Solo Leveling Episode 2 Countdown – Release Date and Time

Here's how long you have to wait to see if Sung Jin-Woo lives to level-up.

by Drew Kopp
Every Character in Solo Leveling Season 1
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Solo Leveling‘s first episode introduced us to Sung Jin-Woo, who has the unfortunate honor of being the world’s weakest Hunter. Ever since portals to “Dungeons” opened across the globe, Hunters like Sun Jin-Woo have risked everything to delve into these dangerous pocket dimensions and return with fabulous riches.

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The first episode of this long-awaited adaption of the hit South Korean webcomic boasts awesome action, alluring intrigue, and a jaw-dropping cliffhanger. Here’s the release date and countdown to Solo Leveling Episode 2.

Solo Leveling Episode 2 Release Details & Countdown

The second episode of Solo Leveling will premiere on January 13th. 2023 at 12:00 JST. After it airs in Japan, the episode will become available on Crunchyroll.

Solo Leveling Episode 2
Release Date Countdown

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We haven’t received any word on when the English dub of Solo Leveling will come, but we do know when the first episode will arrive on Crunchyroll in every timezone the streaming service operates in. Here’s a timezone release guide for Solo Leveling.

Time ZoneRelease Time and Date
Pacific Time (PDT)7:00 A.M., January 13th.
Mountain Time (MST)8:00 A.M., January 13th.
Central Time (CT)9:00 A.M., January 13th.
Eastern Time (EST)10:00 A.M., January 13th.
Atlantic Time (AST)11:00 A.M. January 13th.
British Summer Time (BST)3:00 P.M., January 13th.
Central European Time (CEST)4:00 P.M., January 13th.
Moscow (MSK)6:00 P.M., January 13th.
Indian Standard Time (IST)8:30 P.M., January 13th.
Vietnam and Thailand (ICT)10:00 A.M., January 14th.
Philippines (PHT)11:00 A.M., January 14th.
Australian Central Time (ACST)2:00 P.M., January 14th.

Solo Leveling Episode 1 Recap

Image: © Solo Leveling Animation Partners

The opening minutes of Solo Leveling Episode 1 feature a series of anime-original scenes where we see a group of low-level Hunters charging into a dungeon full of ant-like monsters and various leaders of the Hunters’ Guild discussing the nature of the Dungeons. These scenes feature several major characters introduced later in the Solo Leveling webcomic, including Yoo-Chin Hoo and Cha Hae-In.

Eventually, we’re introduced to Sung Jin-Woo, who endures more than a bit of ribbing from higher-ranked Hunters as he prepares to enter a D-rank dungeon. Fortunately, he does have one friend amongst the assembled Hunters: Lee Joo-hi, who makes it very clear she thinks Sung-Jin’s out of his league.

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During the raid, Sung Jin-Woo is nearly hacked to ribbons by a goblin and only manages to nab a small crystal. However, before the party can leave the dungeon, a new passage opens in the final room. Desperate to provide for his younger sister and comatose mother, Sung Jin-Woo votes to delve deeper despite Lee’s protests.

The party finds themselves in a large room filled with rather menacing statues. As soon as one of the Hunters tries to leave, the statues come alive and begin wasting the team of would-be adventures. The episode ends with Sung Jin-Woo staring into the merciless eyes of one of the statues, which grins down at him with sadistic glee.

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