Top 10 Rarest FFXIV Titles (& How to Get Them)

Obtaining titles with style!

by Gordon Bicker


Final Fantasy XIV players have been thriving for many years experiencing everything the game has to offer. Along the way, completionist players may have begun their hunt to collect all of the titles in Eorzea for themselves to revel in collecting. Of course, some of these titles can be more difficult to obtain than others. Whether you are planning to simply go for a few titles or gather the full lot as much as you can, then this list of the rarest Final Fantasy XIV titles will likely be interesting for you.

Rarest Final Fantasy XIV titles — Time To Get Collecting!

The list is compiled from community thoughts, personal experience, and has not mentioned the new Crystalline Conflict titles as they are some of the rarest at the moment since the mode has only been released these past few weeks and over time they will be earned by players. There is notably some that may not be mentioned on this list that are still indeed rare so it is likely you may arrive upon another title that requires a lot of work. As is the way with being a completionist! The rarest Final Fantasy XIV titles are:

  • Ultimate Thrillseeker
  • High Roller
  • Of Dragon’s Deep
  • Necromancer
  • Honest Gillionaire
  • Lunaire Riche
  • The Luckiest of Ladies/Lords
  • Hoarder
  • The Hand of Mercy
  • The Trinity

Continue reading for more information on each title and how to actually acquire the title in Eorzea.

Ultimate Thrillseeker

Every Final Fantasy XIV player tends to love going on hunts from time to time. Hunting those all-important marks down and completing your objective of slaying them. There is a lot of fun to be had while going on the hunt for the creatures you will be facing. In order to acquire this specific title, you will need to slay a total of 5000 ‘Rank S Elite Marks’ in the experience. Yes, you heard that right, 5000 marks! Not just any marks, but some of the toughest hunts there are. It’s time to get your hunting gear on for your character!

High Roller


Up next is the High Roller title and you will be visiting the iconic Gold Saucer for your title collecting obsessions. You will need to get seven other achievements relating to the Gold Saucer. Some of which will net you additional titles. In order to get the High Roller title, here are the achievements you need and how to get them.

  • Always Bet On Me —You will have to win a total of 1000 Triple Triad Roulette matches for this achievement and the resultant title for completing it is actually on this list of the rarest Final Fantasy XIV titles so already you know that this title will require a lot of work to get!
  • Bracket Breaker — For Bracket Breaker, your player needs to win 100 Triple Triad tournament matches in the game.
  • Enemy at the GATE III — Up next you have to complete 100 GATE’s, after you do, you will get this achievement.
  • Mountains out of Gil-hills — A massive task for this achievement as you will have to get 1,000,000 MGP just from the ‘Mini Cactpot’ at the Gold Saucer.
  • Winningest Jockey —Simply place first in 500 ‘Sanctioned Chocobo Races’, and yes, this will indeed take some time!
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder —Similar to the other achievement, you will need to get 1,000,000 MGP from the ‘Jumbo Cactpot’ and it should be noted that getting the MGP from the ‘Cactpots’ just means getting it as a cumulative total.
  • WTFungah III —Grabbing this achievement will require you to complete the ‘Any Way the Wind Blows’ GATE a total of 10 times.

After you have got all of those achievements you will get the High Roller title, and a high roller you certainly are if you get this title!

Of Dragon’s Deep

The next title on the next will require you to complete the quest named ‘Feast of Famine’ in which you are going to be taking to the rivers and many lakes of Eorzea to catch Living Legends from specified areas among other quest objectives. You can start the quest from Wawalago in Limsa Lominsa when you have completed another quest called  ‘The Beast of Brewer’s Beacon’ and have reached level 50 as the ‘Fisher’ job within the experience.


For Necromancer, you have one of the most colossal tasks in the experience to complete. You will have to clear The Palace of the Dead solo from the 1st floor to the 200th floor including that floor. This is an immense task and all of your practice throughout the game with combat and effective strategy will be needed for you to get this specific title.

Honest Gillionaire

If you want to collect some gill then this is certainly the title for you to start going for as you will need to earn a total of 10,000,000 Gil just from ‘Levequests’, this will require a lot of time but if you are wanting an extremely rare title in your collection, then this is one of the rarest there is.

Lunaire Riche

In order to get this title, you will need to raid the very final section/stage of the Excitatron 6000 raid a total of 20 times. Given how difficult the raid can be for a lot of players, this is a title that you will be planning a lot for!

The Luckiest of Ladies/Lords


Are you ready to go some treasure hunting? Excellent! Because this title will have you exploring the Hidden Canals of Uznair’s deepest section a total of 20 times. This title also changes name based on the gender of the character who acquires it. As an example, if you are playing as a female character, you will get ‘The Luckiest of Ladies’ title.


For the Hoarder title, you will need to find 10,000 pieces of the ‘Accursed Hoard’ and these are special-looking treasure chests that can be located within the Palace of the Dead from time to time while adventuring though. There will also be a glowing circle on the floor indicating that one is there. Combining going for this title with the ‘Necromancer’ title will certainly be a sound strategy for getting the titles.

The Hand of Mercy

This title is gotten by eliminating 5000 enemies in any frontline campaign. That will be a lot of PVP that you need to venture into in order to get this specific title. Making sure to have the best PVP jobs at any given time will bolster your chances of getting more dispatches of enemies throughout the modes.

The Trinity

Finally, The Trinity title can be acquired by winning a total of 1000 Triple Triad Roulette matches which is linked to one of the achievements you need at the Gold Saucer for one of the titles mentioned earlier in the article. Triple Triad is a lot of fun and has been a fan-favorite mini-game since its introduction into the Final Fantasy XIV franchise.

With that massive list of titles with difficult objectives, you will certainly have a lot to begin planning and strategizing for if you are wanting to go for these titles so best let you start to get prepared! May you walk in the light of the crystal on your journey forth warrior of light.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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