Worst Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Which variants get the dubious honor in this generation?

by J.R. Waugh

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are part of the 9th Generation of Pokemon titles since the series debuted in 1996. One of the oldest and most popular features for an entire subculture of Pokemon fans is that of Shiny Pokemon, extremely rare alternate color variants of every Pokemon, introduced first in Generation II. Now with the overall roster of Pokemon across all generations being 1,000, with 400 being in Scarlet and Violet, there are bound to have been some less aesthetically pleasing Shiny Pokemon, so we made our picks for the worst among them.

The Worst Shiny Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet That We Still Want to Catch

Despite being ugly, this is part of the Shiny hunter’s obligation, as they would still have to catch it for the sake of completionism. Some of them have just awful color configuration, while others are hated by Shiny hunters for their lack of changes over the original, with mild differences in shade proving underwhelming. With that being said, here are the worst Shiny Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet:



Starting with just an overwhelming amount of unwelcome green shades is Stantler in what many Shiny Hunters agree is among the worst that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have to offer. This Pokemon came out of the same generation as the Shiny mechanic, so it’s clear that from the start there were bound to be duds. At least they gave Stantler a majestic new evolution recently.



A Pokemon classic, Jigglypuff has been not only popular because of the games and their cute appeal yet deadly applications in Smash Bros., but also some amusing moments in the anime. None of that can prevent Jigglypuff’s Shiny form from being a disappointment, despite looking more distinguished and better as a sprite in older generations, with only an eye color change. Don’t say that too close though, or you’ll find yourself asleep with writing all over your face.



This has been a favorite Pokemon for years since their introduction in Generation III, being a great companion in competitive Doubles, and a fluctuating position on the competitive ladders. But this Shiny variant is a massive disappointment to me in particular because it’s an overwhelmingly intense, terrible shade of mustard yellow with terrible eyes to match. The green gem is the only thing tying this ensemble together and looked way cooler when the Mega Evolution was available.



One of Gengar‘s biggest problems as a Shiny Pokemon is that they actually look worse in their final form than their first, Gastly. What’s more is that Gengar’s disappointing look was redeemed in Gen VI with a crazy white Mega form, and again in Gen VIII with an awesome white Gigantamax form. What we get instead is just a forgettable shade that has more gray and less life in their technically lifeless, ghost eyes.



Sporting an ashen shade of pink, this Pokemon was introduced in Scarlet and Violet with a Shiny so underwhelming that trainers will want to check in, clearly, those Flamigo are not doing okay.



Sporting a very subtle change of color in the pants and shirts worn by this otherwise adorable mouse family, these details are very hard to make out to the point where trainers do the following:

  • Catch Shiny Tandemaus
  • Evolve Shiny Tandemaus to Shiny Maushold
  • Not realize this whole time it was Shiny
  • Release them because Maushold is a terrible Pokemon
  • Realize they were Shiny, but promptly move on after seeing the difference



Tadbulb is such a tiny Pokemon that when you see them in the wild, you’d have to stop and intensely stare at them to make the difference between a regular and a Shiny. The difference is so marginal it begs the question of why they even bothered.



Garchomp suffers the same Shiny fate as Gengar, having a better-looking first evolution and ultimately lacking a certain spark in their color scheme. You’d think that a Pokemon so frequently targeted by Dazzling Gleam would at least retain some of that glimmer for the ultra-rare variant.



This one committed an unexpected Pokemon sin, changing the creature in question in a way that made Lechonk resemble just a regular cartoon pig. It’s a real shame too because they’re normally so cute.



Back to the point that hurt Sableye’s look, yellow is often so aesthetically displeasing, especially when a Pokemon is covered heavily with it. Evolved from a more adorable yellow Shiny Riolu, Lucario’s classic blue color scheme is iconic, while the Shiny form is bound to have confused parents or even grandparents saying “wow, Pikachu looks different from when I was younger.”

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet released on November 18, 2022, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on November 23rd, 2022

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