Destiny 2: The Strand Grappling Hook Will Replace the Grenade Ability

Difficult decisions are in your future, Guardian.

by Noah Nelson

Unfortunately, Guardians in Destiny 2 will have to pick between using the Strand grappling hook or a Strand grenade ability. As a quick refresher, Strand is the new subclass available for players who get the upcoming Lightfall expansion. In what has been revealed through trailers and showcases, Strand will feature a grappling hook that every class will have access to. However, the grappling hook will fill the grenade slot, leaving a tough choice for Guardians in Destiny 2.

The news for this update comes to us via @DestinyTracker on Twitter who is a reliable source for all things Destiny 2. In one of their latest tweets, they highlighted a comment from a developer saying that Bungie wanted to make sure the grappling hook was on a cooldown so it wouldn’t be too overpowered.

Many players, including myself, are eager to get their hands on the Strand grappling hook but are taken aback by it taking the grenade ability slot. While it makes sense that the grappling hook being too overpowered in PvP is a concern, many players were hoping the grappling hook would be a mobility option, like blink for example.

Since Strand will have its own unique grenades, it will be hard to decide which one to take. While arguably the coolest feature of Strand is the grappling hook, to lose your grenade ability for the ability to zip around the map is a big tradeoff.

On the other hand, perhaps having a grappling hook replace the grenade ability will allow for some truly incredible melee builds. Especially with what Bungie has planned for mods and quality-of-life improvements, it will be interesting to see what beefy melee builds players pair with the Strand grappling hook.

But those are future worries. For now, you can focus on getting yourself a cowboy hat before it’s too late and take heart knowing Archie won’t be gone for good.

Destiny 2 is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 17th, 2023

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