This Third-Person Platform Fighter is the Super Smash Bros Game We Didn’t Know We Needed

Divine Knockout takes a card or two from Super Smash Bros!

by Gordon Bicker

Divine Knockout has been keeping players busy thanks to its unique take on the platform fighter genre that seems to be inspired by games such as Super Smash Bros. Fans of the experience have been focusing on how to get stars quickly within the game which will let them unlock special cosmetics for themselves. It isn’t every day that a new platform fighter comes along that could be said to possibly even re-invent a part of the genre. Divine Knockout appears to take the challenge of doing so head-on and we would confidently say that it has succeeded in doing so.

Divine Knockout Has a New Take On the Platform Fighter Genre

The main gameplay loop of Divine Knockout is all about knocking other opponents off the level by hitting them out of bounds. The more an enemy gets hit, the more their damage percentage rises and it increases their knockout chance similar to Super Smash Bros. However, there are also abilities that players can take advantage of and the game is entirely in a third-person camera viewpoint.

There are different game modes that players can find in modes such as the 3v3 Arcade playlist which has a lot of different team modes along with a general brawl. There are also 2v2 Brawls and 1v1 Duels to keep you satisfied. The gameplay is in our opinion, greatly fun, and there is a lot to keep on coming back to. It is a game that flew under many people’s radars but that is likely sure soon to change.

Is the Game Extremely Close in Nature to Super Smash Bros?

No, there are still a lot of differences that keep Divine Knockout uniquely fresh from other games within the genre like Super Smash Bros. This means that DKO will have plenty of time to expand and build its own audience even further over the years if it is successful.

Fun fact: There has also already been a collaboration between Divine Knockout and YouTuber TimTheTatman which players can get a skin for. This showcases the game’s potential to collaborate with other influencers and potentially even different IPs in the future similar to what Fortnite and other games do.

Divine Knockout is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on December 13th, 2022

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