Suicide Squad Will Have A Mid-Credits Scene

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Suicide Squad is only a week from release in the US, which means that early screenings are starting to occur. While the review embargo isn’t up until next week, bits of information are bound to start leaking out and one that has is definitely quite interesting.

Considering that Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had no credits scene, we figured Suicide Squad probably wouldn’t as well. However, after an early screening it has been revealed that the movie does indeed have a scene after the credits start.

According to, following the initial credits sequence just after the movie ends, there is some sort of mid-credits sequence. The good news is that no one has spoiled what this scene is, just that one exists.

Thankfully, this scene occurs part the way through the credits, rather than at the very end, so you won’t have to sit through the whole thing if you do not want to. For it to be the first credits scene in the DCEU though, it’s hopefully important and worth sticking around for.

You can definitely count on us covering this scene next week after the movie premieres, but for now we can only speculate about what it could potentially be as we await the movie’s release.

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