Analyzing The Batman vs Superman Fight And Its Easter Eggs (Spoilers)

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Batman vs Superman is out and many people may have seen who won already. If you haven’t seen it yet, avoid this article as we will delve into the many comic book references that the film is inspired by and more.

This is your final warning if you care about spoilers. Watch the movie first before finding out the easter eggs that we found during the fight between Batman and Superman. We will also discuss some of the things we saw during the Doomsday fight too.

Spoilers ahead: Let’s get the obvious thing out of the way first and mention that Batman’s metal suit is an obvious reference to the one he wore in The Dark Knight Returns. The suit is comic-accurate and only minor adjustments were made to it.

As for the fight itself, it does mirror some of the things that happened in The Dark Knight Returns. First of all, Superman is always holding back his true strength as he knows he can kill Batman easily if he really wanted to.

Batman however is more ruthless and does everything he can to stop Superman. In the movie, he uses turrets and sonic waves to slow down Superman early on but Superman is able overpower Batman easily.

It isn’t until Batman’s use of Kryptonite that the fight becomes a more even playing field. The movie makes a reference somewhat to The Dark Knight Returns because in the comic book, Green Arrow shoots a Kryptonite arrow to Superman’s face. In the movie, there’s no need for Green Arrow as Batman shoots a Kryptonite grenade at Superman which weakens him immensely.


The winner of the fight is Batman both in Batman vs Superman and The Dark Knight Returns. The use of Kryptonite is too much for Superman to overcome, although the outcome is much different as the movie adds an element that was never in the comic book.

In Batman vs Superman, Batman has a Kryptonite spear and looks like he’s about to kill Superman. However, Superman utters to Batman that he has to save Martha. Batman is confused because Martha is the same name as his deceased mother. It isn’t until Lois Lane intervenes and tells Batman that Superman is talking about Martha Kent. They tell Batman that Martha has been kidnapped by Lex Luthor and will die soon. The two become friends (quite quickly) as Batman goes after Martha while Superman confronts Luthor.

Later in the movie, the Doomsday fight has even more references to other comic books. The Dark Knight Returns is referenced again when Superman is shot by a nuclear missile. His body gets deformed by the radiation, but he’s able to heal himself thanks to exposure from the sun.

The comic book called “The Death of Superman” is also an obvious heavy reference in Batman vs Superman. Doomsday somewhat evolves the longer the fight goes by growing more spikes on his body, although his appearance is still not comic book accurate sadly.

The Death of Superman is also referenced when Superman dies in Batman vs Superman. Both the comic book and the movie have poor Lois Lane crying when she’s holding Superman’s dead body. The movie also hints of his resurrection with having a silver logo on a black coffin. The comic book has Superman come back alive with a black suit with a silver logo on his chest.

There’s numerous other references and easter eggs in Batman vs Superman. Some are more obvious than others so let us know some of the ones you noticed.

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