Cancelled Justice League Movie Gets A Documentary

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There have been many comic book based movies over the years that never saw the light of day, with varying degrees of how far into the development process they were. One of the most recent happened to be Hollywood’s first attempt at an actual Justice League movie that was to be helmed by Mad Max series director George Miller. Now six years after the movie was scheduled to be released, a documentary has now been announced that will detail the development process and what led to the movie being cancelled.

According to, the documentary is going to be focused on the process and how its cancellation took away a lot of potential jobs from Australia, where it was set to be filmed. The movie even got as far as casting most everyone, including Armie Hammer, DJ Cotrona, Adam Brody, Teresa Palmer, Megan Gale, and Common. The movie also got pretty close to shooting before the writer’s strike and other issues got in the way.

One of the movie’s biggest issues was that Christopher Nolan was in the middle of his Batman trilogy at the time, with The Dark Knight in production. Reports say Nolan and Warner Bros. did not want another Batman to be on the big screen as they believed it would confuse the general public.

The documentary is hoping to interview plenty of people involved with the movie and even try to get some concept art for costumes, so it should definitely be one that is worth a watch when it eventually releases.

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