How to Get the Cowboy Hat in Destiny 2

The cowboy hat really completes any look.

by Noah Nelson

God rolls and Exotics aside, the most coveted item in Destiny 2 right now is the cowboy hat. While it is important to get great guns and have the best armor mods, what is really important is to look good. We all know that. And there is no better look than a space cowboy. To finish your look, here is how to get the cowboy hat in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Cowboy Hat Explained

There is only one way to get the cowboy hat in Destiny 2 and that is by grinding the Spire of the Watcher dungeon. Sadly, there is no way to increase your chances of getting it by finding all of the Devilish Recordings or anything like that. The only way to get the cowboy hat in Destiny 2 is through the old-fashioned way: RNG.

Each class, Titan, Hunter, and Warlock, all have cowboy hat helmet options. The quickest way to grind for the cowboy hat armor in Destiny 2 is to play just past the first boss.

There are three chests in Spire of the Watcher. The first one is right before the first boss and the second one is right after killing the first boss. Therefore, to maximize your chance of getting a cowboy hat, rinse and repeat entering Spire of the Watcher and beating the first boss.

Spire of the Watcher is the dungeon released in Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph. It has some great weapons up for grabs and features two fun bosses. However, the most important new addition that Spire of the Watcher brought is cowboy armor which has been asked for by the community for a long time.

With luck, you’ll get the cowboy hat quickly in Destiny 2 and be able to equip it. If you want to permanently unlock the cowboy hat as an Ornament so you can apply it to any armor piece, go to your appearance page directly under the character menu and unlock it by using one Synthweave.

That is how to get a cowboy hat in Destiny 2. It just takes luck and repetition. Hopefully, you get it quickly, partner. See you, space cowboy.

Destiny 2 is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 13th, 2023