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Valorant Agent Tier List (Episode 4 Act 3): Every Character Ranked in Patch 4.08

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Trying to find a new character to main in Valorant? This Valorant agent tier list ranks every character in the game from best to worst, showing the most powerful picks currently in the game as of Patch 4.08. Episode 4 Act 3 is currently underway, and this list even includes the game’s newest agent, Fade. Of course, agent positions will vary based on your skill and in-game ranking, but these are the generally agreed-upon rankings for each of the Valorant agents.

Valorant Agent Tier List

Here are all 20 Valorant agents ranked from best to worst. The agents within the tiers are not ranked in any particular order.

Tier Agents
S-Tier Chamber, Jett, Viper
A-Tier Sova, Fade, Sage, KAY/O, Skye, Killjoy, Yoru
B-Tier Neon, Omen, Raze, Brimstone, Breach, Reyna, Neon
C-Tier Astra, Phoenix, Cypher

If you’re wondering why each character ended up where they did, then keep reading on for more details for every agent.

S-Tier: Chamber

Valorant’s roster is equipped with multiple powerful abilities, but just like the real world, sometimes the best power of them all is just being rich. Chamber not only has great mobility because of his teleports, but he also gets access to the best sniper in the game with his ultimate ability and has a beefed-up Sheriff as a part of his kit as well. As long as you can actually hit your shots, Chamber is one of the most powerful agents in the game without very many weaknesses.

S-Tier: Jett

Even after her dash nerf, Jett is still one of the best characters in the game. Most people already recognize Jett as one of Valorant’s best agents, and it’s easy to see why. Her kit grants her insane mobility, leading to countless Reddit clips and highlight reels. When you add her smokes on top of that, there isn’t much she can’t do.

S-Tier: Viper

Even though her utility varies based on the current map, Viper is a very powerful pick. Her wall can easily get a team onto an objective site and her ultimate ability basically grants a free round win as long as your team knows what they’re doing. Also, she’s a must-pick on maps like Icebox and Breeze where normal smokes aren’t enough to cover all the sightlines.

A-Tier: Sova

Sova is arguably the best Initiator in the game because of his info-gathering tools, but the nerfs to his drone ability have moved him to the A-tier position. Still though, Sova’s recon dart and shock dart are some of the most useful abilities in the game, and his ultimate remains one of the best in the game as well.

A-Tier: Fade

Fade is Valorant’s newest agent, and she’s already proven herself as a capable Initiator that rivals Sova in effectiveness. Her kit can put immense pressure on the enemy team, especially when she’s paired with a Duelist that knows what they’re doing. However, Fade’s presence in most matches can be attributed to the fact that she’s still a new character, so she could move to a lower position on the list later down the line.

A-Tier: Sage

Sage needs no introduction. She’s easily the best support agent in the game because of her healing power and resurrection ultimate, and her slow orb and wall are fantastic at countering pushes and securing sites. She doesn’t have much to offer outside of that though, so other agents with intel-gathering abilities may suit some teams better.

A-Tier: KAY/O

KAY/O has been a popular pick since he was first introduced, and it’s easy to see why. His kit is incredibly powerful, gathering intel for the team and also helping him secure kills for himself. His ultimate ability is also among the best in the game, providing a ton of information for the team.

A-Tier: Skye

Skye is one of the best Initiators in the game because of her oppressive kit. Just like Fade, she’s able to put a ton of pressure on the enemy team. Not only can she gather a ton of information for her team, but she can also get her team onto objective sites and clear choke points with her blinds and other abilities.

A-Tier: Killjoy

Killjoy is a great Sentinel with a particularly powerful ultimate ability, earning her a spot in the A-tier. Her other abilities like her alarm bot are great at covering flanks and gathering information for the team, and while her swarm grenade isn’t as useful as other agent’s abilities, it’s perfect for preventing a push or covering the spike.

A-Tier: Yoru

Yoru is one of the game’s most popular Duelists, but he is very hard to use to his maximum potential. He has a great kit, but it takes a lot of time to figure out how to use his abilities in tandem with one another to get the most out of them. Some other lists may have Yoru in a lower spot, but he’s great in the right hands.

B Tier: Neon

Neon is very well equipped for pushing objective sites and overall aggressive play, but she doesn’t have as much utility as some of the other Duelists on the Valorant roster. Her mobility can help her win gunfights, but not everyone can make full use of her movement abilities. She’s also vulnerable to enemy traps and doesn’t have many tools to help her disengage in tricky situations.

B Tier: Omen

Another very popular pick, Omen is a middle-of-the-road agent that can fit into just about any team composition. His smokes and blinds are among the best in the game, and Omen can be an absolute beast in the right hands. He doesn’t particularly excel at anything, but he doesn’t have very many weaknesses either.

B Tier: Raze

Raze’s usefulness can vary wildly depending on the player that selects her. She’s a great Duelist that has a surprising amount of mobility if you know how to use her satchel charges correctly, and her ultimate ability can help her secure a few additional kills on enemies that are camping in corners. Also, while her boombot isn’t the best info gathering tool, it’s still useful to flush out any enemies waiting around corners.

B Tier: Brimstone

Brimstone can bring a ton of utility to a team with his stim beacon and other abilities, but he just doesn’t have the same level of power as other Controllers like Viper and Omen, who are higher on this list for that reason. Still, Brimstone’s a popular pick for a reason, and his kit is easy to use.

B Tier: Breach

Of all the Initiatiors in the game, Breach is hands-down the weakest. That’s not to say he’s a bad agent though, because his kit still has a lot of utility. A good Breach can be really annoying to play against, and that can help him fulfill his role as Initiator much more easily.

B Tier: Reyna

Reyna is one of the most popular agents in the whole game, and that’s mainly because her kit provides a ton of value. However, Reyna’s kit is selfish and doesn’t offer much utility to the team, earning her a lower spot on this list. Most wannabe top fraggers will insta lock Reyna hoping to pad their K/D ratio with her kit, but that won’t be the case for most people in lower ranks.

C-Tier: Cypher

Cypher isn’t a bad agent, but it takes a lot of knowledge in order to play him effectively, which earns him a C-tier spot on this list. He also relies heavily on being able to communicate with his team, and in solo queue, that might not be an option. However, he can still control large portions of a map with his kit, and he can be super annoying in the right hands.

C-Tier: Astra

Astra’s kit is decent, but she earns a lower spot on this list because other agents can do what she does but better. She’s really good on some maps though, and her smokes and suck ability can shut down pushes and harass flankers. She’s very hard to play effectively though, so most people just avoid her entirely in favor of easier picks.

C-Tier: Phoenix

Phoenix is the worst Duelist in the game in his current state, and while he can still be good in the right hands, the other Duelists just have more to offer with their kits. He has the standard wall, molly, and flashes, but he lacks a movement ability like Neon, Reyna, and Jett so he struggles with disengaging. His ultimate also doesn’t provide much value compared to other ultimate abilities, so most fraggers end up choosing another Duelist instead of Phoenix.

Valorant is available now on PC.

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