3 New Exotic Armors for Titan, Hunter, and Warlock Shown in the New Destiny 2 Lightfall Trailer

It's time to update your loadout.

by Noah Nelson

In the latest Destiny 2 Lightfall trailer, we got a new look at three new exotic armors for Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks. Exotic armor is class specific in Destiny 2 which means that these new exotics will be unique and enable players to build fun new builds. Here are the three exotic armors we saw in the Destiny 2 Lightfall trailer.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Hunter Exotic Armor – Cyrtarachne’s Facade


The Hunter’s exotic armor is a helmet called Cyrtarachne’s Facade. This amazing exotic helmet applies a woven Strand overshield after you use your grapple ability, which is new with Strand. The woven overshield will grant flinch resistance which is great for sniping.

This can be used to create strong melee builds as it will give Hunters the extra buffer they need to get in close with their knives. Of course, it’s also great for those who want to snipe.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Warlock Exotic Armor – Swarmers


The exotic armor for the Warlocks is leg armor called Swarmers. This exotic, like the rest, utilizes Strand. What it does is when Strand Tangles are destroyed, Threadlings are created, which are like Ionic Traces but for exploding enemies.

We imagine that creating Tangles will be part of the Warlock’s Strand kit or mods which means that the Swarmers exotic armor will be great for clearing adds.

Destiny 2 Titan Exotic Armor – Abeyant Leap


Abeyant Leap is the leg exotic armor for Titans. What this exotic does is shoot out three straight lines after placing a barricade. The lines will lash any enemy it hits which means they will be strung up by Strand.

This exotic can be used to create powerful defense builds. We aren’t sure how it will work in PvP yet, but we know for sure that it is powerful in PvE.

Not only does the new exotic armor look great, but it will also boost the effects of Strand. We can’t wait to learn how to get these new exotics when Lightfall finally comes out. We’ll be with you every step of the way, Guardian.

Destiny 2 is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 31st, 2023