Best Fortnite Pickaxes of All Time

Having a think about the best Fortnite pickaxes!

by Gordon Bicker


Fortnite has a long and diverse history full of content updates and exciting equipment and skins added to the store. Out of everything that players can choose to customize themselves with, many will tend to also focus on getting new pickaxes that they can add to their range of choices for standing out with style in the experience. Of course, there is an abundance of nostalgia attached to looking back on all of the various pickaxes that have appeared over the years and this article will take you through some of the best Fortnite pickaxes of all time.

Best Fortnite Pickaxes of All Time

Determining what makes an excellent pickaxe in Fortnite mainly is all based on its design, including how unique it is. Whether you are looking for a pickaxe shaped after a specific crossover style or want one of the classics from the experience, this list will have you covered. In the table below you will find a range of the best pickaxes with some hidden gems amongst them.

Pickaxe Name Details
Snow Globe If you are someone who thoroughly enjoys Christmas time then this specific harvesting tool (pickaxe) will be a brilliant choice. This was part of the Nutcracker Set. Designed with a snow globe on top of the main handle there are clear references to the holiday throughout. Within the snow globe, there is even a gingerbread man. Along with this, a top hat lays nicely on top of the globe itself.
Tropic’s Beak Pickaxe Combine Summer and parrots together and this will be the resultant tailor-made pickaxe you get in return without a doubt. Both stylish and practical, there is a fluid vibe of colors and style held in this pickaxe’s design which is shaped like a parrot’s beak. 
Mark 85 Energy Blade Would a list of Fortnite gear truly be complete without a reference to a crossover? That answer is going to be a no as with the Mark 85 Energy Blade you will be getting the chance to utilize one of Tony Stark’s greatest inventions. Become a part of Iron Man with this pickaxe that has the energy blade and gauntlet for Iron Man designed in-game.
The Lament Speaking of crossovers, the Destiny Exo Stranger’s character arrived with a custom-designed pickaxe named The Lament. Taking on the style of a greatsword, with an almost circuit board-like appearance it makes the razor-sharp blue edges of the sword stand out even more.
Sweet Clementine Pancakes! Everyone enjoys a good pancake and with this pickaxe, you will be getting more than one. Designed as a fork with pancakes placed on top with the toppings oozing off them. The pickaxe will be sure to make you hungry while playing the game but it is a beautifully unique pickaxe.
Leviathan Axe God of War fans will be excited to get their hands on this as soon as possible. With Kratos’s now famous axe in Fortnite for players to wield. Glowing with frost as the indentations glisten in the light, this is definitely a pickaxe that you will want to obtain.
Marshy Smasher Marshmello is a well-known DJ and Music Artist who held a virtual concert within Fortnite in 2019. The concert was a major success and sparked many other virtual concerts to be held within the game. The Marshy Smasher is a pickaxe with the DJ’s famous helmet as the pickaxe’s top section itself.
Astral Axe The Astral Axe is a perfect example of why people collect so many Pickaxes. Colorful and vibrant, the design is stunning with an almost crescent-moon floating-shaped design emitting from the center of the pickaxe. 
Harley Hitter Harley Quinn’s bat also gets an appearance within Fortnite and if you are looking to further your fan hype for Harley Quinn then this pickaxe will have you covered. With the ‘Goodnight’ phrase apparent on the side of the bat, you will be making sure to knock other players out of the match with this pickaxe.
Web Shredder It’s time to bring an axe to a pickaxe fight with this design. If you are wanting a guitar to wield within Fortnite this will be one of your many tickets to do so. Not only that but this guitar has a Spiderman aesthetic flowing throughout it including their mask showing on the guitar.

As can be observed, the incredible range of pickaxes on offer always keeps things fresh and exciting for players deciding to purchase any pickaxe that appears within the store. Over the following years, the number of pickaxes available will be sure to keep increasing and Fortnite players will be enjoying everything that arrives as always.

Fortnite is available at this very moment for free and can be played on the following platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, IOS, Android, and PC.

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