Best Survivor Perks to Use in Dead by Daylight

The best survivor perks that you need to know about!

by Gordon Bicker


Dead by Daylight has been thriving with a multitude of fans for many years and its legacy continues ever-onwards with frequent updates always arriving to the experience. Whether you are hunting survivors down as the killers or simply are running frantically through cornfields trying to get to the generators and repair them as your favorite survivor. There is always something for everyone within the game. If you are trying to deck out your survivor for the best chance of escaping then you will likely want to know what the best survivor perks in Dead by Daylight are and this article will explain those perks to you.

Best Survivor Perks In Dead by Daylight

The best survivor perks are as follows:

  • Spine Chill
  • Self-Care (Available for Claudette Morel, can be unlocked for all other survivors when you get Claudette to level 40)
  • Decisive Strike (Available for Laurie Strode, can be unlocked for all other survivors when you get Laurie to level 40)
  • Lithe (Available for Feng Min, can be unlocked for all other survivors when you get Feng to level 35)
  • Kindred

Those are known as some of the very best survivor perks for Dead by Daylight however if you want to find out more information on each of the perks then continue reading and you will get all of the juicy details on each.

Spine Chill

This perk will give you advantages when the killer is close to you and looking in your direction. If the killer is within the range of 36 meters (Tier 3) and looking in your general direction, you will get a 10% increased chance of getting a skill check. However, it will also decrease the skill check success zone by 10%. However, a major bonus of this perk is also the fact that it increases the action speeds for repairing, sabotaging, unhooking, healing, vaulting, opening, unlocking, and cleansing by 2%.

Although this 2% can be increased to 4% and 6% depending on what tier of perk you have. Tier 1 is 2%, Tier 2 is 4% and Tier 3 is of course 6%. Equally, for the range the killer needs to be in, this is 12 meters for Tier 1, and 24 meters for Tier 2, with the 36 meters being Tier 3.


The Self-Care perk is of vital importance for any survivor. The main benefit of the perk are that it will allow you to heal yourself without a med-kit which is of course an amazing ability to have. Further, it will reduce your personal healing speed by up to 50%. Then it will also decrease the ‘depletion rate’ of Med-Kits by up to 20%. It is of course dependent more often than not on what tier of perk you have. However, the benefits of this perk should not be overlooked!

Decisive Strike


If you are wanting a perk that will allow you to escape a killer’s grab without much effort then this perk is absolutely worth acquiring for all survivors. You will be able to perform a skill check when grabbed by the killer and if you are successful you will also stun the killer. This is the major benefit of the perk and it will of course allow you to turn the tide of any match if you utilize it to an excellent degree.


Do you perform a lot of rushed vaults while sprinting? Then perfect! Because this perk will allow you to run at an increased speed of 15o% after vaulting quickly over something. This will be up to 3 seconds but if you are trying to run away from a killer and need to escape quickly, that increased running speed will certainly make all the difference for getting away from them efficiently!


As for the Kindred perk, this will reveal the location/aura of all survivors when you are hooked by the killer. However, a massive benefit of the perk is that whenever the killer is close to the hook you are on, their aura/location will be revealed to all of the other survivors. This will make sure they can save you with ease and also allow for coordination of what generators to tackle next based on where the killer is.

As can be observed, all of these perks will let you gain an upper advantage on the killer and you will be blazing through activating those generators in no time! With the current event that has made its way to the experience, now is the perfect time to deck out your survivor with the best perks.

Dead by Daylight is available now and playable for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, PC, IOS, and Android.

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