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Xbox 720 and PS4 will be a time for innovation

by Bill Hess on November 26, 2012

Ubisoft’s CEO, Yves Guillemot, has been vocal about his desire to see next generation consoles like the “Xbox 720″ and “PS4 sooner rather than later. Big game publishers like Ubisoft have had to make changes to the way they conduct business, as this console life-cycle extended beyond the traditional five year span.

In a recent interview with Polygon, Guillemot echoed sentiments that he conveyed in previous talks about what’s next for the games industry, and his view on why the industry has been floundering in recent quarters.

“We need new consoles,” said Guillemot. “And at the tend of the cycle generally the market goes down because there are less new IPs, new properties, so that damaged the industry a little bit. I hope next time they will come more often.”

“Everybody who is taking risks and innovating is welcome because there are lots of hardcore gamers and those guys want new things… So, the beginning of the machines is always a good time for innovation.”

Guillemot also believes that the mass market will be content with “having the same experience”, so console developers like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo will have a hard time taking the risks needed to satisfy both groups.

Nintendo recently kicked off their next-generation of consoles with the Wii U, and it seems to fall into this view. The company is offering an experience that is very similar to the Wii in some aspects, has a host of new features with its GamePad, and has ramped up the power behind the system.

Neither Microsoft or Sony has hinted about what might come from their next-generation machines, which are rumored to be revealed at some point in 2013.

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  • Allen

    I thought there was a magazine that just came out or is coming out that had official details from M$ about the next console. I haven’t seen anything on that yet though.

    • FlopStation 4?

      I think my name says it all.

      • Allen

        I think the thumbs do

  • djmagnumb

    I like those colors better than the bright green.

  • Strong

    Neither have I… I wonder if it’s legit.

  • rob

    LOL there is no xbox720 if Microsoft makes a NEW consul it’s going to be rushed out for 2013 and the specs will be very disappointing it wil be very likely thay will call it xbox lite so much for the hype!!

    • jason

      OMG Can you tell me if the PS4 is coming out!? Since, you know….. You can see the Future? Go stick your DICK in a Meat Grinder :P

      • The Future of Sega

        LAWLZ! *tarded neck spams* hee hee hee hee hee ownies! ^_^ xoxo


    I hope they don’t milk us like this again. Personally I’d like to see a 5 year gap between consoles.

  • OneVerce

    Consoles better be able to run Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes & Watch Dogs at Pc level. :( I hope

  • Narcoleptic

    The next gen is already here. PC FTW!

    • Allen

      Great! Next gen is here! What games u got? Huh? Those are either the same or not much better. I’ll wait for the true next gen

  • Aka Zzz

    Rockstar say wait, because they understand the hardware better as the life cycle progresses and can make better games. Ubisoft say release them now because they can charge £60/$100 for brand new games.

  • The Future of Sega


  • That one guy

    They better not charge 600$ damn dollars at Sony or release a crap Xbox version. These were obvious flaws for this generation! Good thing they are affordable now but damn…

    • Allen

      I guarantee these things.

      (1) $399 release for base model.
      (2) Sony will release before Microsoft
      (3) Microsoft will have a hardware reliant product at launch.

      When I will guess 2013 for PS4 and perhaps even 720 but prob. not. Xbox will have the upper hand in power but as the last 2 generations have proven, power is not everything (orig. xbox more powerful than PS2, PS3 more powerful than 360). Once console does affect the other which is why Wii U advancing on the hard core market could back fire if the 3rd party support doesn’t remain after the true next gen reigns in.

      • Strong

        This is truth

      • Cool dude

        Hello once again Allen.

        I disagree. The landscape has changed. People will opt out for the most powerful console. Graphics is becoming more of a factor now. A ‘selling’factor and you think devs cant resist that?

        History was history, I doubt it will repeat itself again. It always was about the price tag.

        • Allen

          What up Cool Dude, good to see I haven’t run you completely out of here. I felt kind of bad the last time I was on a 360 article and you and some ass hole xbots were all hidden on your own page and then didn’t see you for a long time. Everything will be okay buddy, next gen is almost here and maybe you’ll choose wiser the next time around huh?

          So you already chose your console for next gen? And you are already attacking PS4?

          Glad to see you know it’s all about power and graphics. Something that PS3 blows 360 out of the water on each and every release of a new exclusive.

          Good luck to those going xbox next gen. 360 prob. won’t be serviced or supported and xbox live will either be going up or will go up and will have you sign a 2 year contract. Oh and look for sneaky ways to force you to upgrade or pay an arm and a leg for limited proprietary upgrades.

          • Cool dude

            Yeah hello again.

            Maybe ill choose wiser next gen eh? Yeah depends what ‘wiser’ means to you. Plus I never attacked Ps4 and I have no reason to.

            If I did.. how?

          • Allen

            Because you are just saying that becuase you know xbox will come out last and therefor have a slight edge on power.

          • Cool dude

            I came here with good meaning and having no assumptions of whats going to happen next gen. I never talked about a late coming or a slight edge of power. In fact a late comming may probably be the worst mistake that anyone could make.

            I thought you have changed but you are weak. If not weaker than when I left. You tried to bait me with “Glad to see you know it’s all about power and graphics. Something that PS3 blows 360 out of the water on each and every release of a new exclusive.”. When in fact the last time I talked to you, you didnt give 2 cents about graphics or power and I belive that you are only saying this b/c of the recent release of Halo 4.

            You assumed that because I was talking about a changing landscape, I was talking about the nextbox. I REALLY expected more of you, hoping that you would’ve changed for the better but you are still weak if not weaker in the grasps of extreme fanboyism. Whether it be towards Microsoft or Sony, I no longer care.

          • Allen

            That doesn’t even make any sense. Yeah, WTFE I don’t even understand what you are trying to say.

            Landscape this and that crap it doesn’t matter.

            Xbox had a slight edge on power on the PS2, it didn’t matter.

            PS3 has a slight edge on power on the 360, it doesn’t really matter. It’s evident in PS3 exclusives but it’s not a game changer.

            PS4/720 won’t be a deal breaker either. You say power is becoming more of a selling factor. Well I disagree. The reason being is that just like this gen and last gen the power difference will be miniscule. People want the true next gen now, they will go to who comes out first and then it’s the online market by default.

            Wii U will not stand toe to toe with the next gen, which is what I was saying. If watered down 3rd party support is the future of Wii U after the real next gen is here then Wii U will suffer badly.

    • The Future of Sega

      You know if you honestly look at it… price isn’t a determining factor. I’m willing to pay $600 or $700 for the next gen PS4/Xbox 720. But the machines had better damn well be worth it!

      I don’t really care at all about price… so long as quality, hidden incentives, and wow factor match or outmatch the price tag. Here’s an example… I would never pay $300 bucks for a cell phone…EVER… not even if I were a billionaire, it’s the matter of principle.

      But if the cell phone packs some serious content in it then I’m in. :-)

  • Leevi kingpin

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  • heavenswarrior121

    ps4 is a must..and ps plus will even grow even more im getting it soon,it bugs me why i havent gotten it yet O.o

  • Allen

    I know a site trick

    • djmagnumb

      What is it?

  • djmagnumb

    Well sh*t I hope there’s gonna be innovation, what the hell else are we waiting for?

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