16 Best Worldbox Mods

Become a god all over again with these mods.

by Gordon Bicker

Worldbox players are no strangers to finding a range of mods to further their enjoyment of this title even more. As with any game which has a place on PC, there tends to be always some form of mods that make an appearance whenever possible. Sometimes you simply have people searching up if there are actually any mods in a particular game like Forspoken. All in all, it is a brilliant time to start acquiring some of the best Worldbox mods around.

Best Worldbox Mods of All Time

16. Simplebox

Texture packs for simulator games are ideal mods to look for if you have been planning to customize your experience in unique ways. Simplebox by OwllCraft ensures that you will always have a lovely-looking world to be the god of. There is a nice degree of variation and it furthers the overall aesthetic style of the game in great ways.

15. World System

If you are someone who is looking for even more traits in the game through a leveling system and even extra abilities then the World System mod by Nadenersis is a brilliant start to getting on the road with mods based around these key elements. One of the abilities that you will unlock by downloading this mod is the ability to create a void shield and even teleport enemies randomly, there is an excellent array of abilities with this mod.

14. Trait Unlocked Cheat Mod

Speaking of traits, if you are wanting a mod that automatically will unlock each and every trait in the game without you having to spend your precious time finding all of them then this mod by Xuan will have you covered. There will be no need to worry about having to dedicate extra time to finding the traits, you can simply install the mod and you will be ready to go. However, in the description of the mod, it does inform users that it isn’t reversible so only use this mod if you genuinely don’t want to find traits.

13. Boxia

For those who prefer fun and unique mods over simple unlocks then the Boxia mod by JRZEM is going to be one of those that you’re wanting. It has added a lot of different creatures such as a Zombie Empire and Zombie Witches, the actual A.I which controls the main creatures is brilliantly put together and has been praised for its effects.

12. Spellcraft — The World of Magic

Everyone loves when there’s a great variety of spells in games and with this mod, you will be able to turn Worldbox into your very own Witch/Wizard simulator without too much issue. This is due to the fact that the mod actually adds 30 new spells to the experience. Created by AdinizWarcraft and a team of other people, this mod is ideal for anyone who loves magic.

11. Magic Races

Following on with the theme of magic, this particular mod by Agriche will actually let you have magic races depending on what you choose. For example, Elves are instead turned into Druids, and so forth. It is a brilliant combination with the Spellcraft mod as it will let you live out your wizarding moments in even more fleshed-out ways.

10. One Piece Mod

It is no surprise that a One Piece mod has made its way into the hearts of fans and the mod again by Agriche and others brings the three various types of Haki into the game and so much more. If you enjoy the franchise then this mod is a must-have for anyone who is interested in merging it with their Worldbox experience.

9. Tab Organizer Mod

A quality-of-life mod by Dej is something that you will definitely want to have in your game. This will sort various pieces of U.I. for you and ensure that the tabs are much cleaner to navigate. If you play Worldbox on a regular basis then the organizer is a great mod to install. It really can make all the difference when you are wanting to navigate things quickly.

8. Better Zombies

If you are looking to create all-out brutal battles in the game then the Better Zombies mod by Zak:) is a great place to start. It makes the Zombies really tough so you are able to use this to your advantage and create scenarios that call for a lot of skill. All in all, it is a mod that seeks to improve the overall mechanics of the Zombies in the game so it is nice to have for anyone. Although it does make them difficult as mentioned before so be wary of that.

7. Disaster Box

Players may want to cause some in-game chaos from time to time and hey, who wouldn’t? With the Disaster Box mod by Shadow_the_Nemesis and other contributors, you will be able to unleash true chaos in the game world. There are 63 new destructive powers/assets for you to utilize within the mod and this means that whatever you are planning to use the Disaster Box mod for there will certainly be a lot of choices to make.

6. Spawn Box

This is more of a tool mod than a gameplay mod but nonetheless, it is developed by multimist and MarKami. It will allow you to spawn some of the creatures into the world from a dedicated box which is perfect for those who quickly want to draft up some ideas for creature placements and how they will act within the experience.

5. Anime Box

Although you could decide to get the One Piece mod from earlier in this list, the Anime Box mod by Astro2Cold and Thien0012002 is another great anime-related mod to acquire. This is a more all-rounded mod focused on adding anime components to the game such as new units, animation effects, and a lot of other extras. If you are a fan of Anime then it will be worth your time to have a look into getting this mod for your experience.

4. World of Boxcraft

Out of every mod on this list, World of Boxcraft by AdinizWarcraft and others is definitely one of the most detailed mods on offer. It isn’t being developed any more but everything that has been added will keep you entertained for many, many hours. Unsurprisingly, the mod is all focused on the Warcraft lore and adds a range of various aspects to the Worldbox experience. There is plenty to enjoy so be sure to grab this mod when you can if you like the idea of it.

3. Extra Box

Created by Mage Guest and other modders, this specific installment will allow you to get an array of new additions to the game. From new traits to new creatures, custom items, a massive crab, and more, there is so much to enjoy about this specific mod. No matter what sort of mod you are looking for from this list, it is still definitely worth checking Extra Box out to look for anything that may appeal to you from it. if there is something you see that looks perfect for your playthrough then be sure to install and enjoy it.

2. Modern Mod

Sometimes you’ll be wanting to have a world that is closer to the modern era of designs and this mod by Nikon#7777 and other creators will allow you to live out that adventure. It will allow you to add modern levels to the buildings and upgrade them even more. A perfect mod to have on your list to download for whenever you may need it.

1. Plenty O Biomes

If you are trying to get a mod that will enhance the game even further by adding extra content then Plenty O Biomes by Triickstrs will have you covered. This mod adds a whopping 24 new biomes to the experience including a total of 54 new animals/creatures too. That is not even everything that is included with this mod, it is absolutely worth your time in downloading and preparing if you are looking for a wonderful mod to utilize.

No matter what mods you decide to pick from the list, you will be guaranteed to enjoy your time using whatever mods you opt for. While waiting for the download of them, there is plenty of time to check out other games with mods such as Marvel’s Spiderman on PC which has a host of excellent mods to choose from.

Worldbox is available at this very moment for iOS, Android, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 10th, 2023