5 Best Vertical Gaming Mice(February 2023)

Time to get gaming with the best vertical mice around!

by Gordon Bicker

Having the best setup of mice for your gaming time can be vitally important for both gaming experience and comfort, there has been a trend in people buying more vertical gaming mice and there are a lot of choices. If you are someone who also even looks for the best phone water coolers to keep your gaming time prolonged without too much heat then no doubt you may be searching for the best accessories for your PC gaming too. This article will take you through the best vertical gaming mice around which you can get.

Best Choices of Vertical Mice for Gaming

ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse

The ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse which is shown in the cover image goes to great extents to make sure that is the prime choice for gamers to opt for using it. Having and making use of this mouse will of course come with all of the physical benefits that vertical gaming mice tend to bring such as better wrist/arm support. On top of being a vertical mouse, this also has a total of 11 programmable buttons. A great number for you to really customize what you want on the mouse for quick access. Amazon tends to have a lot of these mice for you to buy.

Trust Gaming Mouse GXT 144 Rexx


If you are looking for an all-rounder vertical gaming mouse then look no further than the Trust Gaming Mouse GXT, this vertical mouse will have you one step ahead of the competition. At the moment it is one of the best vertical gaming mice around. You will be able to buy it from many places but if you are looking for the main Amazon store listing you can find it here. It has a ton of customization features, whether that be the RGB, software for Macros, and more.

DeLUX Ergonomic Mouse


The DeLUX mouse is going to appeal in abundance to the RGB fanatics in the gaming community. Lit up like a Christmas tree, this mouse will have your room at night taking in the colors of gaming itself. Other than just having the regular RGB features, this mouse which can be bought through places like Amazon also has five adjustable DPI for you to utilize. These range from 800 – 4000. The wrist rest for the mouse is also removable if it is getting in your way so it means you can keep gaming with comfort while using the mouse.

TRELC Ergonomic Vertical Gaming Mouse C-10


The TRELC C-10 mouse has a brilliantly unique look compared to some of the other vertical mouses and with the palm rest at the bottom it means that there will be even more comfort for you while gaming. This DPI Sensor can go up to a whopping value of 10,000. The DPI starts at a level of 1000 though so you can switch through 5 different modes until you get the 10,000 DPI velocity if you are wanting it. Not only that but the mouse itself has a 5000 frame rate which is brilliant to know when looking for the best vertical gaming mouse.

Logitech MX Vertical Ergonomic Mouse


Even though this mouse is not specifically built for gaming, it is one of the best vertical mice around and will add a lot of comfort and flexibility to your game sessions. They can be found in major retailers such as Amazon and of course on the main official Logitech website. Overall, whatever vertical mice you choose, you will enjoy having the trial of a new experience with gaming on PC compared to just using the regular mice. Perhaps after you spend so much time decking out your PC setup with new mice, you may even choose to invest in the best accessories for the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on January 10th, 2023