Will Batman vs Superman End In A Cliffhanger?

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Now that everyone has seen Doomsday in Batman vs Superman, does this mean the movie ends in a cliffhanger that leads into the Justice League?

I have no inside knowledge of Batman vs Superman, but I’ll just put a minor spoiler warning. This is just in case my predictions turn out to be true as I’ll talk about what Doomsday did to Superman in the comic books.

Anyway, if you are still reading you may know where I’m getting at. Doomsday is famous for one thing and one thing only. He is best known to be the character to “kill” Superman. It’s the only reason the character is still famous even though it’s been over 20 years since he made his debut.

Batman vs Superman marks the first time this character is in a live action movie. It’s a huge deal and many are already thinking about what is going to happen to Superman in the movie. Will Superman supposedly “die” to make his comeback in the Justice League movie?

Movies don’t always follow comic book storylines, but sometimes they do. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 featured an end that Spider-Man comic fans all know about. It’s possible Batman vs Superman might “kill” Superman too as Doomsday won’t be Doomsday if he doesn’t beat him to death.

It’s also worth mentioning Superman is being labelled as a dangerous threat in Dawn of Justice. Many people like Bruce Wayne feels he did a poor job of saving the world during the events of Man of Steel. The character is not liked by many people in the Dawn of Justice movie.

If Superman is to become more “heroic” in Justice League, they could “kill” him at the end of Dawn of Justice. Superman could sacrifice his own life to beat Doomsday. After the world is saved from Doomsday, people may find him to be a hero. People are often seen as heroes if they risk their lives to save others. Superman’s sacrifice could be seen as a noble act to the citizens in the movie.

Ending the movie might also entice more people to watch the Justice League. This way, people want to know how Superman gets revived. Cliffhangers usually only occur in TV shows, but I feel Dawn of Justice might be more unique if Superman “dies ” at the end of it. Casual viewers will be in a shock, while fans might be satisfied that the movie makers followed a famous comic book storyline.

However, ending the movie in a cliffhanger might make some people groan. Justice League is scheduled to be in two parts with part one out in 2017 and part two out in 2019. If Dawn of Justice ends in a cliffhanger, Justice League part one could end in one as well. Some viewers may not like getting two cliffhangers in a row.

Personally, I feel Batman vs Superman should end with the “death” of Superman. There aren’t many movies out there that end with a death of a major character. Not to mention Doomsday will look super weak if he’s easily beaten by Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. He won’t be Doomsday if Superman is still alive at the end of Dawn of Justice.

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