Blue Lock Season 2: Cast, Plot, Trailer, Release Date

Here are the cast, plot, trailer, and release date details for Blue Lock Season 2!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you looking for information on Blue Lock Season 2 including cast, plot, trailer, and release date? Fans of the popular Shonen sports anime were left wondering if there would be a Phase 2 after the end of the first phase. Fortunately, an announcement in March confirmed that there would indeed be a second season. Here are all the important details you need to know about Blue Lock Season 2.

Blue Lock Season 2 Cast

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Here are all the new characters, and their voice actors, that we can expect in Blue Lock Season 2:

  • Shido Ryusei: Yuichi Nakamura
  • Karasu’s Traveler: Shin Furukawa
  • Otoya Kageta: Kengo Kasai
  • Kenyu Yukimiya: Takuya Eguchi
  • Julian Loki: Hiroshi Shimono
  • Leonardo Luna: Shinichiro Kamio

Nakamura did a question and answer regarding Blue Lock and his character, Ryusei, with Blue Lock PR:

  • Question 1: Can you tell us your impressions of this work?
    • Nakamura: From a dry start to Japan football, a sense of scale of the measures taken to break through it. And a lot of unique characters. It is interesting because the drama is mainly focused on being a striker.
  • Question 2: Can you tell us your impression of the character you play and your enthusiasm for the role?
    • Nakamura: It has just appeared, so I want to solidify it more from now on… However, I thought that even a few appearance scenes would be impressive, so I challenged it this time. I hope it is an interesting scene.

Blue Lock Season 2 Plot

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The second season of the Blue Lock anime series portrays a fresh rivalry between individuals driven by their egos, all vying to attain the coveted title of the world’s best striker. This battle is focused on the main character, Kiyoshi Seiichi.

What is the Blue Lock Season 2 Release Date

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No official release date has been provided for Blue Lock Season 2. However, with the announcement released in March and Phase 2 already in development, we expect it to release sometime in 2024. We will update this guide once we know more so you don’t miss out on the action. For now, here is the official announcement, available on YouTube, trailer for Blue Lock Season 2:

Where Can You Watch Season 2 of Blue Lock?

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If you are in the United States, Europe, Oceania, or Africa, you can watch Blue Lock Season 2 on Crunchyroll. If you are based in a different region, you can watch Season 2 on Animax, Bilibili, or Ani-One. For more details on available on air and global streaming options, visit the official Blue Lock website (Edge can translate it into English if needed!).

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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