10 Best Spiderman PC Mods

Spiderman is swinging into action with mods!

by Gordon Bicker


Marvel’s Spiderman got a release for the PC and modders have gotten busy with what they do best — modding with style. There is already a vast catalog of mods that people have created. From Waluigi to graphic enhancements, there are certainly a lot of diverse mods on offer and everyone has been rushing to get their hands on any of the latest mod crazes making their waves across the internet. If you are looking for the best PC Spiderman mods on the market in no particular order then this article will have you covered with everything you need to know.

Best Spiderman PC Mods

In the table below there will be all of the chosen mods with the links to access them on Nexus Mods within the description.

Mod Name Description
Spider-Gwen Every Marvel fan will no doubt be sprinting to get this particular mod if they enjoy playing as other characters from the many franchises. There is a lot of fan support for Gwen and with this mod, you can play as them. The classic suit is replaced by the model that OrcaBorka (the creator) made. They were inspired by the Spider-Gwen comics from around 2014.
Level Select (Sort Of) Sometimes when you boot up the game all you want to do is get into some action fast. However, you may also at times wish you could revisit certain main story missions. With the Level Select mod, you can happily do this and choose a level that you want to play through. Make sure to read through the description of this mod before installing and back up your save data.
Photorealistic Movie Graphics by Reshade Guy (Sam Raimi Vibes) If you are looking for a mod that will offer even further enhanced graphics with a similarity to the early 2000s Spiderman movies then this mod will have you covered. It also informs players that there will be no performance loss while utilizing this mod which is a thankful sight to observe.
100 Percent Save File If you’ve already played through the game before getting it on PC you may not want to unlock absolutely everything again and just want to start off as if you have already 100 percent completed everything. This mod will give you a save file that is fully completed with everything unlocked for your character.
King Pin While you were throwing King Pin around as Spiderman you may have been wondering to yourself what it would be like to play as the character. The mod mentioned here will allow you to do just that. It is a hilarious mod that you can use to swing around as King Pin and wreak havoc on the no-gooders found around the city. Whether you are planning to play through the story as them or just want to partake in some shenanigans with the character.
Miles Morales’ Animation Set V3  If you prefer Miles Morales’s animations from their game released for PlayStation 5 then with this mod you can enjoy their style of animations while swinging through the air and more.
Sonic The Hedgehog  Sonic is a character loved by many and due to their popularity, they commonly find their way into the mod section of many games. The Sonic The Hedgehog mod will allow you to play through the game as our speedy friend. A hilarious addition to the game; this is one mod that you certainly don’t want to miss out on while gathering mods. 
Joker (Persona 5) Keeping with the trend of characters arriving from other games, this particular mod can have you playing as Joker from the Persona series in no time. The Advanced Suit will be replaced with Joker and this is the main suit so you will be wearing this outfit very quickly.
Waluigi A famous Nintendo character also makes their appearance within the many mods available and you can now take to the skies with the famed character swinging from web to web across Manhattan. 
Webline Gadget Modding tends to reveal a lot of hidden background assets from the game’s that creators set their sights on. The Webline Gadget mod brings back a cut-content feature that was stored in the game’s files. This gadget will let you create a line of web connected from one point to another that can be jumped onto. It is brilliant for adding an extra layer of complexity and new strategy to gameplay. 

There definitely is a vast variety of mods on the table and as can be observed, suit changes are among the most common ones. Whether it’s new designs of suits or full new model imports, there will likely be a lot more of these making their way to the game. A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mod was even seen in development recently by someone in the community so be sure to keep a look out for that mod. For the time being, it’s time to get busy with all of the best Spiderman PC mods on offer.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is available at this very moment on PC.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2022

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