Zom 100: What is Akira Tendo’s Full Bucket List?

What are Akira's biggest desires before he kicks the bucket?

by J.R. Waugh
Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Episode 1 Review Akira Notebook
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Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead is about to drop its hot new anime and people will surely start to ask lots of questions. How can Akira be so cheerful despite the world ending around him? How bad was his job that this is okay for him? Will he ever find love again? Most importantly, with Akira realizing how precious life is with the zombie apocalypse happening, he began to form a bucket list before he too falls prey to the outbreak. So the prevailing question is: what is Akira Tendo’s full bucket list in Zom 100?

Zom 100: Akira Tendo’s Bucket List With Complete and Incomplete Tasks

A bucket list has always been a playful term for a grim situation: what you want to do before you die. But Akira, facing a sudden explosive spread of death around him, sees this as what sets him free from his horrific, exploitative job as a salaryman. Akira makes a bucket list in Zom 100 with the intent of doing 100 things before he kicks the bucket, some theoretically easy but requiring courage, while others are insanely specific, outlandish, or difficult. Here is the full list so far:

Bucket List Task #Task DescriptionStatus
1Confess to the girl I lovedComplete
2Clean my roomComplete
3Loaf around and drink beer all dayComplete
4Ride a motorcycleComplete
5Try out dreadlocksComplete
6Travel around the countryIncomplete
7Pig out at a nice sushi restaurantComplete
8See an auroraComplete
9Wine and dine a flight attendantComplete
10Grow a cool beardComplete
11Marathon some games on a widescreen TVComplete
12Stuff my face with all you can eat crabsComplete
15Get a solid gold watchComplete
16Kick back in a hot springComplete
17Ride an RVComplete
18Go stay-at-home campingComplete
19Paint an oil paintingComplete
20Party at a show clubComplete
21Learn SLR photographyComplete
22Attempt cosplayComplete
23Build a treehouseComplete
24Learn EnglishComplete
25Give free hugsComplete
26Build a ship in a bottleComplete
27Try SUP yogaComplete
28Give an outdoor concertIncomplete
29Win big at gamblingComplete
30Binge-read all 60 volumes of Three KingdomsComplete
31Go home and spend time with my parentsComplete
32Drink and laugh with my best budComplete
33Meet the woman of my dreamsComplete
34Become a stand-up comicComplete
35Remember my childhood dreamComplete
36Become a superheroComplete
37Tell off my jerk of a bossComplete
38Give back to my parentsComplete
39Meet a girl via dating appComplete
40Make dad get hemorrhoid surgeryIncomplete
41Bring a smile to as many people as possibleIncomplete
42Become a doctorIncomplete
43Restore Nippon to its natural beautyIncomplete
44Party on a luxury cruise shipComplete
45Swim with dolphinsComplete
46Live in a castleComplete
47Waterfall meditationComplete
48Ride an ostrichIncomplete
49Eat Yobuko squidComplete
50Hatumode at ise shrineComplete
51Chomp into a hunk of manga meatComplete
52Reach the northernmost point in JapanComplete
53Go on a Japanese sake drinking spreeComplete
54Make an original T-shirtIncomplete
55Live on a deserted islandComplete
56Cook on a Swedish torchComplete
57Stay in an overwater bungalowIncomplete
58Play billiard soccerComplete
59Video streamingIncomplete
60See the sunrise from Mt. FujiIncomplete
61Go canyoneeringComplete
62Run a barComplete
63Stay in a penthouse suiteComplete
64Wear a fancy dressComplete
65Operate a robotComplete
66Visit my grandad’s graveComplete
67Play the cajonIncomplete
68Be a shikoku pilgrimComplete
69Go on a marine walkIncomplete
70Drive a steam locomotiveComplete
71Be entertained by geishaComplete
72Find a dinosaur fossilComplete
73See a Yakushima cedarIncomplete
74Pole fish a marlinComplete
75Build a home theaterComplete
76Be part of a flash mobComplete
77Have a Scare DareIncomplete
78Carve a buddhist statueComplete
79Try fastingComplete
80Get my teeth whitenedComplete
81Complete a SpartathalonComplete
82Bathe in an oil drum bathComplete
83Get a good night’s sleepIncomplete
84Pursue happinessIncomplete
85Have nothing to doComplete
86Make soba noodlesIncomplete
87Be a falconerIncomplete
88Smoke a hookahIncomplete
90Experience zero gravityIncomplete
91Wander old ruinsComplete
92Be in a coffinIncomplete
93Stop living for other people’s sakesComplete
94Become a professional gamerIncomplete
Image: Shueisha / VIZ Media

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As you can see, Akira has completed an impressive 68 of his projected 100 tasks so far, with 94 written out as of Chapter 55. Some are far easier than others, such as “have nothing to do” but then there are others that seem like an endlessly impossible goal, like “Bring a smile to as many people as possible” for #41, so it makes sense how some stand to be incomplete for a while.

Akira’s list ranges from innocent goals to genuinely awesome feats, from tourism aspirations to existentially challenging desires. It is part of his alluring personality, and refusal to take his life for granted, and it’ll be excellent to see that brought to life with the upcoming anime!

- This article was updated on September 18th, 2023

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