Movie and Book References You Might Have Missed in Hogwarts Legacy

I've seen that one before

by J.T. Isenhour
Image: Avalanche Software

Hogwarts Legacy truly does feel like a game that is a love letter to fans that have always wanted to explore the wizarding world captured in the movies and books. While Hogwarts Legacy does a great job of incorporating many of the recognizable, iconic locations into main areas, there are quite a few that can be easily missed if you don’t keep your eye out for them.

Notable Locations in Hogwarts Legacy You May Have Missed

Hagrid’s Groundskeeper Hut

Image: Avalanche Software

Although Hagrid is not in this game since it takes place at a different time than the movies and books, his iconic hut can still be found in the game. The main cast of Harry Potter spent a bit of time at the groundskeeper’s hut and it is a nice little nod to see it fully rendered in Hogwarts Legacy.

Although the inside is not as lively as it was in the movies, it is quite interesting to get a full-scale view of Hagrid’s hut from a different perspective compared to the movies. If you want to come see the hut for yourself, take the southern path out of Hogwarts and cross the bridge. If you keep following the dirt path, you should come across the hut for you to explore.

The Black Lake

Image: Avalanche Software

While it may be unfair to say you “missed” this reference since it is a bit difficult to miss the huge lake surrounding Hogwarts, the game never really directs you toward the lake outside of flying over it during the broom tutorial. The Black Lake, or the Great Lake, as is it referred to in the game, was quite pivotal in the movies and books since it was not only the way that Harry took to get to Hogwarts during his first year, but also where one of the Goblet of Fire Triwizard Tournament events takes place.

While you can’t really explore this lake in depth like you can with the groundskeeper’s shack, it is still interesting to come to look at and fly around. Just circling around the lake will grant you tons of potion-crafting resources as well as some Merlin challenges and dungeons around it to do as well.

Hogsmeade Station

Image: Avalanche Software

Outside of flying over the station on your Hippogriff for the first time, you could very easily miss the Hogsmeade Station unless you are going for 100% completion of Hogwarts Legacy. This is quite notable since this is where any students on the Hogwarts Express will disembark before taking their boat ride across the Black Lake to the school.

Despite being called Hogsmeade Station, it’ is a bit away pretty far from Hogsmeade itself. Head straight South from Hogsmeade and keep the lake to your right if you want to find the station. Using a broom or Hippogriff will make finding the station much easier since you can just follow the tracks from above until you arrive.

Zonko’s Prank Shop

Image: Avalanche Software

The favorite shop for the Weasley Twins, Zonko’s Prank Shop, has way too much detail for a side shop that you are never forced to visit for the main story. While you can’t actually buy any wizard pranks from this shop it is still fun to explore and interact with everything inside. The musical balloons and ominous red button are one of the few interactable in the game that serves no purpose outside of being pure fun.

To visit the shop for yourself, you will want to just follow the main road into Hogsmeade until it splits. The shop is right there where it splits, and noticeable with all of the fireworks going off outside of the shopfront.

- This article was updated on February 22nd, 2023