How The Ending To Batman vs Superman Leads To The Justice League Movie (Spoilers)

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Batman vs Superman is out now and there is a lot to take in with regards to the ending of the film. If you are not familiar with the comic books, you may need some clarification on what is going on. Obviously major spoilers will be discussed during this article so click away if you have not seen the movie already.

Seriously, this is your last warning if you have not seen Batman vs Superman. However, if you have seen it, read what we think will happen in future DC movies as Dawn of Justice featured a ton of sub plots that may be hard to understand for non-fans.

Big spoilers follow: The biggest thing to happen at the end of the movie is that Superman dies. Superman used the Kryptonian spear to kill Doomsday with the help of both Batman and Wonder Woman. However, he couldn’t kill Doomsday without sacrificing himself since Doomsday impaled his chest with a big spike.

Does this mean there’s no more Superman? No, because the last scene of the movie teases that he’s still alive. Batman vs Superman ends on a mighty cliffhanger that won’t be resolved until Justice League Part 1. We will probably get an explanation to how Superman comes back to life. In the comic books, Superman also died at the hands of Doomsday, but he came back eventually.

The other teaser we got at the end of Batman vs Superman is the conversation that Wonder Woman and Batman had at Superman’s funeral. Both of them know that other metahumans exist in the world as Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash were seen in the movie via security camera footage. After Doomsday’s death, Batman feels he needs to assemble a team to combat future threats.

This leads to the ominous conversation that Batman has with Lex Luthor who is now in prison. Luthor teases that another big bad guy is coming. He didn’t say who it is yet, but it’s more than likely that he’s referring to Darkseid. There is a line in the movie earlier where he says: “Devils don’t come from hell beneath us, they come from the sky”. At first you think this is about Superman (which it is), but the end of the film cuts back to the same painting while Luthor says “tick tock“. The devil from the sky is Darkseid who is probably arriving on Earth very soon.

As you may know from the trailers already, Batman has visions of a bad future with Darkseid overtaking the world with his Parademons flying everywhere. Batman and Wonder Woman will need all the help they can get to battle Darkseid as he is not going to be an easy opponent for them.

There were a lot of other teasers throughout the film, but it’s hard to pick them out during your first viewing. Let us know some of the other easter eggs that you saw while watching Batman vs Superman. Are you excited with the way that the movie ended?

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