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Rumor: Resident Evil 7 Coming Out Later This Year

by Damian Seeto


A digital gaming analyst company, Superdata, may have leaked out that Resident Evil 7 will be out later this year.

The company wrote about an article on the console games market for February 2015. The end of the article spilled out that Resident Evil 7 might be out later this year.

Here’s what Superdata wrote:

“We anticipate this month’s downturn to level off during the coming few months, following a regular seasonal pattern but expect to see an upswing as the next editions of several major franchises like Halo and Resident Evil come out in the 2015 fall season.”

Being a research company, Superdata wouldn’t have been talking about Resident Evil Revelations 2. That game is out already and is not considered to be a major release.

The only logical explanation is that Capcom might be planning to release Resident Evil 7 later this year. That’s if Superdata is accurate with its reporting.

Capcom has wanted to improve on its main entry Resident Evil games. A lot of fans didn’t like both Resident Evil 5 and 6. It’s possible Capcom could release Resident Evil 7 to hopefully reinvigorate the series once more.

If Capcom is to release Resident Evil 7 this year, we may expect to see more of it at E3 this year. We’ll let you know if Capcom confirms or denies the report from Superdata when it comes our way.

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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