffers for creating spells etc… i mean having to spend 5000 gp to make a spell is fine but not when you are arch mage with your own spell creation altur.

    revamp this aspect so that perhaps if you locate “ingredients” to make a new spell or magical item the actual cost is far less. and if you dont have to pay any mages to create the spell or item then again reduce the cost, cost would still be a factor but it would be in the acquisition of items to create the new spell or item.

    • I’ll fight til the war is over

      In Oblivion when i was head of the mages guild i was walking through the imperial city market district and a man in white silk robes walked passed me and insulted my argonian in some way, i turned around and drew my sword and he drew his sword and we started fighting (because i took his spot in the mages guild) during the gaurds tryed to jump in and help me, so just a little of what you were talking about was in there.. but that would be too dramitic man

  • hugginghplovecraft

    One of the simplest ways to create a middle ground between the dedicated and casual gamers would be to introduce the optional hardcore mode from fallout new vegas, which should take away any map and fast travel (they could also introduce in-game treasure maps, like the books in the game, which you use too hunt down booty, but thats another story) and also obliviously have starvation if you don’t eat etc, and visits to a healer with wounds that take time to heal depending on how bad you were hurt.

    Plus children, i really want bust up some kids.

  • quinney123

    I loved playing both Oblivion and Morrowind…however there are a few minor features that I believe would make the Skyrim game immense, for example…have the same method of gaining property as the Fable series so if an inhabitant of a shop or house is killed then it is up for sale.
    I also think that there should be more variety in the mounts available…say if the dragons that are being introduced (amazing idea btw) could be ridable :P
    Also if werewolves are in this game i would jizz (Y)
    one more thing…….please please please have more vaired spells and effects.
    looking forward to playing the game :D

  • Dani

    Add some prostitutes to skyrim man, and make it really really gory too. and let us (the players) start up a posse.

  • sheepisawolf

    Wow, this is getting so unf*%$ing believable. Why can’t we talk about Skyrim without including ME3???? It’s not like it will be any damn different than the last game, and anyone who feels it can compare to an Elder Scrolls game needs a f*@#ing brain transplant.

  • Atticus Grigson

    Here’s my wish list

    The basic rule here is more variety more variety more variety. One of the greatest pleasures of Oblivion and Morrowind is the ability to customise your Avitar. I always play a female mostly because a lot of the blokes outfit are poor having said that there are only two pairs of trousers that look good on a female ( chainmail and the hunter pair) everybody wants to look good when your cutting someone pieces or setting them on fire.

    So wish one. More and better looking Armor and cloaths not just one type of steel but three or four with interchangeable shoulders as well.

    Two . Same again really only for swords ect More unique weapons too, one handed war hammers would be great that don,t way a ridiculous amount and do a pathic amount of damage. They should have a look at the weapons in Assassin Creed and the way he kills.

    Three. Better looking spells, they all looked the same just a little bigger in Oblivion. And the ability to delete old spell you don’t use anymore.

    Four . Being able to reconfigure my skil points very ten levels so.

    Five. The end of the main quest was an anticlimax the boss wasn’t much fun to fight and after the world felt less exciting and nothing really changed.

    Six. Enemys that aren’t tailored to your level if I’m to week to fight I should have to find another way or come back later if something exists it should exist and I should have to use my initiative to get by.

    Got to go out more later

  • timm

    Something that should’ve been included on that list is FIGHTING ON HORSEBACK!!!
    I cannot over emphasize this enough! LOL

    • mechapakmei

      What about fighting giant rats/mudcrabs from horse back? Save it for modders please, how about AC style climbing instead?

  • acepaul

    Multiplayer game on shared network!!!

  • DragonBorn

    For the love of god don’t end the game after we beat the main quest!!!

  • Adrian

    How do we get steel ingots??? Please help!

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