10 Best Skins in War Thunder, Ranked

Time to get acquiring the best skins in War Thunder!

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Gaijin Entertainment

War Thunder has a vast community of players that frequently delve into the game on a regular basis, so of course, many fans are always on the hunt for new and exciting skins, commonly from user-created skins for the game. While others try to work out if the experience is crossplay, some are more focused on tailoring all of their vehicles/equipment to be recognized in the best ways on the field. This article will take you through some of the best skins in War Thunder and rank them for you. The list will include user-created content.

Best Skins in War Thunder Ranked

10. White Machine | F16

Image: War Thunder Live

The White Machine skin is created by Jin_Master in War Thunder Live (WT Live) and it is a pristinely created camouflage that has a great array of steel hues flowing across the coverage of the skin. It does however look closer to a common skin but there is no doubt that it is still an excellent skin that should get a lot of attention from the community.

9. Miss America | P-51

Image: Nexus Mods

The P-51 Miss America skin that can be found on Nexus Mods is great for anyone who is looking for a patriotic skin for their favorite plane. Created by ‘Spogooter,’ the design isn’t just a fully symmetrical skin as it has the number eleven on one side but not on the other. This offers some variation to the design and overall the skin itself is brilliant to have in your collection.

8. Nightmare (Night Fighter) | Typhoon Mk 1B Late

Image: Nexus Mods

Created by AngryNerdGaming this Night Fighter skin is ideal for those who are looking for a stealth-orientated skin. The teeth at the front and eyes, as is common with a lot of skins, are what puts this skin back a bit in the list but it is great to have anyways and is certain to slot nicely in your collection.

7. 1940 Hazard Camoflague | T-34

Image: Nexus Mods

Sometimes players can be on the hunt for skins related to tanks instead of just planes and this Hazard skin for the T-34 created by Nyte Skye definitely delivers on a skin that isn’t massively removed from reality but still keeps enough uniqueness. One of the drawbacks to the skin is that you will be extremely visible on the field so be sure to throw back a heavy punch of firepower toward your foes within the game.

6. Azur Lane Skin | Prinz Eugen

Image: War Thunder Live

For any Azur Lane fans, this will be a skin that is a must-have in your collection. Created by StarlightShinin, it is effortlessly stunning on the waters as you will be soaring along the waves. There is plenty of contrasting colors and harmonizing colors that blend greatly together overall for the skin.

5. Stealth Plane Skin | Ho-229

Image: War Thunder Live

This specific skin by x182008 is a stealth enthusiast’s dream since it is perfectly designed for the Ho-229 stealth plane. The hexagonal shapes that are seen across the plane add a lot to the overall aesthetic and it is ideal for anyone looking for unique skins to have.

4. Yuuko Kanoe Skin | F-4EJ ADTW / F-4EJ-KAI

Image: War Thunder Live

This particular skin is based on an anime character from Tasogare Otome X Amnesia and is created by Suizu_Akemi on WT Live. The colors on the skin are what make this specific camouflage so effective. It is a highly unique skin that definitely will make sure you are known as you fly across the skies taking out any enemies who may fly in your way.

3. Equestria Royal Guard Skin | MiG-3-15

Image: Nexus Mods

Another skin by Nyte Skye which has a lovely aesthetic is this MiG-3-15 skin that is based on the Equestria Royal Guard. The design has a brilliant combination of purple hues and has the logo on the side of the plane for anyone to notice if they can observe the skin.

2. Kaguya Shinomiya Skin | T90-A

Image: War Thunder Live

This skin by StarlightShinin combines everything great about custom skins but makes sure the overall aesthetic of the skin is viable for use in a practical sense. The tank will blend in quite well with its surroundings even with the excellent decals on the sides of the tank. Fans of the anime character Kaguya will likely be overjoyed in finding out there is a greatly functional skin tied to the anime.

1. Arknights Texas Skin | F16-A Falcon

Image: War Thunder Live

This is a beautiful skin based on the character of Texas from Arknights. She is visible on the side of the plane and the overall skin which, wraps around the entirety of the jet, and has been designed to a very meticulous level. The skin was designed by A_Heart_of_Oak_ and you can add this skin to your collection this very second.

No matter what skin you choose, you’ll be prepared to take on anything that the War Thunder patches bring you.

War Thunder is available at this very moment for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 17th, 2023