Marvel Announces Writers For Upcoming Captain Marvel Movie

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After a long wait, moves are starting to be made on the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. The writers of the upcoming movie have been announced and include some familiar writers to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel themselves have announced this afternoon that Nicole Perlman & Meg LeFauve will co-write Captain Marvel in the upcoming big-screen adaptation. Marvel fans might recall Nicole Perlman as the co-writer of last summer’s blockbuster Guardians Of The Galaxy. Hopefully some of that wonderful charm that made Guardians stand out will carry over to Captain Marvel.

Disney/Pixar fans might recognize Meg LeFauve as well being that she recently co-wrote the upcoming Pixar film, Inside Out which is set to release on June 19th.

Captain Marvel was created back in December 1967 and embodied the character Captain Mar-Vell whom was an alien officer in the Kree Imperial Militia. Another version took a more grounded approach with Captain Marvel being Monica Rambeau, a New Orleans police lieutenant, but it wasn’t until later the most predominantly known Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers whom took the mantle of Captain Marvel after her stint as Ms. Marvel.

Carol Danvers is already confirmed to be the Captain Marvel that fans will be seeing on the big-screen. Captain Marvel is set to hit theaters November 2nd, 2018 as a part of Marvel’s Phase 3 in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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