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Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice IMAX Screenings Provide Brand New Footage

| April 21, 2015

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice IMAX Screenings Provide Brand New Footage Culture  Superman Movies Justice League DC Universe DC Comics Comics Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman v Superman batman

The news just keeps coming for the DC Cinematic Universe over the last few days and in particular the much hyped Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Still almost a year away from release, we finally got our first glorious glimpse at movie through the teaser released last week. Through special IMAX showings of said teaser last night, even more footage was revealed from the movie along with a fantastic shot of the new Batsuit.

Theatergoers at their local IMAX that was screening the teaser got the exact teaser from before, but one with a very short additional clip. This clip features a closeup of Henry Cavill’s Superman as we then see him and Ben Affleck’s Batman start to charge at one another before it ends. This adds a little more to the face off we see in the regular trailer, so hopefully they will eventually release this footage to the public outside of the one night IMAX showings.

The teaser for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice leaked last week and prompted DC and Warner Bros. to just go ahead and release it ahead of the already scheduled IMAX showings. Likely, that teaser was all that they originally planned to show off, but they had to add something new to it to attract people to the theater after the full teaser was online. This same thing happened when the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer leaked before its scheduled debut after an episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so they instead gave us another look at that point.

Zack Snyder, as he has been prone to do, also used his Twitter once again to provide us with another shot of the absolutely perfect Batsuit that will be in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which you can see below. This may be the last major information we get for awhile, with Comic Con bound to give us loads more in July, but for those that don’t want to get further spoiled, look for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice when it hits theaters March 25, 2016.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice IMAX Screenings Provide Brand New Footage Culture  Superman Movies Justice League DC Universe DC Comics Comics Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman v Superman batman

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  • Fozymandias

    Now THAT’S a Batsuit! Affleck is already the best Batman ever so suck it Christopher Nolan!!!!

    • Charlie MB


  • David Sumbu

    that’s 6 days before my birthday thank you for moving it up Zack Snyder

  • aaron

    christopher nolan’s batman trilogy and micheal keaton’s first batman are all equally great. I think that afflack’s batman could be really good but to say that it’s going to be the best over bale and keaton is rediculous because mainly batman is fighting superman in this movie and that is the dumbest thing I’ve heard. thier both my favorite superheroes. that is so rediculous to have batman fighting superman. there is no reason that they would not get along they both clearly know that the other one is a good guy duh. and superman could just flick batman and the fight would be over and as soon as batman puts on that stupid armored suit he is not batman anymore.
    and the other reason he can’t be the best batman because nolen started with his origins. he is the only guy to correctly show batman’s origin and then his evelution.

  • aaron

    and frank miller’s batman year one was really good and batman begins was alot like it. but I am tired of people saying that frank miller’s dark knight returns is the best batman story ever, it’s not even close. having batman be rediculousely old and past his prime is not good. and the ainimated version of the dark knight returns was ok but it was moslty stupid. batman had this old guy biterness to him and a bad attitude through out the story and bad attitude towards superman it was really awful. then frank miller having superman work for a supposidly corrupt gov. under reagon. he had superman acting soft and acting in a way that is nothing like superman. I don’t think that frank miller knows batman that much and he defanately doesn’t know superman if he thinks thats how superman would act in the dark knight returns. miller was trying so spinn some time of nonsense about how the gov. under reagon was corrupt and that batman is against superman cuz he is working for reagon. what?
    ronald reagon was one of our best and honest presidents. it was a booming decade in the 1980s partly because of reagon. and he always was good at fighting terrerism. the most corrupt and dishonest president of all time is obama. he is always puting our country down and freeing terrerist and taking the side of violent black people who are destroying city blocks because he is a bitter racist from south chicago that hates this country and is trying to change it in to something esle.obama said he was trying to fundemetaly change america. people, that means changing the country into something else. obama is just as much a danger to this country as the terrorists. he is always trying to free terrorist from gitmo. isn’t that proof of obama actually siding with the terrorist or he that stupid. I don’t think he that stupid just corrupt. and he is always critisizing christians as if their the problem with the world and not terrorist and the violent black people in this country. Jesus said that this would happen, that christians would be persicuted and hated. obama must be impeached soon. we as country have got to stand up these corrupt leberals and their politically correct mentality.
    christians know that being pc about things is corrupt. obama has devided this country especially racially more than its’s been since the 1800s and the 60s.
    every time there is alot black people causing violence and attacking cops, he defends the violent people obama is dangerous. he causes these violent protest. people, all I can say is turn to the lord. the problem of the world is sin. and only Jesus Christ can heel and help us. obama says he is a christian, he clealy is not by the way he talks about christans and this country. Jesus said that you could tell if some is reaaly a christan by the way they talk and act. and obama is dangerous. I don’t think our country can afford to have obama be president until the elections next year, we must spread the word of impeachment.

    • Chad Eric Rogers

      And what does any of that run on, poorly spelled, poorly written garbage have to do with superheroes and comics and movies? Go spout your political and religious garbage on the fanatical forums where it belongs. No one here wants to read two pages of that nonsense on a message board about superheroes and comics and movies.

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