Best Strand Warlock Build in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Become the Broodweaver.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Bungie

Strand is here in Destiny 2 and the Warlock build is really, really good. After you’ve grinded up enough Strand Meditations and bought all the Strand Fragments, you’re ready to create the best Strand Warlock build in Destiny 2.

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All Aspects and Fragments for Strand Warlock Builds in Destiny 2 Lightfall

  • Strand Warlock Aspects
    • Weaver’s Call – Cast your Rift to weave three Threadlings and deploy any Threadlings you have perched.
    • Mindspun Invocation – Your Grapple, Shackle Grenade, and Threadling Grenade have enhanced functionality.
      • Your Grapple Melee spawns three Threadling eggs.
      • Consume your Shackle Grenade to get Weaver’s Trance. Final blows with Weaver’s Trace creates a Suspending detonation.
      • Consume your Threadling Grenade to immediately generate five perched Threadlings.
  • Strand Warlock Fragments
    • Thread of Evolution – Threadlings travel farther and deal additional damage. +10 Intellect.
    • Thread of Generation – Dealing damage generates Grenade energy. -10 Discipline.
    • Thread of Rebirth – Strand weapon final blows have a chance to create a Threadling.
    • Thread of Finality – Finisher final blows create Threadlings. +10 Recovery.

While you only have two Strand Warlock Aspects to choose from, knowing what they are and how they work is important. To create the most synergy for the best Strand Warlock build, you’ll notice that Threadlings is the most repeated keyword.

With Threadlings as the focus, the best Strand Warlock Fragments are Thread of Evolution, Thread of Generation, Thread of Rebirt, and Thread of Finality.

Thread of Evolution is a must since it makes your Threadlings stronger and faster. Thread of Generation is essential to get your Threadling Grenade back as soon as possible. Thread of Rebirth is great because the more Threadlings, the better. And Thread of Finality is great because it gives you Recovery and Threadlings.

Image: Bungie

Best Strand Warlock Abilities, Explained

  • Strand Super – Needlestorm
  • Strand Class Ability – Healing Rift
  • Strand Movement Ability – Balanced Glide
  • Strand Melee – Arcane Needle
  • Strand Grenade – Threadling Grenade

The Strand Warlock Super and Melee can’t be changed and the Class Ability and Movement Ability can be whatever you prefer, but those are my favorites. The real magic of the Strand Warlock build comes with the Threadling Grenade.

While, yes, you will have to give up the fun and fluid Grapple grenade, the Threadling Grenade is needed to make the Threadling army Strand Warlock build.

With the help of the Mindspun Invocation Aspect, you can hold down the Grenade button to consume the Threadling Grenade. If you do, you’ll immediately get five perched Threadlings. There’s nothing more satisfying than sending out seven Threadlings as you cast your Rift ability with five perched Threadlings.

To unperch your Threadlings, deal damage to enemies with your weapon or abilities. The more Threadlings the better, and, if you are in a pinch, you can always just throw the Threadling Grenade to immediately create three Threadlings.


Best Strand Warlock Exotics and Mods

  • Exotics
    • Quicksilver Storm/Final Warning
    • Swarmers
  • Mods
    • Grenade Kickstarter
    • Harmonic Siphon
    • Innervation

The two Exotic Weapons that make the Strand Warlock build incredible are Quicksilver Storm with the Catalyst and Final Warning. Quicksilver Storm with the Catalyst is a Strand weapon which is exactly what we need to proc Thread of Rebirth and Final Warning is just as good. It comes down to preference.

The best Exotic Armor for the best Strand Warlock build is Swarmers. These Exotic legs are your reward for completing the Lightfall campaign on Legendary and they create two Threadlings when you detonate a Tangle. The more Threadlings, the merrier.

As for the mods you’ll want to equip to create the best Strand Warlock, the ones you’ll absolutely want to equip are Grenade Kickstarter, Harmonic Siphon, and Innervation.

With three stacks of Grenade Kickstarter, you’ll gain half of your Grenade energy back after consuming your Threadling grenade, which is really good.

With Harmonic Siphon, you’ll create Orbs of Power after rapid Strand weapon final blows. Innervation reduces your Grenade cooldown when you pick up an Orb of Power. This creates a perfect loop that allows you to get your Threadling Grenade back as soon as possible.

If you follow all of this, you’ll end up with the best Strand Warlock build out there. Feel free to experiment with Fragments and mods to fine-tune exactly what you want, but if you stick to this, you’ll be the strongest Broodweaver out there. Now you might want to check out the other best Lightfall Warlock builds.

- This article was updated on March 6th, 2023