10 Best Survival Games On Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One

Find the best Survival Titles on your Xbox Console of choice!

by Shaun Cichacki

Nothing gets the blood pumping quite as much as an excellent Survival Game, and plenty of them have found their home on the Xbox family of consoles. Gamers will need to do their best to survive, craft, and make shelter, all while defending themselves and their base of operations.

However, with the sheer number of Survival Games available on the platform, some are bound to be better than others, which is why we have braved the wilderness to round up 10 of the best Survival Games currently available on your favorite Xbox console! Just make sure to gather up enough supplies to survive while playing these intense titles.

Best Survival Games on Xbox Consoles

As gamers push through to survive in the wilds, the ocean, and even through the Zombie Apocalypse, players can find plenty of excellent games on this family of consoles. Finding the cream of the crop is difficult, but gamers will find that these titles offer an excellent time no matter their skill level.

State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition – $29.99/Game Pass


The Zombie Apocalypse is a tried and true genre available on all consoles, but State of Decay 2 takes the idea and runs with it. Adding elements of survival into this particular title helps push it above the crowd, giving gamers the chance to build up their base and help keep their friends alive.

While gamers continue to play through this title while waiting for the next entry in the franchise, gamers will still find quite an excellent title within the walls of Trumbull Valley. While originally released in 2018, gamers saw the Juggernaut Edition come to life in 2020 with more content than ever before.

Stranded Deep – $19.99/Game Pass


Players will find themselves stranded in the Pacific Ocean, where they’ll need to craft different tools, and weapons, all while building their shelter to survive in Stranded Deep. What started as a standard trip on a plane ends in disaster for gamers jumping into this ambitious survival game.

While this may be the newest addition to the Xbox Game Pass platform, gamers will also find that this title is excellent to jump into with friends or on their own. As a fully open-world title, gamers will be able to adventure wherever they would like, as long as they have enough to survive the journey.

Grounded – $39.99/Game Pass


One part Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, and another part nightmare fuel, players will find that Grounded is a game of childlike wonder mixed with absolute terror. Players will find themselves in the shoes of a child that has been shrunk down to almost microscopic size and have to find out how to get themselves back up to a normal size.

However, challenging bugs and terrifying spiders are just the beginning of this adventure. Players will also need to build bases, housing, and even weapons to help themselves survive the onslaught of animals and creatures hoping to put them in an early grave. An exciting adventure that is even better with friends, Grounded is a must-play for Survival Game enthusiasts.

Astroneer – $29.99/Game Pass


A colorful and beautiful adventure, players will find themselves entranced with Astroneer for a multitude of reasons. Not only is it one of the most beautiful games available on the platform, but it’s also one of the most challenging for a plethora of reasons. As players find themselves lambasted on an unknown planet, players have plenty to look forward to.

Being able to shape the land, make bases and vehicles, and play with 3 more friends, gamers will find that Astroneer has plenty of charm and lots of excitement hidden underneath the colorful and adorable exterior. Featuring 4K Resolution, Astroneer pops off of the screen and plays great.

Subnautica – $29.99


One of the most terrifying things possible is being stranded underwater, waiting for the inevitable to happen. However, for those that don’t have a fear of the ocean, Subnautica could be the ultimate playground to explore and survive in. Exploring the depths of this unknown world is exciting, if not also one of the most terrifying things that gamers can do.

While there may not be multiplayer features within this world, it adds to the overall experience. Having to survive within the horrifying depths of the ocean on your lonesome is one of the most surreal events that players can experience, especially when it comes to the Leviathans that will spend their days hunting you down for fun.

Green Hell – $24.99


Trapped within the lands of the Amazonian Rainforest, gamers will find themselves needing to craft, hunt, and do whatever it takes to survive in this brutal and exciting world. Along with the ability to bring up to 3 friends into their world to survive alongside them, Green Hell is one of the best survival games on the platform.

Alongside plenty of DLC that adds more to this adventure, players will find an unforgiving world that awaits them within these walls. One of the most brutal parts of this particular title is that players will not only need to fight against creatures, but also sickness that can bring players down in a matter of minutes.

Rust Console Edition – $49.99


Rust offers quite an excellent time for players hoping to showcase their survival skills against other players. Thrown into a world with up to 99 other gamers, the true goal of Rust is to survive in its unforgiving world. Alongside other players, they’ll also need to look after themselves while avoiding starving, animals, and more.

Being able to bring a few friends into the action can help increase the chance of survival unless they decide to turn on you at the last moment. There is plenty of excitement waiting for players within the wild world of Rust, and being able to jump on this title on your Xbox console of choice makes the adventure even more exciting.

The Survivalists – $24.99


Not every survival game needs to be doom and gloom, which The Survivalists uses as a personal strength. Alongside a colorful and quite adorable art style, players will also find that there is a surprising amount of depth to this particular game.

Players will also find that this game has a very unique sense of humor, giving gamers a reason to laugh while trying to survive. Also, the ability to recruit monkeys to help players build, survive and thrive on this deserted island is quite a welcome change of place. Grab a few friends and a couple of copies of this title to start surviving with a few friends.

No Man’s Sky – $59.99/Game Pass


In the ultimate rags-to-riches story in gaming, No Man’s Sky launched in a less-than-stellar state, leaving gamers with a bit of a sour taste. However, over the years since its release, gamers have grown to love No Man’s Sky more than ever before. Alongside constant content updates, players have grown to see the true ambitions that this title has to offer.

With a never-ending world, the ability to bring friends along for the ride, and so much more that makes this adventure quite unique, no two gamers will have the same experience when they boot up No Man’s Sky. There is something truly special about jumping into a ship and exploring the whole world with no boundaries.

Minecraft – $19.99/Game Pass


The tired and true choice, Minecraft offers some of the best survival gameplay around. While its simplistic graphical choice may not be for everyone, the gameplay is something truly special. While many players enjoy the creative nature of this title, the survival aspects are what make it truly shine.

Being able to create your world as you build, craft, and survive against plenty of enemies and even other players. Thankfully, there is really nothing to hold players back from the creative goals that they strive for within the walls of this title, and the unbridled creativity gives gamers a unique experience every time they log on.

With this many excellent choices to pick from, there is bound to be the perfect survival game for everyone on this list. No matter if they are searching for something cute and colorful like Minecraft or The Survivalists, or something gritty and horrifying as Green Hell or Stranded Deep, survival games have plenty to learn from these titles.

- This article was updated on January 10th, 2023