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Psyonix Talks Rocket League’s Big Dropshot Update – Interview

by Kyle Hanson


Shortly after PAX East 2017 Psyonix unveiled their brand new Dropshot game mode along with a bunch of big changes that will arrive with the new update on March 22nd. Luckily we got to try out Dropshot early, which you can read about right here. In short, it was awesome. Even more lucky was that I got to chat with one of the guys behind the new update, Chris Mele of Psyonix. You can check out that interview below.

Basically we talked all things Rocket League Dropshot update related. He told me before the interview just how much went into crafting a new mode for the game. Dropshot started as a volleyball style game of sorts, but the team found that while the idea seemed fun, it just didn’t work well for what Rocket League has become. Being limited to half the map just doesn’t work great it seems.

Dropshot was the evolution of this idea though, becoming something that feels similar to volleyball, but plays better with the Rocket League system. Tons of play testing with tweaks all along the way led here and now we have a mode that I felt might be the best yet for the extremely popular game.

We’ll have to wait until it hits the community to find out, but Psyonix has an amazing track record with this sort of thing. Rumble was seen as an insane idea, taking away a lot of the competitive elements that made people love Rocket League so much in the first place. Yet it quickly became a hit, becoming the top playlist for a long time, maybe even still.

Dropshot seems to have been met with more excitement already, so it could eclipse Rumble’s impressive success. And as Chris said, once the pro players get their hands on this mode we’ll really see what crazy stuff can be done.

Rocket League Interview – How Dropshot was Made

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