Batman vs Superman: Breaking Down The Story We Know So Far

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Even though Batman vs Superman is not out until next March, there have been many clues and hints on the story and more. The last month or so has revealed a ton of new information from the movie.

Let’s start off describing how Superman is perceived in this movie. Man of Steel is a polarizing movie that has both its lovers and haters. This is mirrored in the actual movie as the character himself has his fans and non-fans as well.

Superman in Man of Steel was a rookie and could be called as a “reckless” hero in that film. His intentions were good as he was able to get rid of General Zod and the other Kryptonians. He even destroyed those huge World Engine machines that were terraforming planet Earth as well.

However, he didn’t really do a good job of minimizing property destruction when he was fighting Zod in Metropolis. The pair even went up into space for a short while, but came back down to the city to cause more damage. The damage is significant because Wayne Tower gets destroyed. This is where Bruce Wayne comes in.

Zack Snyder admitted he cleverly inserted Bruce Wayne during the concluding fight of Man of Steel into Batman vs Superman. When Zod was using his laser eyes, he pretty much destroyed Wayne Tower completely. Superman just flew away from the danger and that was it. Bruce Wayne ran into the debris to see if he can help those that were affected. This is why he hates Superman.

In the trailer, we see Superman in court. It’s as if some people on Earth feel he should be accountable for all the deaths that occurred in Metropolis during Man of Steel. Many people think he’s a danger to society and should leave.

Superman has his own fans though. A lot of people feel he is a hero. The trailer depicts him doing many heroic things like saving people from a flood and rescuing the space shuttle and more.

Bruce Wayne is in the camp that hates Superman and feel his power is too great. He is scared that Superman one day will go bad and annihilate the whole human race. He becomes Batman to face off against him.

In Batman vs Superman, Bruce Wayne is older (like 45 or 46) and is retired. Many speculate he retired because he let the Jason Todd Robin die at the hands of the Joker. With Superman being a threat, Bruce Wayne feels it’s time to suit up again. He still hates Superman for letting everyone in the Wayne Tower die during Man of Steel. We briefly see him training to become The Batman again.

As for Lex Luthor, he’s scheming something behind the scenes. We do know he gets his hands on Zod’s dead body and he also discovers Kryptonite. As for his motives, it’s still unknown officially where he stands. It’s speculated he wants Batman to kill Superman. Although people think Doomsday makes an appearance in this movie too. Does Lex Luthor use Zod’s DNA to create Doomday?


Speaking of Doomsday, he could be the behemoth that Wonder Woman is fighting during the trailer. If you look back at the trailer, we don’t see who she is actually fighting. There’s also a ton of destruction that can be seen as well. Surely the fight between Superman and Batman doesn’t cause this. That would contradict Bruce Wayne’s motives.

Zack Snyder recently said in an interview that Wonder Woman is the “gateway drug to the Justice League“. Maybe she breaks up the Batman vs Superman fight and tells them that Lex Luthor is up to something bad. We do see her briefly as Diana. She might be “undercover” so to speak to learn more about Lex Luthor and his evil plans.

Anyway, this is the gist of what we know from the story of Batman vs Superman so far. Whether or not Doomsday makes an appearance is pure speculation at this point. The movie is supposed to set up a Justice League movie, so some big villain should be teased for the whole team to face. Doomsday fits this bill nicely, although Darkseid is usually the team’s main adversary.

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