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Five Nintendo Switch Games We Want to See More of at E3 2021

Even more games to anticipate at E3 2021

by Luna Wilkes


E3 2021 isn’t very far away now, and among the many new titles that will be announced during it, there’s also sure to be some new info on previously announced games. So with Nintendo once again being present at E3, why not take a look at some Switch games that would be nice to see more of this year? Everyone has certainly been left hanging when it comes to certain games after all, so here’s a bit of a reminder of some of them.


Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Pokémon, one of the largest game franchises there are to date, finally getting an open-world experience. First announced earlier this year during a Pokémon Presents, Pokémon Legends: Arceus looks to be what fans have been wanting for years now. Taking place in the distant past of the Sinnoh region, players will get to explore a totally new take on the series as the gameplay we’ve seen so far suggests that things will be handled very differently in comparison to the Wild Areas of Pokémon Sword and Shield. And while the game is currently slotted as an early 2022 release, it would still be nice to know more about to be excited for.


Project Triangle Strategy

Another title announced earlier this year, a strategy game from the same developers of Octopath Traveller. Project Triangle Strategy has many of the same artistic design choices that were seen back when Octopath Traveller first came out on the Switch, meaning that once again there will be beautifully rendered pixel art during the experience. Back when it was first announced in February a playable demo was released, giving players a taste of what to expect from the full game. So with many people already hooked from that alone, more information on it is sure to be anticipated.


Splatoon 3

One of Nintendo’s newer franchises, both of the current installments in the Splatoon series have been hits so far. So when Splatoon 3 got a surprise announcement earlier this year, many people were quite excited about it. Even with only a quick peek at the gameplay so far, there’s already quite a bit to look forward to with this installment in the series. With new weapons, gadgets, maps, and everything else it’s sure to be a wonderfully fun experience when it comes out.


Metroid Prime 4

Metroid Prime 4, a game that has been rather anticipated ever since it was originally announced all the way back in 2017. There’s almost nothing that we know about it so far, other than it exists and that the development process for it has had some major road bumps. With development having been completely restarted several years ago, the game has been delayed quite a bit. So while it may just be hopeful wishing to be able to get information on it this year, it’s still something that would be nice to have.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel

Another anticipated title we know next to nothing about so far, the sequel to Breath of the Wild. First announced at the very end of Nintendo’s presentation back during E3 2019, the sequel to Breath of the Wild has been subject to many fan theories and other community projects while we wait for more information in it. And to make this game an even more exciting one to possibly learn more about at E3, it was stated earlier this year during a Nintendo Direct that we might get more information on it sometime this year.

So these were five games that we might get more information on at E3 2021. And of course, these games are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what there is to look forward to at E3 2021. Are there any games on the list you want to see more of as well? Or maybe there are some games you’re looking forward to learning more about that aren’t on this list. Either way, this year’s E3 is shaping up to be a rather anticipated one.

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