Doctor Strange Mid And Post Credits Scenes Explained (Spoilers)

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe had its big ensemble film back in may with Captain America: Civil War, but their latest is yet another origin film in Doctor Strange. The movie itself is very good, but as with all MCU films these days, there is both a mid-credits and post-credits scene and we’re here to discuss them a bit.

As you would expect, there are going to be some major spoilers in this discussion, so do not read any further if you have not seen the movie and care at all about spoilers.

After the conclusion of the movie, the first part of the credits begin that showcase the lead cast, but it doesn’t last too long, which pretty quickly leads to the mid-credits scene. This scene ties into one of the 2017 MCU releases, as we see Strange sitting down and having a conversation with Thor. There are some humorous moments here with Thor turning down tea for beer, with Doctor Strange refilling his glass via magic.

The conversation turns to them talking about Loki and protecting the realms, as well as Thor mentioning that his father is missing. This must mean that Loki’s charade of pretending to be Odin didn’t last long and now both he and Odin are nowhere to be found. Thor mentions that he is going to try and find his father, in which Strange reveals he will help him.

There were some talks awhile back that Benedict Cumberbatch was spotted on the set of Thor: Ragnarok, so this seems to all but confirm that he will at least show up in some capacity in that movie. This is great news, as he was very enjoyable in this movie and it’ll be great to see him play off a character like Thor and hopefully The Hulk as well.

While the mid-credits scene focused on linking the movie with the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, the post-credits scene seemed to set up a new villain for a Doctor Strange sequel. In this scene, we see Mordo visiting the guy that had originally been injured and led Strange to finding the Ancient One. Mordo was a good guy throughout the movie as an apprentice of the Ancient One, but her deception caused him to lose faith and walk away at the end of the film. However, it looks like Mordo is fully embracing his evil side that he is known for in the comics, as he attacks the guy and takes away his magic completely while stating that there are too many sorcerers in the world.

For those familiar with the comics, it was all but a foregone conclusion that Mordo would turn evil as Baron Mordo is one of Doctor Strange’s most iconic villains. This follows a similar path to the comics where he was once an ally but eventually got cast out and turned evil.

A sequel to Doctor Strange hasn’t been announced officially yet, but it’s all but a foregone conclusion with the early box office numbers coming out and the critical reception, which likely will set up with Baron Mordo as the main villain. This could potentially give us one of the best villains thus far in the MCU, as he would have a full movie as a backstory and wouldn’t suffer from lack of motivation that many of the cookie cutter MCU villains have been criticized for in the past.

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