Spider-Man Finds New Aunt May In Former Oscar Winner

by Dean James


Spider-Man just keeps getting younger in every subsequent movie series and another major character is following that trend as well. With a solo movie scheduled for 2017, it sounds like Sony and Marvel have found their Aunt May.

According to Variety, Oscar-winning actress Marisa Tomei has been picked to fill the role of Aunt May in the upcoming Spider-Man movie series that is set to start on July 28, 2017.

Aunt May has previously been played by Rosemary Harris and Sally Field, with Tomei certainly being younger at 50 years old. However, with such a young Peter Parker, she seems like a perfect age to be his aunt.

Tomei first burst on the scene with her outstanding performance in My Cousin Vinny and has been impressing us with performances in movies like The Wrestler since then. Spider-Man is definitely a different kind of role from her usual drama or romantic-comedy films, but I have no doubt she can do it justice.

While Tom Holland has been cast as Spider-Man and will first be showing up in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, it seems that Tomei won’t be making an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe until the Spidey solo film more than likely. This isn’t confirmed, but it seems they are locking down actors for that movie already.

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