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RE2 Remake Could Be Precursor to Resident Evil 7

| August 12, 2015

RE2 Remake Could Be Precursor to Resident Evil 7 Articles  Resident Evil 7 Resident Evil

Capcom has proven that they are good at doing remakes.  In fact, they’ve already remade a remake.  The company launched Resident Evil earlier this year for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which had already been remade on the Gamecube.  They unabashedly retool their fighting games with multiple iterations of the same ideas, and with the current climate of the games industry Capcom should be thriving.  We’re seeing an unprecedented level of games being remade or remastered, and today’s announcement of the Resident Evil 2 Remake should be a little bittersweet. But there could be a silver lining.

On one hand, Resident Evil 2 was a good game, a classic game. It’s one of the more worthy games of a remake.  On the other, it’s not Resident Evil 7.  Historically we’ve bought new consoles for new experiences that take advantage of the hardware, not remakes of what we’ve played before.  We’ve bought them to play big numbered sequels to popular franchises such as Resident Evil or new entries that are only possible because of the technological leap.  That’s not exactly what we’ve been getting, but the industry has changed.  Remakes are acceptable, and apparently they’re good for the bottom line.  So about that silver lining.  The good news is that we’ve been seeing a trend lately, developers and publishers have been testing the waters with remakes before big budget sequels hit the market.

Look at Halo.  Microsoft remastered the entire Halo collection ahead of the Halo 5 release.  Tomb Raider got its remaster in front of this year’s Rise of the Tomb Raider.  Gears of War is getting the remaster treatment to lead into Gears of War 4.  Dishonored, Uncharted, Final Fantasy… why not Resident Evil?

The why not comes from the fact that Capcom hasn’t actually said anything about Resident Evil 7. There have been rumors, but today’s announcement could be the smoking gun that points directly at something like a proper TGS reveal or something to be said in 2016.  Unfortunately, like Capcom fans are accustomed to, it’s going to be a waiting game.  The last couple of Resident Evil games weren’t received in the way that the earlier entries were, and that’s largely attributable to Capcom veering away from what fans liked about those games to something that would appeal to a broader audience.

The market has never been more primed for a traditional Resident Evil experience than it is now.  Survival Horror genre resurgence aside, Resident Evil is one of those franchises that is almost synonymous with gaming, assuming Capcom will ever get it right again.  Our resident Resident Evil fanatic thinks the series needs to be reboot completely.  Whatever the case, the publisher has walked to the beat of their own drum in recent years, but maybe, just maybe, they’re looking to follow the gameplan that we’ve seen from so many other popular franchises as we head into year three of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  Capcom is running out of Resident Evil titles to remaster and it just might be time for them to go ahead and announce Resident Evil 7.

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  • Hector Luis Aponte III

    This is why I can’t take game journalism serious…..Since Resident Evil 4, a RE2 remake was highly demanded. People want it. Many do not care nor have hope for the future of the franchise, therefore they want to re-experience the games that made the series so great in a whole new way. RE7 will be announced….some day. but for now, we can enjoy Remake HD, Revelations 2, RE Zero HD early next year, and hopefully some more info on Remake2 sometime next year. Can’t wait.

  • Kenzie

    K, so how about we remake 2 & 3, then make 7 in the same style and expand those stories somehow. Like why can’t “7” be a prequel, taking place before part 4. Think “Star Wars” for god sake, they can make several prequels if they need an excuse to bring back the horror.

    • marteen

      They already did a prequel, RE0. Also, I believe on of the “Revelations” games took place before RE5. I would like to see them do a great story for RE7, or a fresh take on a reboot. I would enjoy the HD REmakes more if the camera was over the shoulder, maybe they should at least give it as an option.

      • Kenzie

        Resident evil 3 took place before/during/after part 2. Im speaking on their main numberd titles. Part 7 should take place after 3. Umbrella was the main enemy and their fall was off camera. I call bullshit! I wanna see that story unfold. I played 3 games believing it would escalate to that point. Im sure their decesion was political, to make the game into anti-terrorism, as oppose to anti-pharmaceutical.
        Im sick of Hollywood duping us with their BS, I want to play a legit Resident Evil game.

  • Pundit707

    Let’s just forget 4, 5 & 6 pretend they never happened. Completely detach from the shambles of the movie franchise and go back to its original format of fixed camera angles, tank controls, gripping detective storytelling and darkness.

    I don’t think I have played a greater game than remake. I honestly think 0 will be a huge success on current gen & for all the post resident evil 4 players, resident evil 0 was the very last of its kind.

    I’m looking forward to resident evil 2 remake more than final fantasy 7 remake !! If capcom keep it in the same artistic direction as original remake and 0 … Hey even go bloodbourne route on the artistic direction just not full on 3d over the shoulder box smashing platform jumping it’s been since 4 !!! Remake is amazing cause it’s tight and actually gets you paranoid because the controls and feel it squeezes you ! The fixed camera angles also crap u up.

    And yeah like people been saying we been asking for remake2 since they brought out remake original !!!

  • dsfsdfsdfsdaaf234234

    Lets look for clues as to when RE7 will be released, the secret lies in the timeline.

    Time between games,

    RE3 to RE4 – 5 years,

    RE4 to RE5, – over 4 years.

    RE5 to RE6 – 3 years 6 months.

    RE6 release to now – , 3 years tomorrow in Japan. Dun dun dun…

    That means RE7 is coming out in 201….WTF….argh!!! zombie…arghhh!!! … ate my eyes arghh!!!!!

  • Nikos Pavadas

    I hope re2 remake has
    1. the same atmosphere music, details etc and clever puzzles like the original (it has to do with item arrange too and
    2. modeling and inventory of re5 (wich has the best merc modes-lots of people still playing like day 1)
    3. clever and powerful enemies (licker wasnt a boss but it was scary equal to boss-you could easily die)
    4. to have situations in wich enemies work randomly as a team and succed (enemies) example horde of crows and zompies that dont die easily
    5.dying system like the original combined with re5: in wich as you loose power you get really slow and cant see clearly but you still can do some things as trying to finish puzzle or getting a small room you can be safe and think

    • Tyler Russell

      i dont really want the inventory as RE5 its not like the RE games before 4 where it “acts” as a pause screen 5 treats it like “you must do this quick or get hit” at least with the inventory screen from the original games it gives you a chance too relax but time would keep going adding too the ranking clock. in 5 if you are in danger you must have the time too make healing items or reload/switch guns and like how i said it gets treated you will still get hit.(this isn’t adding too the inventory mannagement this is basicly what is good too have)+ in the RE2 remake i hope for the infinite ammo code like the original game.

  • Victor Manuel Gomez-Bocanegra

    I can’t wait for the Resident Evil 2 HD remake. The first one was amazing. And now a second is coming out. Man if they remake the third one, my life can be complete. At the same time. What could RE7 be about. Since they say they want to bring back Raccoon City so could RE2HD Remake be RE7? What is Capcom doing. The anxiety.