Some May Think Destiny 2 Lightfall’s Campaign May Suck — But Neomuna Certainly Doesn’t

Neomuna is a neon-lit beauty that people shouldn't miss out on.

by Gordon Bicker
Image of the Neomuna skyline in Destiny 2.
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Destiny 2 has plenty of interesting locations to explore whether that is Savathün’s Throne World or the ice-lit plains of Europa. None of these have lived up to what Neomuna now offers players of the franchise. There are many aesthetically pleasing designs visible throughout Neomuna so it is no surprise that some people think this is one of Destiny 2’s best zones. Although some have had other opinions about the expansion as a whole.

Neomuna Takes Destiny 2’s Patrol Zones to the Highest Echelons

There are many elements about the Neomuna destination which take it to another level than the rest — undoubtedly ready to stand the test of time in the Destiny universe. First, there are the steadfast defenders of Neomuna known as the Cloud Striders. An intriguing personality can be found in the excellent character of Nimbus. Picking up tasks from him is all the more enjoyable because of this.

Some of the most impressive Lost Sector designs can also be found in the area. They will likely be enjoyed by anyone who steps foot inside. One such Lost Sector was the Thrilladrome, based around the idea of Vex simulating Crucible experiences. Observing the Vex, of all enemies, standing next to the arcade machines inside the location was an unexpected but welcome sight.

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The Vex Incursion Zone solidified my adoration for Neomuna, even more, because of its chaotic but highly enjoyable nature. This is greatly apparent during the moments when Elite Vex Strike forces are within the area and wreaking havoc on your player’s health bar. The intensity accelerates the fun in every manner.

It isn’t just the general activities of the destination but also the neon-lit streets that drip with beauty from every corner. As our guardians are dashing around on sparrows, it can be hard not to stop at any given moment to look around. It is difficult to pick just one element of Neomuna that makes it as successful as it feels at launch.

Why Do People Think the Lightfall Campaign for Destiny 2 Falls Short?

Lightfall was hyped up by fans before its launch to be what sounded like the crowning achievement of Destiny history. What many players didn’t expect to witness were “Mostly Negative” reviews on Steam. Fans are disappointed in the overall narrative arcs of the expansion. One of the major reasons for this: the story doesn’t focus enough on The Veil or The Witness.

It has all left a lot to be desired by some fans who were waiting on what could have been the most pivotal chapter in Destiny’s lineage to date. Even though the Strand Subclass makes you feel like a space ninja in every right of the word — its clunky progression pathways certainly do not. Unlocking fragments through extensive farming is dull and makes players question why it was a design decision in the first place.

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It isn’t just the subclass that takes the brunt of harsh reviews for Lightfall but also the aforementioned lack of direction in the story. A role that could have played in players’ disappointment toward the story is the fact that there are no consequences of the main story events in a grand way. Instead, Calus (who we already fought in Year One of Destiny 2) got the main limelight instead.

The actual writing of Lightfall’s campaign is subpar to some and has not been worth the time and effort needed to play through. The destination of Neomuna has ultimately been Lightfall’s saving grace to a large range of fans. A reminder that story is something that should never be rushed, otherwise it will leave more questions than answers.

- This article was updated on March 3rd, 2023