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Does No Man’s Sky Have Crossplay?

Explore the universe of No Man's Sky together!

by Gordon Bicker


No Man’s Sky has had a diverse and memorable history, known as one of gaming’s greatest comebacks for creating a close to entirely new experience for players to enjoy after updates following its release. Hello Games committed substantial time updating the game and creating the best experience possible for players of the now critically acclaimed title. Multiplayer was not always a part of the experience but has since been added during the monumental updates. You may be asking if Crossplay is available and this article will let you know that it is and inform you on how to use it.

Does No Man’s Sky Have Crossplay Between PC, PlayStation, and Xbox?

The experience features crossplay between all of the listed platforms, the feature was included back in June of 2020 and many players have been seen exploring the omnipresent planets together.

There is a serene sense of beauty found from exploring the worlds together, the simple grace of discovering the unknown and creating moments that will be remembered forever, the beauty of No Man’s Sky can be experienced through solo play, or experienced together.

How to Play Cross-Platform Multiplayer in No Man’s Sky

In order to take part in the crossplay, you will first have to know how to do so and there are two main ways to access it. If you are already in the game itself, bring up the ‘menu’ and go to the ‘options’ settings. You can then select ‘network’ which will bring up the multiplayer menu with a diverse range of settings for the game. Access the friend’s list from inside the menu and you can input the username of your chosen partner or their ‘code’ for them to be able to join.

If you are on the main title screen of No Man’s Sky, it can be accessed in the same way but this time select the ‘Multiplayer’ option and follow the aforementioned steps. There is a maximum of 4 players allowed in a party at any given moment and up to 32 players in an ‘instance’, more commonly known as the full session.

What Is There to Do In The Multiplayer?

Now that you have found out you’re able to play with anyone you wish across all applicable platforms, what can you do in the game you may ask? Well, there are many things that you and your fellow explorers can begin to accomplish together while playing through the title.

For example, you can complete missions together which will all be shared across each player. This makes for a normal multiplayer experience in most open-world games, however, if you’re looking for something more out of the ordinary to experience together, you could choose to build bases together. Similar in some ways to the feature in Fallout 76.

Ultimately, there is a myriad of different activities that players can choose to do together in No Man’s Sky crossplay, from piloting spaceships to gathering resources and crafting important items, to simply walking the lands and taking in the atmosphere of the starlit dusts of spacetime, everything can be turned into moments for you to look back on. Is it now time for you to take the gravity-defying leap into this experience?

No Man’s Sky is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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