Best Finishers in Apex Legends, Ranked

by Shaun Cichacki

If players are looking to add insult to injury while playing Apex Legends, a finisher is a perfect solution. Being able to end the game of an enemy in bombastic style is part of the experience, and if you’ve ever been on the receiving side of one of these brutal death blows, you understand the pain. But, with so many characters to choose from, who happens to have the best finisher in the game?

Let’s dive in and find out who has the most brutal finisher in this battle royale title. While some may be quite hilarious to watch unfold, others just feel raw and exciting to see unfold. There is plenty to see here, so let’s find out who is the best when it comes to doling out pain.

Ranking The Best Finishers For All Legends

Starting from the bottom and working our way to the top, keep in mind that this is a personal opinion. Some may trump others when it comes to the overall brutality, but finding something that clicks feels right. That being said, here are our thoughts on the best Apex Legends finishers by each Legend.

23. Newcastle


While Newcastle may be one of the more exciting legends to play, his overall finisher list is fairly lacking. It may be fun to slam your enemy to their doom using your shield, but there are plenty of other finishers that outshine his list.

22. ASH


While ASH may not be generic, their finishers scream that word from the top of a mountain. With two quick swipes of a sword, you’ll have your enemy finished off. It would have been great to see them go a little more in-depth, rather than a slash and a stab.

21. Crypto


While one finisher outclasses the other, the fact that one of Crypto’s finishers is just a general punch to the face lands him down fairly far on this list. If it weren’t for how painfully boring this finisher was, he would have made it much further up, but this drags him down quite a fair amount.

20. Wraith


Another excellent character brought down a few pegs due to a painfully generic finisher. Much like Crypto before, a standard punch to the face from Wraith brings her down to this lower tier. While her other finisher is much more exciting, this one feels unacceptable.

19. Caustic


Now, we’re starting to get into the interesting finishers that may just be lacking the final bit. Caustic is the perfect example, with an excellent finisher, and a finisher that feels that it may just be missing a little something. However, it is quite brutal overall and happens to push players into this new boundary.

18. Catalyst


While she may be one of the newest heroes, Catalyst brings brutality to the forefront with her overall finisher. As more gamers get a chance to play, we may come to appreciate her overall approach shortly. Raising your foe off of the ground, only to crush them with the power of your mind is something powerful, indeed. It’s just a little boring after a while.

17. Horizon


Using their kit to its full extremes, Horizon is not afraid to bring the pain to anyone on the receiving end of either finisher. Being one of the first on this list to finally nail both of the finishers, Horizon starts the trend of actually great finishers all around.

16. Wattson


While Wattson’s ranking on this list may be shocking to some, it’s hard to push her any higher than this point. While the finishers on display are both creative, it lacks that final push to make them more exciting than they can be. That being said, watching your opponent get shocked in a comedic sense is quite fun overall.

15. Bangalore


Using her full kit at her disposal, a quick rocket to the face leaves your opponent face down in the dirt faster than most other finishers on our list. Bangalore is starting to embrace her wild side and she crests toward the higher portions of this list.

14. Pathfinder


While other characters were ranked lower for a punch to the face, Pathfinder finds themselves higher on this list for a specific reason. Mixing a bit of dry humor alongside the brutality, going Rock-Em Sock-Em Robots on an enemy is quite enjoyable to watch.

13. Lifeline


Another shocking revelation, Lifeline is willing to put her tendency toward healing on the back burner when it comes to her foes. Instead of bringing them back from the dead, she uses her kit to make sure that they stay that way forever. Things are starting to get electrical from here!

12. Bloodhound


Sometimes, flashiness will get your further. Not for Bloodhound, who prefers to get in quickly and painfully to end his opponent with ease. With three finishers in total, all involving a swift demise, Bloodhound takes brutality to a new level.

11. Gibraltar


Using the pride of his warrior roots, Gibraltar has three excellent finishers that are fun to watch and exercise the brutality that the game is known for. It’s hard to place him down here, as this mountain of a man does have excellent skills, but it shows how great these others can be.

10. Fuse


Like a true gentleman, Fuse is willing to give you a hand and a second chance. Or so you think, as you find yourself staggering back to the ground from a solidly delivered headbutt that brings your life to a close. With two excellent finishers, Fuse mains have chosen well for many different reasons.

9. Loba


Who knew getting killed could look so good? Loba brings her general attitude to the forefront, as she showcases her gymnastic skills before snapping your neck. She brings sass and attitude with her selection of finishers and makes it quite exciting overall.

8. Mad Maggie


Mad Maggie is ready and able to bring that brutal edge to her opponents, as she brings out a chain to smash into the skulls of those unfortunate enough to come across her. Smashing and slashing bring a joyous smile to her face, which is haunting for those witnessing this act firsthand.

7. Octane


Bringing both brutality and humor to the table, Octane is a fun character to interact with. While using his kit to his advantage, dropping bombs and getting blasted away is a very fun way to end the matchup against a powerful opponent. Insult to injury never felt better than this.

6. Vantage


Using her bat friend to her advantage, she delivers the killing blow after her opponents have been treated by this apparent harbinger of death. While somewhat cutesy in a way, the Vantage finishers on display bring a perfect balance of brutal and wonderful.

5. Revenant


This spooky robotic skeleton sends shivers down your spine when you come across him on the battlefield. What is even more haunting, however, is watching him get up close and personal with you, and brings your life to an end. A chilling end to a short life, Revenant brings a unique blend of brutality to his finishers, as well as a general feeling of dread when you come across him on the battlefield.

4. Seer


This soothsayer may be competent on the battlefield, but his finisher elevates him to a new plane of existence on this list. You’ll find that it’s mesmerizing to watch, and leads to a messy ending for those on the receiving end of this attack. A great way to end a player or a match, Seer is quite astonishing in his abilities.

3. Mirage


They say that two is better than one for some things, and Mirage lives that lesson every day. Being able to use your doppelganger to bring an end in a hilarious and somewhat brutal fashion, this playful character isn’t messing around when it comes time to close out a match. His playful side is showcased here in a perfect fashion and shows why he has a devoted fanbase.

2. Rampart


Much like Mirage, you’ll find that Rampart isn’t afraid to have some fun while she’s bringing an end to your career. Setting up a mounted turret and giving you a sign of how she feels, this finisher is both hilarious and horrifying. You’ll have a hard time picking yourself up after seeing how you’ve been humiliated when you’re on the receiving end of this nasty finisher.

1. Valkyrie


The ultimate in humiliation and pain, it’s hard to think of any worse way of dying than being burnt to a crisp. Valkyrie does it even better than that, however. Hovering over your body with her jetpack on full blast, you better hope that your teammates have some marshmallows and chocolate to help them feel a little better after finding you. Humor and brutality are encapsulated perfectly in the most innocent of packages.

Now that you’ve got this list of the best finishers in Apex Legends, make sure you know the best places to drop so you can show your enemy your favorite from this list. If you’re looking to add a bit more insult to injury, perfect the art of using disruptor rounds before you move in for the kill!

Apex Legends is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 4th, 2022

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