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How The Ending To Batman vs Superman Leads To The Justice League Movie (Spoilers)

| March 24, 2016

How The Ending To Batman vs Superman Leads To The Justice League Movie (Spoilers) Articles Culture  Movies Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman vs Superman is out now and there is a lot to take in with regards to the ending of the film. If you are not familiar with the comic books, you may need some clarification on what is going on. Obviously major spoilers will be discussed during this article so click away if you have not seen the movie already.

Seriously, this is your last warning if you have not seen Batman vs Superman. However, if you have seen it, read what we think will happen in future DC movies as Dawn of Justice featured a ton of sub plots that may be hard to understand for non-fans.

Big spoilers follow: The biggest thing to happen at the end of the movie is that Superman dies. Superman used the Kryptonian spear to kill Doomsday with the help of both Batman and Wonder Woman. However, he couldn’t kill Doomsday without sacrificing himself since Doomsday impaled his chest with a big spike.

Does this mean there’s no more Superman? No, because the last scene of the movie teases that he’s still alive. Batman vs Superman ends on a mighty cliffhanger that won’t be resolved until Justice League Part 1. We will probably get an explanation to how Superman comes back to life. In the comic books, Superman also died at the hands of Doomsday, but he came back eventually.

The other teaser we got at the end of Batman vs Superman is the conversation that Wonder Woman and Batman had at Superman’s funeral. Both of them know that other metahumans exist in the world as Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash were seen in the movie via security camera footage. After Doomsday’s death, Batman feels he needs to assemble a team to combat future threats.

This leads to the ominous conversation that Batman has with Lex Luthor who is now in prison. Luthor teases that another big bad guy is coming. He didn’t say who it is yet, but it’s more than likely that he’s referring to Darkseid. There is a line in the movie earlier where he says: “Devils don’t come from hell beneath us, they come from the sky”. At first you think this is about Superman (which it is), but the end of the film cuts back to the same painting while Luthor says “tick tock“. The devil from the sky is Darkseid who is probably arriving on Earth very soon.

As you may know from the trailers already, Batman has visions of a bad future with Darkseid overtaking the world with his Parademons flying everywhere. Batman and Wonder Woman will need all the help they can get to battle Darkseid as he is not going to be an easy opponent for them.

There were a lot of other teasers throughout the film, but it’s hard to pick them out during your first viewing. Let us know some of the other easter eggs that you saw while watching Batman vs Superman. Are you excited with the way that the movie ended?

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  • Noah Korth

    I saw a Riddler question mark on one of the columns that Batman swings Superman into.

    • Ninoots

      Yeah I saw that too

  • Greg Griffin

    The Flash message from the speed force in one of Batman’s dreams was interesting.

    • Lol

      That is the story where batman fails to save superman wife and kid from not killing joker and superman goes crazy

    • dregj

      its been suggested that bruce’s nightmare was infact a memory of stuff that hasn’t happened yet triggered by flash monkeying around in time
      he appears immediately after

  • Phillip Grant

    Was that a possible mother box that created cyborg

    • Cincinasty

      Yup. A mother box.

      • Phillip Grant

        I thought that was cool. So much went on for what come up for DOJ 2 and the JLA movies. This movie requires you to know your DC mythos. Wonder what new gods are going to be introduce beside Darkseid.

    • Ivan

      Mother box hmm interesting I always thought it was a takion cube however mother box makes more sense :)

  • FrankieB

    Good movie, lousy ending.

    • Ivan

      Wrong spectacular movie and phenomenal ending! The movie shows supermans conflict perfectly portrayed when he dies saving the humans he is free from all that conflict before him and everyone goes from hating him to acknowledging him as a hero! That was an emotional thriller at its best!! All you needed to do to enjoy the movie was ignore critics, have no expectations and focus on the movie plot there is a lot of stuff so focus is key!

      • Michael Graham Jr

        No. That banter between Wonder Woman and batman was just stupid at the end. Why u say fight. I just have a feeling.

        • jbflash313

          His feeling is the message from the flash earlier on in the movie, ugh. If you want to call something stupid at least understand what it is you are calling “stupid” before actually saying it. Moron.

          • Michael Graham Jr

            Well since we name calling cock breath, that is a vision or a sign not a feeling

  • Big Bear

    Garbage , obviously they wana destroy the superman brand

    • Blank x25

      Yea, you destroy the brand by replicating the most popular and best selling Superman story of all time.

      People need to think before they type.

      • leeyiankun

        Did you ever read The Death of Superman?
        This is nothing like that.

        Compared to that, he died a nobody in BvS

        • NemesisReloaded

          Superman “died” after a battle with Doomsday, a Kryptonian monster born from a mad scientist meddling with DNA of a Kryptonian corpse and the whole world mourns him. Yeah, totally different from Death of Superman.

        • Ivan

          I dont get this have you seen man of steel??? am I really the only one who notices a different superman by the end of BvS? Superman died a nobody in BvS and yet the the world has a huge service in honour of him… hmmm and batman is going to waste his money and resources looking for metahumans because superman wasnt important??? Really its either you not a DC fan who knows the material when you see it or you wanted the comic book interpretation exactly as it was. As if marvel does that?? The emotional gravitas behind supemans death caused batman to change character from being dark to being an ideologically different person!

      • NemesisReloaded


    • Ivan

      Its a character development journey. Sometimes I think people put their emotions ahead of what is really in front of them. Supermans Journey began in man of steel showing you a young destructive superman and in BvS we see that Superman at the begining of the movie but because of emotional circumstances he grows into the superman we know and love :) DC is not rushing anything they are taking their time building their universe their own way. It took marvel 4 movies including the first avengers to establish their universe and it took DC 2 movies. Why marvel wastes time joking around majority of their movies and the story plays second to the character development while DC the story is more defined if you know where to look than their characters keeping the hype and the emotional thrill fun and interesting to expect. BvS is the movie we need to start the universe maybe not the one we wanted and I have little doubt that Justice League will flop because the DC trust is more than one person meaning more flexible creativity and material for prolonged storytelling! DC is the best studio in the world!

      • Andrew Marshall

        DC is boring, same as this film. Had high hopes, but Affleck just cannot play an convincing hero.

        • Michael Graham Jr

          Batman was great. The movie was good had some stupid parts in it though. If that’s all it takes to make a doomsday then they are in trouble

        • Ko-chin Chang

          I’m a Marvel fanboy but I actually loved this movie. I think the critics didn’t like it because of the dark tone but you can really see the evil from Lex Luther in tricking both batman and superman into fighting each other and then the ultimate conflict from Doomsday.

          I had a chance to pick up the comic where superman dies to doomsday when it first came out but I didn’t because I was not much of a DC fan, but I appreciated that they were willing to kill off superman to further the story. I even thought Wonder woman and batman were both well cast and not silly stupid.

          However, I disagree with ivan about them taking only 2 movies. We had 2 movies for Dark knight and 2 for the superman reboot before we got to this one. So it was 4 movies, not 2.

  • AmIWrite

    Along with lex saying tick tock I believe he was also mimicking the ping sound the mother box makes

  • Lok Bugoh

    “Bruce!, Bruce!…listen to me now…Lois, it’s Lois, Lois Lane…she’s the key…am I too soon? I’m too soon…you were right about him, you’ve always been right about him…fear him…find us Bruce, you have to find us!!!

    The Flash to Bruce Wayne.

    • Gadriel

      I wonder if it’s a reveal that Superman is going to turn bad, perhaps after the Joker kills Lois ala Injustice Gods Among Us?

  • deepak matham

    Batman’s seemingly paranoid nightmares, warning him of the cosmic villain Darkseid, must have definitely been orchestrated by either Green Lantern or Martian Manhunter.

    That’s how the comics say the story.

  • Liferan Adinata

    As long as i know…..batman is not a founder of justice league….even he is one of the leader.
    the end of the batman v superman told us different…

    • NemesisReloaded

      The Justice League has two leaders. Batman and his strategic brain leads them in the battlefield, Superman leads them in everything else.

      • Liferan Adinata

        I said…batman as far as i not a founder of justice league. But yes he is a leader in JL. In batman v superman he’s act like he is a founder of JL. In justice league animated series he say “i am a part time member”

        • NemesisReloaded

          And yet when I read my 48 issues of Justice League comics, I find Batman to have been both a founding member (that makes him a founder) and in every single issue. Doesn’t really matter what he says once. It matters what he does most.
          Like how people say he doesn’t kill in the comics, well, he does, just not with guns and not as a general rule. He will kill if he has to.

  • waagh awakjasgha
  • waagh awakjasgha

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    and was made available to the public! Since then, it has been viewed thousands of times

  • waagh awakjasgha

    Full movie Batman v Superman





  • MrT

    I think so too. It was a vision of whats goin to happen. What about Superman there? Did he meet Granny Goodness?

  • Liferan Adinata

    So this is it….conclusion is green lantern wont be in JL. That is to bad because he is one of the leader with martian manhunter. Cyborg replace him

  • dregj

    so can brucie boy see the future now?

    • Michael Graham Jr

      Batman voice. Do u see

  • Gil Vega

    since when did Superman become bad?

  • Shabhishek

    Is it possible that as flash warned Batman about superman he actually saved lois from dying and altered the future timeline, where the real future, which we might find as a plot for a flash or JLA movie in the dc movie franchise just like the flash paradox…??

  • Jake Stevens

    Too early for the death of superman storyline IMO. Should’ve happened at the end of JL part 1 or later after the characters have had time to develop a real bond, then his death would have a much more significant impact. At this time a lot of the world hates him so it seems their reaction would be more like “good riddance,” instead of mourning.
    To be honest the whole movie seemed so rushed. Almost all of it was devoted to introducing characters which would’ve been better for solo films.
    They could’ve made Man of Steel as a reference to why Batman was coming out of retirement and built up to a BvS storyline during his standalone film. A WW solo film to introduce her would’ve been better first too. Then you can get straight into action without so much intro and better pacing.
    BvS…good movie, not great. Could’ve been spectacular if they would have taken their time. Just my 2 cents.

  • Vivy Ana

    I got the feeling that injustice gods among us, is the next step.

  • Rubayat Kazi
  • Kate Chu

    YES i really hope that in the next movie superman comes back to life!!!! :(

  • Atul Singh Chauhan

    Personally, I liked the movie very much. But I feel the movie was primarily for DC comics fans (like me) not for common people, as it assumed that viewers had understanding of many concepts shown in the movie. But I have two major issues with the movie. Creative freedom is okay but it should not infringe upon the basic nature of how characters are perceived as.
    (1) But I believe Superman should be shown as beacon of hope (it tried that in some scenes, but overall theme of superman did not seem as beacon of hope). Batman v Superman in DC universe (comics and excellent animation movies) is a concept of hope (Superman) v fear (Batman)
    (2) Except initial comics, Batman is never know to kill. I am also unable to digest that Batman kills. Whole ‘Injustice Gods among us’ concept (game and comics) is built on that premises.

  • ahanslovan

    What was the creature lex was talking to when he gets arrested at the end. The alien holding the three cubes

  • Chad Wanderscheid

    I think the diamond in the ring of Lois is made of that special Kryptonian crystal that heals and the dust that touch the ring will touch Superman to bring him back to life.

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