How to Get the Quicksilver Storm Catalyst in Destiny 2 and What It Does

Time to get the Quicksilver Catalyst.

by Gordon Bicker
An image of Quicksilver Storm from Destiny 2.
Image: Bungie

Destiny 2 has an array of exotic Catalysts for you to improve your most powerful gear with even more in the game. Quicksilver is an excellent exotic to have within your arsenal so if you are planning to use it on a frequent basis — a catalyst for it will come in mighty handy. This article will take you through everything you need to know about how to get the Quicksilver Storm Catalyst in Destiny 2.

Getting the Quicksilver Storm Catalyst in Destiny 2

In order to get the Quicksilver Storm Catalyst you will have to complete the ‘Any Data Port in a Storm’ quest. The quest can be acquired from the Holo Terminal in the Hall of Heroes on Neomuna after completing the Lightfall mission Downfall. The Downfall mission is step five of 21 on the Lightfall mission chain — when you have the quest you can start working through three quest steps in order to unlock the catalyst.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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A few steps of the quest require you to defeat a certain number of enemies in particular ways so you will need to spend time working on it. The most important quest step tasks have been summarised written and listed below for you to read through.

1. Gain data to support the nanite calibration by rapidly defeating combatants in Neomuna with Auto Rifles, grenades, and any Grenade Launchers. Rapidly defeating combatants with Grenade Launchers grants the most progress. (150)

2. Go visit Banshee-44 in the Tower to see what he has to say about Quicksilver Storm’s progress.

3. Defeat combatants in Neomuna with the Grenade Launcher alternate fire mode of Quicksilver Storm. (40)

What Does the Quicksilver Storm Catalyst Do In Destiny 2

The catalyst itself will change the weapon type of Quicksilver Storm from Kinetic to Strand. You will be getting highly acquainted with the Strand element while creating the best builds with it in the game. Since the Catalyst will transform the weapon in the Strand version it will be a brilliant addition to your arsenal even more than usual.

Not only that but tangles will also be created if you get any kills as a final blow with Quicksilver Storm’s grenades. These final blows will likely happen fairly regularly so the catalyst is absolutely worthwhile to attempt and get.

- This article was updated on February 28th, 2023