Destiny 2 Strand: The Best Builds for Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks

Embrace the darkness and be victorious with Strand.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Bungie

Arguably, the most exciting feature coming with Destiny 2 Lightfall is the new subclass called Strand. While Solar, Void, Arc, and Stasis all have their own verbs and effects, Strand comes with its own unique verbs which means each class has the potential for incredible builds.

Of course, you can make whatever build you think is best. But with our Destiny 2 expertise, here are the best Strand builds for Warlock, Hunter, and Titan.

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Destiny 2: Best Warlock Strand Build

Image: Bungie
  • Super: Needlestorm
  • Melee: Arcane Needle
  • Grenade: Threadling Grenade
  • Aspects: Weaver’s Call, Mindspun Invocation
  • Fragments: Thread of Finality, To Be Determined

If you want the full breakdown of the best Strand Warlock build, check out our in-depth guide.

The Strand Warlock excels at creating Threadlings. Threadlings are Strand minions that will explode on enemies. The best Strand Warlock build focuses on overwhelming your enemies with minions and clearing adds with ease.

Every class only gets one Strand Super and the Warlock Strand Super is Needlstorm. Needlestrom is a one-shot Super that deploys Strand missiles that stick into enemies and the environment. They then explode and create Threadlings.

The Melee for the Strand Warlock is called Arcane Needle. Like every other Warlock Melee, Arcane Needle is a ranged melee that tracks and Unravels up to three enemies.

While the Strand Grapple is cool, if you want to maximize the Broodweaver Warlock, pick the Threadling Grenade. The Threadling Grenade will explode enemies initially and create Threadlings as well. Because you are Warlock, Threadlings will return to you and perch if they can’t find enemies to kill.

The two Aspects granted to the Strand Warlock are Weaver’s Call and Mindspun Invocation. Weaver’s Call creates three Threadling eggs, after you use your Rift, that hatch when they hit a surface. The Mindspun Invocation amplifies the Warlock’s Abilities as follows:

  • Grapple: When you execute a grapple melee, the Warlock weaves three Threadling eggs from the target. 
  • Threadling Grenade: You can consume your Threadling Grenade to generate a full complement of perched Threadlings.  
  • Shackle Grenade: You can consume your Shackle Grenade to gain a buff, creating a suspending detonation on every kill.

With the Mindspun Invocation, the Threadling Grenade is even more powerful or you can opt for the Grapple since it will also grant you Threadlings. The choice is yours.

There are only four Strand Fragments announced so far, so we aren’t sure what the best Fragments are for the Strand Warlock just yet. We’ll be sure to provide a guide in the near future, but we do know that Thread of Finality will be a good Fragment for the Strand Warlock since it makes finishers generate Threadlings.

Destiny 2: Best Hunter Strand Build

Image: Bungie
  • Super: Silkstrike
  • Melee: Threaded Spike
  • Grenade: Grapple
  • Aspects: Ensnaring Slam, Widow’s Silk
  • Fragments: Thread of Ascent, To Be Determined

Now that we’ve had Strand for a while, we know what the best Strand Hunter build is. Visit our in-depth guide to craft your very own unstoppable Strand Hunter build.

The best Hunter Strand build focuses on movement thanks to the grapple. With the bets Aspects and Fragments, the Strand Hunter is impossible to track and menacingly powerful.

The Strand Hunter Super is called Silkstrike. When activated, Silkstrike can deal a light and heavy attack with a rope dart. Hunters will also be able to grapple and attack in the air. More damage is dealt when enemies are hit with the tip of the rope dart.

The Strand Hunter Melee is called Threaded Spike. The Threaded Spike is a rope dart that can be thrown and chained through enemies. The blade damages enemies, severs them, and grants melee energy for each enemy hit. On top of that, if you press the melee button when the rope dart bounces back at you, you’ll get additional melee energy.

The best grenade for the Strand Hunter is the Grapple. Though you will have to replace it for your actual Strand Grenade, the Hunter excels with the movement the Grapple provides. The Grapple provides ariel movement, diversion, and the ability to close the gap on your enemies and always ends with a Strand melee punch.

The two Stand Hunter Aspects are called Ensnaring Slam and Widow’s Silk. Ensnaring Slam pairs well with Grapple because it allows you to slam downward and Suspend all nearby enemies. Widow’s Peak gives you two grenade charges and creates a Tangle grapple point after using Grapple. Anyone who uses the Tangel grapple point will get a full Grenade energy refund.

As mentioned with the Warlock, we don’t know all of the Strand Fragments yet, but we do know that Thread of Ascent is a good one for the Strand Hunter. Activating your grenade ability with this Fragment equipped reloads your equipped weapon and grants weapon handling and airborne effectiveness for a short time. This pairs greatly with Grapple.

Destiny 2: Best Titan Strand Build

Image: Bungie
  • Super: Bladefury
  • Melee: Frenzied Blade
  • Grenade: Grapple/ Shackle Grenade
  • Aspects: Into the Fray, Drengr’s Lash
  • Fragments: Thread of Fury, To Be Determined

If you are looking to craft the best Strand Titan build, check out our in-depth guide on how. There, we’ll let you know what the best Fragments are as well as Exotics and mods for the best Strand Titan build.

Last but not least, we have the Strand Titan. The Strand Titan is all about getting up close and personal and Suspending foes. Strand Titans have blades and they use them to slice and Suspend their enemies.

The Strand Titan Super is called Bladefury. Bladefury is similar to the Hunter’s Silkstrike, but Titan’s will be outfitted with Strand blades. You can charge forward with a light attack or send a wave of Strand that Suspends targets.

The Strand Titan Melee is called Frenzied Blade. The Frenzied Blade Melee is basically the light attack with Bladefury — it allows you to dash forward and Sever enemies. The cool thing is you’ll have three charges of Frenzied Blade, so get close to your enemies and cut them down.

The best Grenade option for the Strand Titan is hard to pinpoint. The Grapple can be really good for the Titan since it will allow them to get close to their targets and use Frenzied Blade more effectively. However, the Shackle Grenade is also a good choice since it will create bolas that, when detonated, Suspend enemies. Both can synergize well with the Strand Titan.

With Into the Fray on, when a Titan destroys a Tangle, which is a ball of Strand, their allies and the Titan themselves get Woven Mail which reduces incoming damage. Into the Fray also increases the Melee energy regeneration when Woven Mail is on.

Drengr’s Lash sends forth a blast of Strand that Suspends enemies when Titans use their class ability. We’ve used this verb a lot and it just means that enemies will be tied up by Strand and unable to move or attack for a short time. This is where Titans excel.

We don’t know all of the Strand Fragments just yet, but we know that Thread of Fury is a good Strand Fragment for the Strand Titan. Thread of Fury makes it so damaging enemies with a Tangle grants Melee energy. Strand Titans love Melee energy and will be using Tangles with the Into the Fray Aspect.

And those are the best Strand builds for Titan, Warlock, and Hunter. If you really want to make your Strand build great, look for our guides on the Exotic Lightfall armor pieces. These Exotics will enhance your Strand abilities and make you pretty powerful.

- This article was updated on March 7th, 2023

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